Extreme Makeover™ - Season 2, Episode 4


by iEnhance.com | October 10, 2003 @ 12:00PM

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Season 2, Episode 4
Date Aired: 10/9/03

This week's episode follows the stories of Dana and Jackie, two women chosen out of thousands of applicants to be featured on Extreme Makeover™ the television series.


Jackie is a 48-year-old homemaker from Lebanon, Ohio. Her husband, Ron, is nine years younger than she is. Once at the grocery store, Jackie was mistaken for her husband s mother. She has a poor self-image of herself, and considers herself "beauty challenged and breast impaired." Then finally, at what was disguised as a normal family picnic, Ron gave Jackie a big surprise. She was going to California because she was chosen to be on Extreme Makeover the television series.

In Beverly Hills, California, Jackie meets with her plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher, M.D., F.A.C.S.. During her visit, Jackie talks about her nose and points out how her brow is coming down. Dr. Fisher points out the little extra skin under her eyes, and asks about her breasts. Jackie does want a breast augmentation, and puts her trust in Dr. Fisher to decide the breast size during surgery.

Jackie's surgical makeover will include:

  • Face & neck lift
  • Lower eyelid lift
  • Nose job
  • Brow lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Collagen treatment

Dr. Fisher s team spent 8 hours in surgery on Jackie. Naturally, Jackie feels pain and discomfort after waking up from surgery. After the surgery, Dr. Fisher calls Jackie s husband, Ron, to inform him that the surgery was finished and perfect.

Eight days after the surgery, Jackie meets with Dr. Fisher to have her bandages removed. She thinks her nose looks great and pleased with the work done on her breasts. Dr. Fisher is also delighted with the results from the surgery.

When Jackie returns home, her husband thinks she looks beautiful and completely different. However her son thinks she s the same. Jackie thinks that this whole experience is just the best.


Dana is 40 years old and from Miami, Florida. She teaches self-defense and works as an audio mixer at a recording studio. Dana was so unlucky in love that she found it hard to trust men. She wants to change her outlook and be more accessible. Then, at a tiki party, one of Dana s close girlfriends announced that she has been chosen to be on the show.

Dana s doctor is Dr. Harvey Zarem, M.D., F.A.C.S. At their meeting, Dana indicates that her eye droops and that one eye opens bigger than the other. She also points out that her nose tilts to one side. Dr. Zarem confirms this and also points out Dana s recessed chin and that she needs a little help with her breasts. Dr. Zarem feels that Dana s expectations are very realistic.

Dana's surgical makeover will include:

  • Brow lift
  • Correction for eyelids
  • Chin & cheek implants
  • Nosejob
  • Breast augmentation
  • Stomach liposuction

During surgery, Dr. Zarem has to make some tough decision for Dana. He chooses a size C for Dana, in terms of her breasts. Also he has to decide when he feels he s done enough. When Dana wakes up from surgery also feeling pain and discomfort, but Dr. Zarem is there to tell her the surgery went beautifully.

A week after surgery, Dana has her bandages removed. She is pleased with the work done on her nose and sees a completely different face. She is so excited and so thankful to Dr. Zarem for the work he has done. The only concern Dana has is her eye continues to droop, Dr. Zarem reassures her that this was due to the swelling and changes to her face. The doctor also tells her to wait and trust in the healing process and that her eye will open up and heal nicely. Dana returns after two weeks, and Dr. Zarem points out that her eyelids are moving up and down nicely and that no further surgery was necessary.

Back home, Dana feels her whole world is different now. She says she s "never been the center of attention" and that she "felt the love." Her skeptical boss was relieved by the results. Her friends think that now Dana will start to receive attention from the guys. Dana is now open to dating and hoping to find love. She feels that her makeover has been "an incredible journey."

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