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A Chemical Peel Removed Years of Sun Damage

I have been a surfer growing up along the PCH in California since I was 10 years old. I am now 30. I usually spend about 6 hours a week out in the sun surfing. I have never worn any sunscreen or suntan lotion for my face. I have been sun burned many times and have realized that I needed to start putting something on my face when I go out.

My wife had always told me that I needed to go get a chemical peel to help me rejuvenate my face. I guess my face was looking a bit like leather. I had no idea what a chemical peel was so I decided to go to the Internet to learn more about it.

After I read a couple of articles, I was hesitant in deciding to do it. Having a layer of skin taken off did not sound fun. I figured it was going to hurt, and was going to burn my face.

After reading some more articles and talking to my wife about it, who apparently gets this done about every month or so at her dermatologist, I decided to get it done. It's not a guy thing to take care of your face, or so I thought.

I chose a dermatologist in my area that was recommended to me. The procedure did not last long at all. The total amount of time it took was about 5-10 minutes. The process was simple. I sat down on a chair and he proceeded to tell me what he was going to do. He applied this liquid gel on my face, which felt cool. After about a minute there were some hot spots on my cheeks and he put a neutralizing solution of saline and water on my face to slow down the process. After about 3 minutes he applied the neutralizing solution all over my face. By this time my face was feeling a little warmer. It was starting to tingle and the solution cooled down my face. He told me that because this was my first time that he would only let the chemical peel sit for about 3 minutes but the next time he would let it sit longer. After letting the solution sit on my face a couple of minutes I went to the sink and rinsed off. I then put on a post-chemical peel lotion all over my face. That was it.

My face was feeling good. It seemed to help out a lot. It felt smooth, it looked great and it was a little tighter. The lotion was given to me to periodically put on my face if I had some hot spots or blotches. I went home that day and my wife loved how smooth it felt.

I highly recommend having a chemical peel done. It does not take that long, it helps your face look younger, and it's not just for girls. I have been back every month. 

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