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Thigh Liposculpture (Liposuction)

If you're considering thigh liposuction, the following information will provide you with a good introduction to the procedure.


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Why Exercise?

We all know we should exercise. But today, when we have choices like liposuction and appetite-controlling medications, why is it still so important?

Cincinnati Liposuction

How can liposuction benefit my figure? Technically known as “suction-assisted lipectomy" or "lipoplasty,” this body contouring procedure is designed to reduce the amount of persistent, built-up fat that is not affected by regular exercise and/or diet.

Extreme Makeover™ - Season 2, Episode 9

On this week's episode of Extreme Makeover the television series, DeShante will go through major reconstructive surgery to repair deformities on her face

Extreme Makeover™ - Season 2, Episode 8

This week s episode deals with more of a reconstructive story.

Extreme Makeover™ - Season 2, Episode 7

On this episode we find a self proclaimed "nerd" and a woman being teased for her looks, both looking for a change.

Real Stories

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