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Breast Augmentation: Vanity or Necessity?

Ann's breast augmentation experience

My Decision

I had thought about breast augmentation for a few years and have had friends and a sister actually have it done before I came to taking the plunge. My decision, I feel was supported in part due to the situation life had granted me. I have 3 beautiful children that I chose to breast feed in their infancies. This had taken a toll on my bosom. In addition to this, I found myself divorced and in the singles scene again after nine years of marriage. A very unsettling time for those of us who have been there. Physical appeals and attractions are the initial instigators of most relationships and I wanted to enhance mine although I strongly believe these attractions should be further grounded in solid friendship.

For me, I'm happy with my results. I feel more confident about my appearance I feel it was money well spent. Previous to this, I did my homework on physicians by calling around to a few different clinics to learn about the doctors. However, the most beneficial information was communication I had with friends who had undergone the procedure. In addition, one friend had actually worked in a surgeon's office and that help to finalize my decision to him.

My Consultation

My doctor was Dr. Pledger in Salt Lake City. I met with him for my initial consultation and he was fairly informative on the procedure, concerns, risks and benefits. His staff took the necessary measurements and background information. He could tell that my breasts had gone through nursing of 3 children and could see my eagerness to whip them back into shape. Things I found interesting were the various options that one can have from where you want the incision, shape of implant, and size of implant. We talked about each of these with regards to limitations after the procedure, complications if any, the surgical techniques, and how long it would take to recover with each.

They had various sized implants to try on in a special bra and then I put a shirt. This gave me a pretty good idea of what the end results would be like. I think this was most difficult part in the entire process. I definitely didn't want to go too big and noticeable. Yet, he did share with me that there are a few that were conservative like me who choose for the smaller implant only to come back months or years later to larger ones put in.

My Procedure

I don't remember much of the procedure. All the appropriate pre-op things took place and then I found myself in recovery with a heavy weight on my chest. I was pretty out of it for the next few days and there was a significant amount of swelling, soreness and some nausea as I recovered. I think this gradually went away and was gone for the most part in 4 or 5 days. At first glance, due to the swelling, I thought I had made a wrong decision with the size. I thought that they were way too big. But in time everything proportioned into place. Also, he did prescribe some pain medication for the first few days, which helped. I was told to take it easy and not to lift anything to heavy for a while.

The Weeks After

About a week later, I was getting back to normal movement with out the tenderness and I was very proud of my 'girls'. I didn't experience any complications or problems other than the necessity to go shopping for some new bras and clothes. And of course, this was probably the best part! Trying on those things that I've always wanted but didn't really have the shape to do it justice, now was very exciting.

The incisions itched and burned a bit but this too went away. I met with the doctor again during this time. This seemed pretty routine to check for appropriate placement, infection, lumps, etc.


I think it took me about two full weeks to feel fully recovered. I'm glad I had it done. I'm happy with my results. I feel it wasn't a decision of vanity but a necessity for me to feel good about my physique and myself. It's been about two years now and I would recommended it to anyone who had similar circumstances and is 'in need' for the improvement.

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