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by iEnhance.com | November 19, 2004 @ 04:00PM

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Date Aired: 11/18/04

On this week episode of Extreme Makeover™ the television series not only do we see a rodeo rider transformed into an urban cowboy, but we also check up on some people who have received a makeover and see how they're doing today.


Jason, who has been called Bubba since he was a kid, is 27 years old from North Carolina. He used to be a good looking guy, but bull riding changed that. Plus he is unhappy with no chin line, jaw line, grocery bags under his eyes, and his "man boobs." Bubba now spends time bucking bulls in bars, where he also works as a bartender. Bubba finds that he struggles with women all the time. He can dance with every woman in the bar, but still go home by himself. Bubba's last serious relationship ended when his fiancé passed away. Nothing went right after that as Bubba did nothing but eat and sleep. He was on a food binge for the past few years. Bubba lost drive for everything, including working and bull riding. He now teaches kids how to ride bulls. Bubba then received the news that he was going to receive an Extreme Makeover™. Bubba was so happy, that he was in tears.

In Beverly Hills, Bubba is taken to the Makeover Mansion. He is greeted by fitness guru Michael Thurmond. They go over Bubba's diet and Michael wonders how Bubba is not 300 pounds or more. Michael also sees that Bubba has been injured in every part of the body. He will help Bubba build up his chest and shoulders.

Next for Bubba was to have his teeth done by cosmetic dentist Dr. Donia. In Dr. Donia's 24 years, he has never seen anything like Bubba's teeth. Bubba has not been able to smile or eat corn on the cob, one of his favorite foods in years. There was not a tooth in Bubba's mouth that didn't need work, which included porcelain veneers and 7-13 root canals.

Bubba then meets with plastic surgeon Dr. Griffin, who has his work cut out for him. During the consultation visit, they talk about liposuction, rhinoplasty and eyelift. The most important part of this is the rhinoplasty. Bubba had his nose broken a few times, and wants the hump taken out. Bubba feels like he's in good hands.

During LASIK surgery, it was nerve wracking for Bubba just the thought of having his eyes worked on. Then it was back to the dentist, where he felt like the dentist pulled out more teeth than the bulls did. On the day of surgery, Dr. Griffin started with liposuction of the neck, then helped Bubba gain what every cowboy needs, a strong chin. Next were a brow lift and a cheek lift. A lower eyelid lift helped Bubba look friendlier. Liposuction of the chest, abs, and love handles helped sculpt the body. The difficult part was the rhinoplasty as Dr. Griffin felt like he was walking on eggshells while performing the surgery. Normally he would have turned down a case like Bubba's. Finally Bubba is repaired.

Back at the mansion, Bubba can't sleep and doesn't feel right. However, three days later, it was time to get the bandages taken off. Straightening the nose was the biggest challenge for Dr. Griffin, and when the bandages came off, the nose was straight. Now Bubba looks like a different person, now having a chin and neck. He loves his nose and feels his chin looks awesome.

Bubba's makeover is in jeopardy because he hasn't been eating. He starved himself to lose weight. So working out was a problem for Bubba. Michael Thurmond was concerned and that Bubba was drained from lack of eating. If he eats, the muscles will come back.

As for Bubba's dental work, there wasn't much that Dr. Donia didn't do. Finally Bubba got a chance to see the result, and in the mirror he saw pearly white teeth, he will have to learn how to smile again. The first thing he did was eat corn on the cob, something he has not done in four years. Now, with his teeth in place, Bubba will be able to eat more and now can bulk up. He was able to lose inches from his waist and add inches to his arms. Bubba was able to spend time riding horses and felt at home.

Next, Bubba went with style expert Sam Saboura for a new sense of style. Sam had Bubba try on something different from his usual cowboy look. It was different for Bubba, but felt comfortable. So for the reveal, an outfit that combines the best of both worlds will be used. Finally, Bubba received was pampered and received a spa treatment. Then he was given a new hair style that was comfortable and worked with his smile. This was an extreme change for Bubba.

Back home, Bubba's friends and family gathered around the bar where he worked. His mama is the one who does the introductions. Bubba comes in surprising everyone with his new look. The whole experience being on Extreme Makeover™ the television series was everything Bubba hoped it would be. He went from broken down, to riding high.

Bubba's makeover included:

  • Nose surgery
  • Lower eyelid lift
  • Brow lift
  • Cheek lift
  • Chin implants
  • Liposuction of the chin, abdomen, breasts, hips and love handles

Bubba's extensive dental work included:

  • 6 root canals
  • 11 extractions
  • Bone and soft tissue grafting
  • Post and core buildup of teeth
  • Lower Galaxy partial
  • Five Davinci porcelain veneers
  • 16 Davinci porcelain crowns
  • Bridge

Extreme Makeover™ the television series "Updates"

Candace, the young woman who used to be called "beaker" comes back to Los Angeles for a weekend of catching up. When she came home from her makeover last year, it was "back to reality," but she was all right with that. It helped transform her marriage. Candace discovered that keeping her body is a challenge. During her weekend visit, Candace had her lips injected, Sam Saboura checked out Candace's new wardrobe, which he approved. She also meets up with Michael Thurmond to check on her body shape. Candace still feels good in her skin.

Patrick wanted to have a makeover and go from "a frog to a prince" for his beautiful life. He got his wish and went home to his wife. A year later, Patrick was back in L.A. for a touchup. He received stage two of his hair transplant from Dr. Ziering where Patrick received a fuller, denser look. Patrick also paid a visit to Dr. Moelleken's office, and brought his wife with him. They told Dr. Moelleken that their new baby was conceived the night of the reveal. Soon after, the baby was born and it was a happy ending to the fairy tale.

During last week's episode, Geri and Ethan received their makeover and their kids received a mini makeover. At the end of their reveal, Sam presented the family with a trip to Las Vegas so that the kids can be present for a renewal of Geri and Ethan's wedding vows. The couple were renewed their vows in the same chapel they were married in. So, the family was renewed in every way.

The last update was Kim, the young woman who never smiled. Kim came back to L.A. and brought to the Makeover Mansion to have her hair redone. Her hair was fine for the reveal, but a little difficult to manage for everyday living. So, she was given a cleaner hair style, one easily manageable at home. Next was a dental checkup with Dr. Dorfman and things were okay. Kim takes care of her teeth, which she considers a blessing. During her weekend stay, Kim was able to reflect on the past year after her makeover.

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