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Amazing Lasers

It took nearly a hundred years for lasers to become the standard surgical tool that they are today. Lasers are based on a theory developed by Albert Einstein very early in the twentieth century.

What Can You Do To Help? Breast Cancer Associations Worth Noting

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great time to brush up on the latest information to detect and treat this awful disease.

Surgical Method Substitutes Body Parts

Using the patient's own body tissue, surgeons can now help restore and reconstruct various areas of the body.

How to select a qualified Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a qualified plastic surgeon with the right credentials is critical to achieving a successful outcome.

How to select a qualified Dermatologist

There are many ways in which you can go about doing this research. The following are preliminary checks that will enable you to be prepared and educated prior to your consultation.

How to select an Eye Care Specialist

When considering undergoing laser vision correction or any vision correction procedure for that matter, you should select a qualified eye care physician to evaluate, diagnose, and superiorly perform the appropriate procedures.

How to select a qualified Cosmetic Dentist

Most qualified general dentists perform cosmetic dental procedures. Choosing one with the right education and experience that compliment your needs and wants is critical to achieving the most successful outcome.

How to Help Plastic Surgery Patients Beat Tobacco

Most patients who are arranging a plastic surgery procedure are dimly aware they may have to quit smoking.

Plastic Surgery Benefits Everyone

During the week in the mountainous terrain, they see 400 to 500 people and perform 30 to 40 surgical procedures.

Posture Perfect

Want to look 10-15 pounds thinner? Want to get rid of that nagging back or neck crick? Want to get more people to notice you?

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