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Breast Asymmetry

Most people have slightly different-sized -- or asymmetrical -- breasts. However, in some cases the difference in size is pronounced.

Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision is a surgical procedure designed to replace older silicone implants with new saline-filled implants (or in certain patients, with newer silicone-filled implants).


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How Strong are Breast Implants?

Mostly due to the PIP implant scare, many women worry about the durability of their breast implants. Will a mammogram cause them to rupture? What situations will do some real damage?

"Gummy Bear" Sientra Implants Receive FDA Approval

Long-awaited for their resistance to leakage, low capsular contracture rate and more natural look, the "Gummy bear" implants have officially made their debut in the United States.

Breast Enhancement Procedures to Fit Your Body

In today's society, women can constantly feel the pressure of needing to look their best. So when is more - is too much?

Modern Approaches to Breast Asymmetry

Women who experience asymmetry in their breasts now have various options available in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Participants of Extreme Makeover

Each episode of Extreme Makeover follows the transformation of two participants.

Real Stories

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Does a Beautiful Body Make a Woman Happy?

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