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iEnhance Real Stories follows the lives of young women and men who have taken the journey to improve their body, health and image through elective cosmetic and plastic surgery. All of our stories are hand-picked, so if you would like to be featured in an upcoming edition, simply fill out the form below and we will let you know when winners are chosen, Good Luck!

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My Experience with Retin-A, Jessica

Jessica cleared up her adult acne with Retin-A.

Frances' New Smile with Veneers

Looking in the mirror each morning was a reminder of more than 8 years of orthodontics I had as a teenager that ended in a less than satisfactory result.

A Painful Lesson About Plastic Surgery Recovery

My doctor told me of nothing to expect after surgery except my breasts would seem large but by the 3rd day they would go down.

Does a Beautiful Body Make a Woman Happy?

In my battles with my weight I noticed that my right breast basically remained the size of what it was at the age of 15 and it hung about 3 centimeters lower than my left one.

How iEnhance Helped Me

I had begun thinking about having my eyes done when a few friends mentioned that this was a fairly easy surgery.

Quick Vision Correction in Boston

After several years of hearing wondrous stories from friends/associates undergoing procedures such as RK and LASIK, I decided to research LASIK for myself.

Linda's Whiter Smile

"Grandma, why are your teeth so yellow?" My little grandson's innocent question got my attention.

A Chemical Peel Removed Years of Sun Damage

I have been a surfer growing up along the PCH in California since I was 10 years old. I am now 30.

Bonding Experience, Janna

Well here it is 11 years down the road and I now have the space back in between my teeth (what a Dentist would refer to as a Diastema) that, once upon a time, my braces had done away with.

Rhinoplasty, The Best Thing I Ever Did, Heidi

I disliked the shape and size of my nose ever since my early teens. I always knew that Iâ??d get a nose job but it was only a matter of time.

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