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iEnhance Real Stories follows the lives of young women and men who have taken the journey to improve their body, health and image through elective cosmetic and plastic surgery. All of our stories are hand-picked, so if you would like to be featured in an upcoming edition, simply fill out the form below and we will let you know when winners are chosen, Good Luck!

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Taking the LASIK Plunge

Of course, I never wore them in class. I never let anyone know I had glasses; they were much too ugly.

Razors, Lasers, and the Way to Clear Vision

Much has changed in the field of corrective vision surgery since I had my eyes done nine years ago.

A Dramatic Difference in My Smile, Carla

I can't imagine anyone not wanting whiter teeth, and when I had the opportunity to bleach my teeth, I jumped at it.

The Impact of Childhood Illness, Donna

As a result of the high fevers I experienced, the enamel on my developing teeth formed incorrectly.

Donnell's Whiter, Brighter Smile

Even with strong, healthy teeth and gums, a yellow cast to the teeth can detract from a pretty smile.

Beautiful Teeth That Get Noticed, Judy

Once I began working in the dental industry, I realized that people do pay attention to how teeth look.

Regaining the Freedom to Smile, Shannon

There isn't a birthday, Christmas, or any other photo that captures me displaying my pearly whites with a wide smile.

From Discolored to Dazzling, Barbara

The worst thing about having just one dark tooth is that everybody notices it.

Taissa's Story

A women's hip liposuction and breast augmentation experience.

Smoother Skin, Cindy

Cindy's experience with laser skin resurfacing.

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