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Forever Young

The quest to regain one's youth as time goes by now has another solution - Human Growth Hormone. When used in the appropriate manner, this treatment may be of great benefit.

How to Select a Plastic Surgeon

There are several factors to take into account when researching a plastic surgeon. Patients are encouraged to visit more than one physician to ensure they feel comfortable.

Myth Busting Plastic Surgery

Find out what some of the most common myths of plastic surgery are and learn the truth!

Office Based Surgeries

Along with choosing an experienced and trained surgeon, patients must learn of the location of their procedure for their own safety.

Should Plastic Surgeons Prevent Chills in Patients?

Patients who become cold during their surgery may be at a greater risk of complications. Ask your surgeon about ways to maintain a healthy temperature.

Speed Healing

Prior to undergoing a cosmetic procedure, it is important to learn of the recovery period in order to be fully prepared.

Surgery Ahead? Take Your Vitamins!

Patients undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure are encouraged to take certain vitamins to aid in recovery.

Diabetic Patients Benefit Dramatically From Liposuction

Recent research indicates that liposuction may have some unexpected and far-reaching medical effects for those suffering from diabetes or prediabetic conditions.

Anti-Aging Medicine: Catchphrase of the New Millennium?

If you are wanting to maintain a youthful appearance as long as possible, be sure to learn about the ways to do so from the inside out.

After Birth: Beauty Strategies For New Moms

Women who struggle with post-pregnancy body issues often undergo a combination of procedures. Learn more about the surgeries available.

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