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Furry Brazilian Breast Augmentation

Although the unusual name for this type of plastic surgery may raise some eyebrows, the furry Brazilian breast augmentation may help reduce the risk of capsular contracture, a potential side-effect associated with breast implants.


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How Strong are Breast Implants?

Mostly due to the PIP implant scare, many women worry about the durability of their breast implants. Will a mammogram cause them to rupture? What situations will do some real damage?

How to Try On your Cosmetic Surgery before you Spend the $$

There's no doubt the decision to get any type of cosmetic surgery is a major one. To ensure you are mentally and financially prepared, here are a few tricks that can give you an idea of what you'll get getting post-op -- from head to toe.

Timmie Jean Lindsey the First Woman to Receive Breast Implants

Timmie Jean Lindsey the woman who didn't want breast implants but ended up being the first woman to receive them!

Boobstagram: Showing Your Breasts on the Internet is...Good?

Boobstagram a new phone application which combines Instagram style photos and breasts.

Hollywood on Breast Implants: Are Actors Playing Doctors?

While it may seem hard to fault someone for trying to educate young women on the dangers of breast augmentation, there are a few factors that make this seem more like a publicity stunt for her website than a legitimate concern.

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“I Just Felt Bad About Myself” A.J.'s Breast Augmentation

Allison's Post Pregnancy Breasts

A Painful Lesson About Plastic Surgery Recovery

Does a Beautiful Body Make a Woman Happy?

Taissa's Story

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