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Bonding Experience, Janna

I had braces on for about 1½ years while I was in High School. I was so excited to get them removed and swore to wear my retainer religiously. Well my die-hardness about wearing my retainer only lasted a few years. The retainer had mysteriously been broken and I never went back in to the Orthodontist to have it replaced.

Well here it is 11 years down the road and I now have the space back in between my teeth (what a Dentist would refer to as a Diastema) that, once upon a time, my braces had done away with. I did not like to smile because I thought every time I did, everyone was looking at the small gap in between my teeth, and I was self-conscious about it.

As I reviewed my options, I knew that braces were not among them. I wanted a quick fix because of the business profession that I am in. I am also a wimp and didn't want to go through having my braces tightened on a regular basis again. I contacted a dentist who reviewed my individual case and suggested cosmetic bonding. This is where the dentist takes composite material that matches your own tooth color and form it around the problem area on the teeth that you want fixed. He molds and shapes it until it looks natural and fixes the problem, it is then set with a special light, and you're done. The dentist explained that Cosmetic Bonding was not a permanent fix, but that it would last 10 years or so depending on how I took care of my teeth. Down the road I should look at permanent veneers.

I was all for it. He explained that the procedure would only take about 45 minutes. I set up an appointment for early in the morning so I could return to work after it was done. The dentist didn't even have to numb my mouth for which I was so grateful. He first matched the color of my teeth to the correct bonding material, asked me again exactly what I wanted and expected, and answered all of my questions. He slightly air sanded my two front teeth so that the bonding would stick to it, then applied the bonding and worked with it until it covered the whole front surface and wrapped around the back of my teeth. Then he used a special light to harden the bonding and proceeded to use different sanding and shaping tools to get the exact look that I wanted.

Through the whole process the dentist let me keep a mirror so that I could look every few minutes to make sure I was pleased with the work thus far. By the time he was done, I couldn't believe how big of a difference it made. I was so excited about my new smile that only took 45 minutes to create. Although my insurance didn't cover the procedure, the cost was very reasonable. My dentist even worked out a payment schedule for me.

All in all, I am so happy with how the Cosmetic Bonding turned out for me. I was able to go to work immediately after the procedure because there was absolutely no side effects other than a boost to my self-confidence. 

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