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Plastic Surgery Stops Bullying

Dr. Steve Pearlman, donate's his time and services and helps a child avoid future bullying.

Dental Treatments For Sleep Apnea

If a CPAP has not worked for your Sleep Apnea, a visit to your dentist may be the right choice for you.

Fat grafting, Fat transfer, Fat injections: What can they achieve?

Fat grafting is the use of your own fat to restore volume to your face, breast, body, or buttocks.

Dry Skin Blues?

Helping dry skin to replenish its moisture starts from the inside - a proper diet can provide you with healthier looking skin.

Fabulous Faces Betrayed By Old Hands

Are you hands giving away your true age? Check out this minimally invasive procedure for hand rejuvenation!

Medical Procedure Uplifts More Than Spirits

Have a couple of trips to the maternity ward left more than your spirits sagging? Have your once firm and perky breasts somehow deserted you?

Will the Real Aesthetic Surgeon Please Stand Up

There are many boards that certify physicians to perform aesthetic surgery and no one board has exclusivity on the best or most qualified physicians.

Breathe Easier

If you have had a nose job, or are considering getting one, here are some things to consider:

Health trend: Women Opting for Smaller Breasts

Over-sized breasts are becoming less popular and more women are opting to reduce the size of their breasts through surgical procedures.

Young Celebs Having Just a "Little Plastic Surgery"

Have you noticed that some of your favorite celebs are looking better than ever?

Trends: We Look Marvelous - Newsweek

More surgeons are now seeing a trend of couples undergoing plastic surgery at the same time.

Life is Precious

The story is about a 36-year-old male who awoke in the morning with a severe sore throat.

Hit by a Pitch

Facial injuries occurring while participating in sports related activities can have devastating functional and cosmetic consequences to individuals, especially young children.

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