Extreme Makeover™- Season 3, Episode 11


by iEnhance.com | January 13, 2005 @ 05:00PM

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Date Aired: 1/13/05


The first candidate tonight is Aimee, 31 years old, from Las Vegas. Her favorite movie is "Pretty Woman," where one woman goes from nothing to being someone. Amy is not happy with how she looks. Her teeth have been stained from her smoking habit, and has had 13 teeth pulled. She cannot wear shorts, a tank top, or a bathing suit because of her psoriasis. She also complains about her breasts. Aimee is married to a husband who loves her for who she is, but he knows that she is not happy with herself.

Aimee took part in a casting call for Extreme Makeover™ the television show, the odds of being chosen for the show are less than 1 in a 1000. During the casting call, Aimee is interviewed as to why she wants to be on the show. Then, while Aimee and her family were walking around Las Vegas’ famous Fremont Street, the jumbotron was showing Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken. The doctor had announcement to make and that one person would be getting a makeover. That person was Aimee. She was in tears when she found out.

Aimee arrives in L.A. and is taken to the Makeover Mansion. Her journey continues the next morning with a visit to Dr. Moelleken’s office. The doctor was about to reject Aimee’s case because he usually does not perform surgery on people who smoke. Aimee starts by telling the doctor things that bother her, for example her eyes droop down, she would like a narrower nose, and her ears stick out. Dr. Moelleken assured her that these things can be fixed. He also tells Aimee that living tissue can be placed in the face to add more fullness. However, Dr. Moelleken did ask Aimee if she had stopped smoking and she said yes. This was going to be the most difficult case of Dr. Moelleken’s career.

The next meeting for Aimee was with fitness expert, Michael Thurmond. Michael sees how tiny Aimee is and would like to have her put on weight. She is genetically predisposed to having a quick metabolism. Aimee looks forward to putting the weight on.

Finally the big day has come, it was time for surgery. Dr. Moelleken begins with a cheek and upper eyelid lift. A brow lift helps lift years away. During the brow lift, Dr. Moelleken sees how much skin is being removed from the brow, as much as one would find in a 75 year old woman. After the ear surgery, Dr. Moelleken uses the cartilage removed from the ear to prop up the nose. A chin implant gives Aimee a more feminine jawline. Implant of live tissue fills out the face. Breast implants give Aimee C cup sized breasts, which fill out a more womanly figure. This may have been the most grueling surgery on the Extreme Makeover™ television show, but the doctor feels that the surgery went great.

A few days later, Aimee was back at Dr. Moelleken’s office to have the bandages removed. Dr. Moelleken is nervous because Aimee’s case was not a normal makeover surgery and there was a big chance that things will not go right. However, when the bandages were taken off, Aimee says her nose looks beautiful and it feels wonderful seeing her face.

Now it was on to Aimee’s teeth. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Donia does see a lot of teeth missing and decay around the gum line. Three days later, the doctor sees that Aimee’s mouth has gotten worse and that something was wrong. Aimee admitted that she has been under a lot of pressure and has started smoking again. She feels guilty for doing that, and as a result, the dental work has been put on hold. This revelation has also put her surgical makeover in jeopardy. Dr. Moelleken was shocked to find out Aimee was still smoking. He told her once again, that if she smoked, the live fill would die. The doctor is not sure how much damaged was caused by the post-surgery smoking, and they will just have to wait and see. Aimee meets with psychiatrist Dr. Karim to find a way to overcome her smoking habit. This leads to finding a way to overcome stress and anxiety. Aimee is going to try and quite for good.

Ten days later, Aimee returns to Dr. Donia’s office and sees that the gums look great. So the doctor proceeds with the dental work. With porcelain veneers on 16 teeth and one crown, Dr. Donia remade Aimee’s whole smile. Aimee is in tears after seeing her new smile for the first time. After seeing her smile, Aimee says she will not get another cigarette.

Next for Aimee’s makeover was visit to dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban. Dr. Shamban tells Aimee that while there is no cure for psoriasis, several medicines can keep the skin clear. However, Aimee will have to learn how to inject herself with the medication. Then Dr. Shamban gives Aimee a skin vacation, with spas and pampering involved. A week later, Aimee’s skin looks so much better. There were so many changes.

After weeks of dieting and exercising, Aimee had gained 15 pounds of muscle. For Aimee’s new curvy body, wardrobe expert Sam Saboura helps her pick out a new "girlie" wardrobe. For the final touches, hair color expert Kim Vo changes Aimee’s hair color to a softer, more feminine color. Works on the eyebrows give Aimee beautiful eyes. And finally makeup gives Aimee that glamorous cover girl look. When she finally looks in the mirror, she feels like she’s dreaming.

Eight weeks ago, Aimee had a fantasy to look like Julia Roberts. Now she has returned to Vegas feeling like a "Pretty Woman." At a Las Vegas villa, once the home of Liberace, Aimee’s friends and family wait. For the first time in her life, she feels beautiful. When she entered the room, there were cheers of joy. Her husband was in shock, and it was the closest he ever came to passing out. Aimee’s family and friends could not keep their eyes off of her.

Aimee’s surgical procedures included:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Brow lift
  • Upper eyelid lift
  • Cheek lift
  • Tightening of lower eyelids
  • Chin implant
  • Upper lip augmentation
  • Breast augmentation
  • Ear surgery
  • Psoriasis treatment
  • 16 porcelain veneers
  • 1 porcelain crown


Steven is 22 years old from Clearwater, Florida. He is uncomfortable at the beach and pretty much wherever he goes. It is very rare that he will go out and has not been on date since he was 16. He feels that people are looking at teeth and nose, or maybe his ears that stick out. Steven uses humor as a weapon and as a defense against people making fun of him. A very talented artist, Steven dropped out of design school to help his mom when she was diagnosed with cancer. Now that his mom is cancer free and Steven spends time working on his drawings. One drawing he shows is that of three sirens. Well, the Extreme Makeover™ television show had three lovely sirens walk up to Steven on the beach to tell him that he will be going to L.A. and getting a makeover.

In L.A., Steven arrives at the Makeover Mansion and meets with fitness expert Michael Thurmond. Steven is 6’1 and 135 pounds, and Michael wants him to put on some weight. So Michael puts him on a diet where he will just eat and eat. Michael Thurmond sees how Steven has a good attitude and badly wants to put on the weight.

Then Steven meets with some doctors, first was cosmetic dentist Dr. Dorfman. The doctor sees that every tooth in mouth has decay. Steven admits that he drinks soda all day, and brushes his teeth maybe once a week. Dr. Dorfman tells Steven that drinking soda all day is basically bathing the teeth in sugar. So the doctor re-educated Steven on how to keep his mouth healthy.

The next doctor Steven met was plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken. Dr. Moelleken would like to reduce the hump in Steven’s nose to make more of his natural looks come out. He would also pin back the ears so that they are closer to head. Dr. Moelleken would lift the brow up so that Steven would look less cynical. Next morning is surgery day. The doctor says he will takes care of Steven. The doctor starts surgery by pinning back the ears, he then removes excess skin from upper eyelids, a lift lightens brow, and those nose was the most formidable challenge of the entire surgery. The surgery is complete, but the results won’t be known until Steven is healed. A little dazed and confused, Steven avoided the mirror for two weeks. After that time, he returns to Dr. Moelleken’s office and is thoroughly impressed with the results. Steven can’t get over how straight his nose is.

Steven continues on with Michael Thurmond’s plan and tries to eat every bit of food. Steven continues to gain weight and muscle. Next up was dental work with Dr. Dorfman, which includes getting crowns and porcelain veneers. When Steven saw his new teeth for first time, it caught him off guard. It was a dramatic difference. The Extreme Makeover™ television show had a surprise for Steven, to spend a day at the animation studios at Disney for the upcoming feature "Chicken Little." Steven thought that this was the best experience of the whole makeover experience. At the end of the day, Steven was given a computer and software package.

Now it was time for style expert Sam Saboura to provide the final touches. First, by providing Steven with some fashion tips, then adding some style and color to Steven’s hair. At the end, Steven was looking good and feeling good.

Steven has been away from home for eight weeks, now it was time for him to reveal his new look to everyone. His mom hasn’t seen him in two months and she is very excited. At a Clearwater Beach hotspot, Steven comes out with his new makeover and everyone was excited to see him. The first person Steven saw was his mom and she was overwhelmed with joy. But there was one more surprise, the admissions director from International Academy of Design and Technology, granted Steven admission back into college he dropped out of. Steven, a self-proclaimed "bird-man," is now flying high.

Steven’s makeover procedures include:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Ear Surgery
  • Brow lift
  • Upper Eyelid Surgery
  • Crowns
  • Porcelain Veneers

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