Fat Transfer

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Cosmetic plastic surgeons have been performing fat transfer procedures for more than a century. However, the wide-ranging versatility of the surgery has never been as fully realized as it is today.

Fat transfer, also referred to as “fat grafting,” offers patients a popular alternative to other forms of body enhancement. Additionally, surgeons are now using this treatment to address larger areas of the body, such as for buttock augmentation and breast enhancement. It originally developed as a solution for filling in facial flaws, and still remains a strong option for patients seeking facial rejuvenation.

This procedure involves the use of one’s own fat cells, which will help to eliminate the potential risk of allergic reaction or rejection, which may occur with an artificial implant. Fat transfer can also create a more natural look and feel.


The following information can provide you with a starting point to ask your doctor if a fat transfer is right for you:

Facial Fat Transfer

There are many facial areas that can benefit from facial fat injections. This non-surgical treatment is intended to address wrinkles, correct skin deformities like deep furrows, sunken eyes, and indented scars. Overall, it will help to re-contour the face to bring more definition to the cheeks and chin.

Facial rejuvenation by way of the fat transfer technique entails injection to localized areas to boost fullness in your facial features. The total recovery time, which may include bruising and swelling, can take several weeks, while any sustained redness and bruising should go away after a few days.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

The first step is the same as for all fat transfer procedures: fat is removed through liposuction from donor areas with excess fat. In the case of a buttock augmentation, ideal areas are from the thighs and love handles, leading to a svelte figure to go along with enhanced buttocks.
The fat is then purified prior to injection. The injections have to be small so that blood vessels will be able to continue to support new tissue growth. It also helps smooth out the affected area and give you a better result.

Typically, your doctor may instruct you to wear a compression garment for a week or two. This helps retain the shape of the affected area and minimize bruising. During this time, it is best to avoid strenuous activity. The recovery time will take approximately six weeks. Also, not all of the injected fat may survive, so the final shape of the buttock can be difficult to predict definitively. Some patients may require a second procedure to ensure that they receive their desired size and shape.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The process of using fat transfer for breast enhancements is very similar to that used for buttock augmentation. As always, fat is removed from donor areas with excess fat using liposuction. The fat is purified and then injected into specific areas of the breasts, in order to create a natural, smooth, and full look. Unlike with artificial implants, doctors can pinpoint specific sites of the breast that would benefit from fat injections in order to achieve optimal shaping.

The recovery time for breast enhancements takes longer than for butt augmentations and can last up to several months. Final results may take time to develop but you should see improvement immediately after surgery. It should also be noted that results can not be as predictable as with breast implants due to the fact some of the fat may be reabsorbed. Similar to buttock augmentation, a secondary procedure may be necessary to achieve a more voluptuous outcome.

The information on this web site is only intended as an introduction to this procedure and should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor as a guarantee of the result. The best method of determining your options is to consult qualified surgeons who are able to answer specific questions related to your situation.

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