How Do Men and Women Differ When it Comes to Losing Weight?

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | April 25, 2011 @ 09:00AM

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Many individuals struggle to lose weight. However, when it comes down to who loses the most weight in a specific period of time, men or women, it seems that men have the edge on this one. Oftentimes, women complain that their male counterparts drop the pounds a lot faster than they do even though they are following a similar diet and exercise plan.

It seems that the reason men lose weight faster is due to their larger amount of muscle mass. This allows them to burn calories even when they’re at rest. Women naturally have more fat on their body than men, which is another contributing factor to the slower rate of weight loss for women. In order to help jumpstart their metabolism, it is recommended that women introduce weight training into their regular exercise routines. This doesn’t mean that women need to become overly muscular; rather, weight training will help to increase their muscle mass enough to accelerate their metabolism.

Other factors that weigh in include the types of food that men and women are typically drawn to – men prefer proteins, while women typically opt for carbohydrates. The protein helps men increase and maintain a larger muscle mass, and carbohydrates simply add to the fat volume. The best way to help the situation is for women to increase their protein intake and lower the amount of carbohydrates they eat. There is no “perfect diet” that fits every person, which is why it is important to be aware of which foods are causing weight gain in order to better plan a personalized diet. Also, it has been shown that women eat even when they are not hungry, which can lead to weight gain. Men usually only eat when they actually feel hungry. Cutting the proportions of food served during meals also helps limit the amount that is eaten.

It may take some time for a woman’s body to get used to the new regimen – more protein and weight training – but once it does, the results can be quite satisfying. The idea is not to starve oneself, but rather train the body to burn off unnecessary fat and store protein.

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