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by iEnhance.com | November 14, 2003 @ 01:00PM

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Date Aired: 11/13/03

On this week's episode of Extreme Makeover™ the television series, DeShante will go through major reconstructive surgery to repair deformities on her face, while Pam is going to receive surprise after surprise on her journey.


DeShante is 22 years old and lives in Pittsburgh, California. She was born with an abnormality known as a cleft palate, which is basically a congenital gap in the roof of the mouth. For years kids tormented and teased her and calling her names like "harelip." When she was younger, DeShante went through four surgeries to fix the deformity, but it only partially helped. DeShante s parents were heartbroken by the pain she had to go through growing up that way. She didn t go out on dates and stayed in the house, however she drew strength from her adversity. DeShante wanted a makeover because she could not afford reconstructive surgery, and in her application she wrote a song stating why she should be selected. At church, the choir had a song for DeShante: "DeShante you re going to Hollywood, you have been chosen for an Extreme Makeover . " For DeShante, this was an answered prayer.

In Hollywood, DeShante met with plastic surgeon Dr. Robin Yuan, M.D. She points out her nose and would like it to be normal. Then she points out the problems in her lip and teeth, and the fact that she doesn t like the fat in the tummy or the thighs. For Dr. Yuan, this is not cosmetic surgery but a complex reconstructive surgery. There is no perfection in this type of surgery, but Dr. Yuan feels that DeShante will have a dramatic change.

DeShante's makeover will include:

  • reconstruction of cleft lip
  • reconstruction of deformed nose
  • thigh lift
  • tummy tuck
  • liposuction
  • chemical peel
  • extensive dental work, including two porcelain veneers and a permanent upper bridge

Before the day of surgery, DeShante went to visit Dr. William Dorfman, D.D.S. for her extensive dental work. This provided something more for Dr. Yuan to work with during plastic surgery. Dr. Dorfman provided a example of the permanent fixed bridge that will be used to reconstruct the missing tooth. He performed the permanent bridge work and DeShante was in tears because she was so happy with the results. Dr. Dorfman couldn t sleep the night before because he knew he would be changing DeShante s life and the appreciation she gave makes the job worth it.

Now it was Dr. Yuan s turn to finish the puzzle. This was going to take "art and geometry." Dr. Yuan says that this is never the last cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, there is always something to do for DeShante. But only time will tell. Then two weeks after surgery the bandages came off, Dr. Yuan and DeShante were pleased with the results.

Next up for DeShante s makeover was a visit from celebrity stylist Sam Saboura. First he provided some fashion tips and then took DeShante to meet with celebrity hair stylist Elgin Charles. Elgin relaxed and straightened out DeShante s hair, braided it, then added extensions. Finally Darcy Gilmore, who has been doing television in makeup for years, provided DeShante with an elegant, sultry look. After eight weeks of undergoing a series of makeovers, it was time to go home.

Before the makeover, DeShante looked in the mirror and saw things that weren t normal. Now she loves the way she looks. At the reveal she felt happy and hasn t felt that happy in a long time. DeShante s mom thought she looked gorgeous and her dad was so happy for her. She feels that night was the most exciting night of her life. She felt like a princess and felt like she was on top of the world.


Pam is a respiratory therapist from Las Vegas, Nevada and is basically "the girl next door" type. She wants a makeover for her and the man she loves, Ron. The two have been living together for three years, and Ron has yet to pop the question. Pam doesn t like that her ears stick out, there s a bulge on her nose, her chest is flat and the fat in her thighs. However at her birthday party, instead of her friends and family singing "Happy Birthday," they sang "you ve been chosen for an Extreme Makeover . " She is so thankful that her fairy tale wish is about to come true.

Pam s plastic surgeon in Hollywood will be Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy, M.D., F.A.C.S. She pointed out the features she is unhappy with. Dr. Lesavoy told her that he could pin back the ears, and that a tummy tuck was not necessary, just a liposuction needed to reduce the fat. Pam was concerned about the risks of liposuction, Dr. Lesavoy pointed out the possible risk of infection but that is very rare. As far as her breasts were concerned, Pam wanted them bigger. The doctor pointed out that one breast was slightly larger than the other, and then showed the saline and silicone-gel filled breast implants. Pam was concerned about the safety but Dr. Lesavoy assured her there was no difference in safety. The doctor did point out that the FDA allows only saline for a first time patient, but a woman can receive silicone-gel filled implants for asymmetrical reasons, just like Pam s case. This was a very informative consultation for Pam.

Pam's makeover will include:

  • Ears pinned back
  • Upper eyelid & lower eyelid lift
  • Nose job
  • Liposuction of neck
  • Liposuction of stomach
  • Liposuction of thighs
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Extensive dental work, including porcelain veneers, permanent upper bridge, reshaped and bonded lower teeth, and zoom whitening
  • Skin treatment, this includes Botox injections, Collagen treatments, and general light treatment
  • Vision work to provide sharper vision, or keratoplasty

On the day of surgery, Dr. Lesavoy started with pinning back the ears. Next was the breast augmentation and the doctor inserted 300ccs into the implant. It took seven different procedures to perform Pam s surgical makeover. Dr. Lesavoy gave Pam a frozen bag of peas to reduce the swelling and told Pam he would see her later.

Five days after the surgery, Pam wasn t doing so well. The swelling had not yet decreased and it was hard to see any improvements. There was still a lot of healing Pam had to go through. While healing, Pam paid a visit to Dr. William Dorfman, D.D.S. Dr. Dorfman provided Pam with bridge work, porcelain veneers and whitening to brighten her smile.

Next was Dr. Robert Maloney, M.D. who would help Pam improve her vision. The doctor pointed out that Pam was suffering from presbyopia (aging eyes) and she was losing her ability to read. Dr. Dorfman performed conductive keratoplasty, which he considers the safest eye procedure. When the doctor asked Pam to compare it with a face lift, she said it was "a piece of cake."

Now it was celebrity stylist Sam Saboura s turn. He saw what Pam was wearing and provided his style tips to help change her wardrobe and basically chose clothing that will show her body off. Plus Sam mentioned that every woman needs at least one pair of basic black pants.

Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban, M.D. helped Pam improve her facial skin. Dr. Shamban injected Botox around the eyes to relax the area. Then applied general light treatment for the red and brown spots on her skin. Then implanted collagen in the corner of the lips. Pam thought it was a little uncomfortable but Dr. Shamban added, "beauty is a little uncomfortable."

Finally Dusty Simington and Joanne Morrison provided Pam with a new hairstyle. Their combined efforts gave Pam long, red hair to help make her look younger and more stylish.

At the reveal, Pam surprised everyone, including her boyfriend Ron, with her new look. Ron said when he saw Pam; she was so gorgeous it felt like his jaw dropped to the ground. However, Ron had a surprise for Pam. On the night of her reveal, Ron asked Pam to marry him and she accepted. Pam felt like this was all a dream come true. This was a 180-degree turnaround for her and has become the women she had always wanted to be on the outside. As a result of being on Extreme Makeover the television series, Pam went from "the girl next door, to the girl of her dreams."

Mini-Extreme Makeover- Lisa:

This week Sam Saboura surprised Lisa Blakely with a mini-makeover. Lisa wants to look as beautiful as she did on her wedding day. In 24 hours, Sam brought Lisa to Hollywood and first went on a shopping spree. Then hair stylist Heather Lloyd and hair colorist Francesca Windsor changed her hair from brown to blonde and layering the hair to provide the illusion of a younger looking appearance. Then make-up artist Daniel McFadden used his skill to give Lisa the appearance of a fuller lip and a eyelift without the use of plastic surgery.

At the end of her 24-hour "mini makeover," Lisa revealed her new look to her friends and family wearing a dress that Sam Saboura helped pick out. Lisa s husband thought she looked better that night than she did on their wedding day. As for Lisa, she feels as beautiful as she did on her wedding day. The "mini-makeover" helped Lisa achieve her goal.

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