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Chin Augmentation (Implants)

Chin implants or chinplants can improve this underlying structure, and better balance the facial features for a dramatically more attractive look.


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Bristol Palin - The Latest To Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Did Bristol Palin undergo cosmetic surgery or lose weight?

The Role of Lasers and Implants in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Alternatives to invasive facial procedures include lasers and implants. Learn more about these innovative procedures.

Understanding Mentoplasty: Surgery of the Chin

In order achieve a more balanced facial appearance, chin surgery may be an appropriate solution.

Male Moguls - Is it All in the Chin?

Executives more frequently opting to undergo facial surgery, more specifically, chin enhancement.

Sagging Neck Corrected with Neck Lift Surgery

If you have sagging skin the neck area, you may be an ideal candidate for neck lift surgery without undergoing facelift surgery.

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Jody’s Journey with Cosmetic Surgery: A Story of Ups and Downs

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