Furry Brazilian Breast Augmentation

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Although the unusual name for this type of plastic surgery may raise some eyebrows, the furry Brazilian breast augmentation may help reduce the risk of capsular contracture, a potential side-effect associated with breast implants. These implants also go by the terms "fuzzy" and "foamy" breast implants, adjectives that refer to the rough texture of the outer surface.

What is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is a condition that causes augmented breasts to feel and appear unnaturally hard, firm, and immobile. This occurs when the fibrous capsule that the body forms around the implant shrinks and causes compression. Depending on the degree of capsular contracture, the shape of the affected breasts may appear distorted. Capsular contracture is one of the most common complaints of women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery.

What Makes Furry Brazilian Breast Implants Unique?

Breast implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The fill solution consists of either saline or silicone, the substance that provides volume and fullness to your bust. While many implants have a smooth outer surface, furry Brazilian breast implants have an outer coating of polyurethane foam that offers a rough consistency. The inside of these silicone implants contain a type of cohesive gel. These implants typically take several months to soften and begin feeling natural. The shape of the implant consists of a concave backside, an element that follows the natural chest shape and helps to enhance breast contour and projection.

Why the "Furry" Coating?

Although additional research is necessary, women who have breast implants that contain rough outer textures reportedly experience a lower incidence of capsular contracture. The rough texture is designed to help break apart the capsule scar tissue that attempts to form around the implant. Polyurethane coated implants are also less likely to move or rotate than smooth implants, an important consideration for patients who use teardrop implants.


While the rate of capsular contracture using traditional implants may be as high as 15 percent, using textured implants in breast augmentation surgeries may lessen the rate of contracture to approximately one percent. South American cosmetic surgeons have been using furry Brazilian breast implants for years, although they are just now gaining attention in the United States.


Not all plastic surgeons recommend using furry Brazilian implants for standard breast augmentation surgeries, although they may favor polyurethane coated implants during reconstruction surgery for patients who have previously experienced capsular contracture using smooth implants. During an initial consultation, your plastic surgeon can help you determine the best type of implant for your specific needs. Prior to the procedure, your doctor will also discuss the placement of the incision, type of anesthesia to be used, and other aspects of augmentation surgery. In addition to considering the type of texture on the outside surface, the broad array of implants on the market today allows you to pick between various shapes, profiles, and sizes. The large selection of choices enables your surgeon to tailor your end result to fit your individual wishes.

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