Cellulite Treatments

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Cellulite – that familiar puckered, dimply skin that commonly appears on the hips, buttocks, and other areas -- is not caused by being overweight, as many people think. The condition is due to a combination of tightened connective tissue in the skin and excess fatty tissue. These connective tissues, called septa, attach the top layer of our skin to deep muscles. When these tissues weaken or become less flexible, the septae tend to pull down on the surface of the skin, creating dimples. And it's those dimples that produce the orange-peel look of cellulite.

Why these connective tissues tighten is still under investigation. Circulation, genetics, and age are commonly thought to be culprits, as are the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy or menopause. Until those reasons are better understood, there will be no permanent treatment for cellulite. There are, however, a few procedures that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The most popular and effective treatment is deep therapeutic massage called Endermologie, a procedure designed to treat cellulite and produce softer, smoother skin.

If you're considering Endermologie, the following information will provide you with a good introduction to the procedure. For more detailed information about how this procedure may help you, we recommend that you consult a plastic surgeon with experience in cellulite treatment.


*The average cost for Cellulite Treatment is $2,271.

*Many women start noticing they are developing
cellulite in between the ages of 25 to 35.

Cellulite Treatments is a procedure with short-term results.




  1. What are some of the most common benefits of this treatment?
  2. What will happen at the initial consultation?
  3. How long do the treatments take?
  4. Where is the treatments performed?
  5. How much pain is there?
  6. What can I expect afterward?
  7. What is the recovery period like?
  8. What is the long-term outcome for most people?
  9. Ideal candidate:
  10. Alternatives:
  11. Risks:
  12. Costs:
  13. Choosing a doctor:
  14. Questions to ask your doctor:
  15. Be sure to:


What are some of the most common benefits of cellulite treatment?

Endermologie can renew skin tone, making it softer and more supple. In combination with exercise, Endermologie can help achieve younger, smoother skin faster than exercise alone. The procedure stimulates circulation throughout the skin making it feel smooth and soft. Experimental studies suggest that the treatment helps the body form new collagen—the protein found most abundantly in your skin. Although frequently performed as a stand-alone treatment, Endermologie can be very helpful for patients experiencing skin rippling after liposuction.

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What will happen at the initial consultation?

During the consultation, your doctor will talk with you about the changes you would like to make in your appearance. She/he will explain the different options available to you, the procedure itself, and its risks and limitations.

Your doctor will begin by recording your medical history, and give you specific instructions on how to maximize the effects of the procedure.

Take this opportunity to ask all the questions you have about the procedure. Learning everything you can about your options, risks and benefits is the key to making an informed decision. See "Questions to Ask Your Doctor" below.

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How long do cellulite treatments take?

The treatment is usually done once or twice a week for about seven weeks. Each sitting lasts around 35 minutes.

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Where is the treatment performed?

The treatments take place on a massage table at your therapist's or practitioner's clinic.

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How much pain is there?

The treatment is a deep, firm massage that is not uncomfortable for most people; in fact, many people find the treatment relaxing.

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What can I expect afterward?

The results produced by Endermologie depend a great deal on the skill of the practitioner. Most people report that Endermologie improves their skin tone, leaving it firmer and smoother. The treatment can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and loose skin. Affects can be profound when the procedure is done in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet. People usually see changes within five or six sessions.

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What is the recovery period like?

Because Endermologie is a non-surgical procedure, there is no recovery time associated with the treatment. Patients can continue everyday activities and lifestyles immediately following the session.

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What is the long-term outcome for most people?

Endermologie is usually effective at temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite. However, long-term studies have not been performed and the lasting effects of these treatments are not certain. Ongoing studies are currently being performed in order to determine life-long effects of Endermologie.

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Ideal candidate:

In general, the best candidates for endermologie are:

  • Knowledgeable about the procedure
  • In good physical and psychological health
  • Willing to follow directions for optimal results
  • Wanting to improve their appearance and/or comfort
  • Realistic in their expectations

The above is only a partial list of the criteria that your doctor will consider in determining whether or not this procedure is appropriate for you. Be sure to ask your surgeon if he / she considers you an ideal candidate for this procedure.

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Endermologie is not an alternative to exercise, but is reported to enhance the effects of exercise and speed the recovery of muscles after athletic events.

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Minor bruising can occur, and occasionally spider veins will temporarily darken.

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Cellulite treatment costs:

Costs for this procedure vary, depending on the doctor, the location, technique used, and the difficulty of the specific case.

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Choosing a doctor:

It is very important that you select a technician adequately trained and experienced in this procedure. See our Physician Locator feature to find a surgeon in your area, including detailed profile information for many of the listed doctors. Also read "How to Select a Plastic Surgeon" for a more detailed discussion on choosing the right doctor.

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Questions to ask your doctor:

  • Are the desired results I described realistic?
  • Is there an alternative treatment that I should consider as well?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is your experience in performing this procedure? (How long has he/she performed this procedure, and how many he/she has performed in the past year?)
  • What percentage of patients have had significant complications? (The physician should disclose this information to you.)
  • Will you repeat or correct procedures if it does not meet agreed upon goals? And if the procedure must be repeated / corrected, will I be charged again? (The physician should provide you with his/her policy on this issue.)
  • May I see "before and after" photos of recent patients? The physician should provide many photos of recent patients.
  • Could I observe the exact procedure I am considering before I decide to have it done? (Either on videotape or ask to view one in real life.)
  • What should I expect after the procedure in terms of soreness, what to watch for, medication, bathing, and level of activity?
  • Have you ever had your malpractice insurance coverage denied, revoked, suspended?
  • Do you offer patient financing?

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Be sure to:

  • Tell your doctor about any allergies you have to foods, drugs, environmental elements.
  • Tell your doctor about all medications, herbal remedies or natural supplements you are taking (both prescription and non-prescription), including such natural substances as echinacea and St. John's Wort.
  • Carefully follow any instructions your doctor gives you.

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The information on this web site is only intended as an introduction to this procedure and should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor as a guarantee of the result. The best method of determining your options is to consult qualified surgeons who are able to answer specific questions related to your situation.

*Disclaimer: Source: According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Most surgeons offer convenient payments plans for this procedure. Cost does not include anesthesia, operating room facility, hospital stay, and other related expenses. Costs may also vary depending on location.

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