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by iEnhance.com | May 6, 2004 @ 12:00PM

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Original Air Date: 05/05/2004

On the Season Finale of Extreme Makeover the television series, Tv's Dr. Phil provides the show's first participant, Monika. Then second participant is Marilynda, a former California beauty who is about to undergo one of the most incredible transformations ever on Extreme Makeover™ the television series.


Dr. Phil helped Monika receive an extreme makeover on the inside, now he was giving her the opportunity to have a makeover on the outside. At first Monika was mess physically and emotionally. She was frustrated and didn't care about anything. That is until, Dr. Phil had Monika take his "Ultimate weight loss challenge." Through tough work, she was able to lose 16% of her body fat. Dr. Phil's counseling also helped her marriage. Monika wants this chance for an extreme makeover on the outside. She mentions she would like a facelift, have eyes done and also have just one chin. Also Monika's weight loss has caused her body to sag. She now wants it perky, with a tummy tuck and liposuction. Monika was about to get her wish when Extreme Team plastic surgeon, Dr. Jon Perlman came to Dr. Phil's show to tell Monica that she had been selected for Extreme Makeover™ the television series. Monika was surprised, but she feels so ready for this opportunity.

Monika said goodbye to husband and it was off to Los Angeles. She met up with Dr. Perlman once again, this time, at his office. Dr. Perlman was quite impressed with her weight loss. He asked her which procedures she would like to talk about. During the consultation, things that were mentioned included the bags under Monika's eyes, droopiness in her cheeks and the fat in her chin. Dr. Perlman also noticed that the weight gain and loss has made Monika's breasts sag and suggests a lift. He also suggests a tummy tuck will remove excess loose skin. After training in Los Angeles with her trainer, and from the weight loss program with Dr. Phil, Monika had lost 50 lbs, the optimum weight for surgery. Monika felt like she had earned surgery.

Monika's Extreme Procedures included:

Brow lift
Facelift with cheekpad lift
Upper & lower eyelift
Fat injections
Chin implant
Liposuction of the thighs and knees
Breast enlargement
Breast lift
Tummy tuck

Dental work, which included:

Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Whitening

On the day of surgery, Dr. Perlman began by performing liposuction on Monika's thighs. Then he moved on to the chin implant, then with the fat he removed from the thighs, Dr. Perlman injected it into the cheeks. Next was eyelid surgery, and after that came the breast implants. After placing the implants, Dr. Perlman felt the results looked natural. Then finally came the tummy tuck. When Monika awoke she said she was not in pain at all. Monika's makeover resulted in two separate surgeries. Later she was suffering, but will see if the pain was worth it when the bandages are removed. A few days later, she met again with Dr. Perlman to remove the bandages. When the bandages came off, Monika couldn't believe the woman in the reflection was her own. She noticed her eyes and Dr. Perlman pointed out that now she only has one chin. Monika can't believe the difference.

While Monika was still recovering, she received a video message from Dr. Phil. He tells her she is undergoing plastic surgery for the right reasons. Also, this experience can help her walk with dignity and respect. Dr. Phil tells Monika that he is really proud of her. As a result of this whole experience, Monika went from a size 18 to a size 6. With a new figure, Sam Saboura helped Monika buy new clothes for her wardrobe. Then at the B2V salon , received the final stages of her makeover, hair and makeup. When Monika saw the final result, she was in tears and couldn't even talk. Sam thinks she looks beautiful. Monika feels this was the most incredible gift she's been given.

At her reveal, Monika felt like Cinderella ready to go to ball. With her friends and family waiting, Monika presented her new look to them. She feels that she now has the spirit and body of a 20 year old. When Monika's husband saw her, he was amazed. He felt like he wouldn't have recognized her on street. As for Dr. Phil, he left a video message at Monika's reveal saying he can't wait to see her.


Marilynda was once considered a California beauty. She used to go out all the time, but not anymore. A tough life and bad luck ravaged her looks. She was butted in the head, which split her tooth. She finds it hard being outside. She has patches on her face, which she has no idea how they got there. Her looks have caused her to have never had a meaningful relationship. Marilynda works as a salesperson in a large retail store. When people ask her questions at the store, they don't look at her eyes, but at her mouth, and they are not listening to her. Telling this, brings Marilynda to tears. However tears of sadness would soon be at an end when her manager made a special announcement over the store's intercom, Marilynda had been selected to be on Extreme Makeover™ the television series. Marilynda was excited.

The first person Marilynda visits is dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman. This was going to be the toughest part of her makeover. Dr. Dorfman tells Marilynda that five of her teeth are decayed to the bone. He would have to perform several procedures, which includes repositioning the lips and gums, root canal, partial dentures, veneers, extractions. Marilynda was afraid of going to the dentist, and was even in tears about undergoing the operation. Dr. Dorfman assured by telling her he would have her sleep throughout the operation.

Next up was a consultation with plastic surgeon, Dr. Garth Fisher. Marilynda couldn't wait to meet him. Dr. Fisher asks her to tell him what she is concerned with. She addressed her eye and other features. Dr. Fisher then tells her that he could bring her nose down, provide a chin implant. Dr. Fisher tells her that she has such outstanding features. As for the breasts, one breast is more lifted and larger that the other and will try to make them as close as possible.

The next player in Marilynda's makeover is dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban. The doctor wants to even out her skin tones. Dr. Shamban also wants to remove the brown spots on Marilynda's face. So Dr. Shamban has Marilynda schedule to meet with her for a Fotofacial every week after undergoing surgery.

Marilynda's Extreme Procedures included:

Upper & lower eyelift
Chin implant
Breast enlargement
Foto facial skin treatment

Dental work that includes:

lip and gum repositioning, 3 root canals, 5 extractions, 18 DaVinci porcelain veneers, and upper and lower partial dentures.

Dr. Fisher first starts the surgery with an endoscopic browlift, next came the eyelid surgery, and then the facelift. A chin implant provided a nicer shape for Marilynda's face and Dr. Fisher was very happy with the results of the nosejob. Surgery was over, now it was time for the healing to begin.
After a week, Marilynda comes back to Dr. Fisher's office to preview her new face. She is really excited to say hi to her new face. When the bandages came off, Dr. Fisher pointed out how the chin balances out her nose nicely. Marilynda's best features are her eyes. Dr. fisher is really happy for her.

The next set of procedures involved dentist Dr. Dorfman. It is still hard for Marilynda to go to the dentist. This is one of the most challenging cases ever for Dr. Dorfman. When it was over, Dr. Dorfman was able to get Marilynda her smile back.

After weekly visits with Dr. Shamban, Marilynda's skin has really improved and is much better now. Now it was Sam Saboura's turn to take Marilynda shopping for a new wardrobe. He also takes her to Harry Winston's to help pick out a diamond necklace for her reveal. The diamond necklace that was chosen cost over a half a million dollars. Then came one final touch, hair and makeup. Before leaving, Marilynda had to say goodbye to Dr. fisher.

For Marilynda's reveal, Sam Saboura was the person to introduce the new Marilynda to her friends and family. She was nervous and excited, she also felt beautiful and as sparkling as the diamonds she was wearing. At the reveal, Marilynda felt absolutely wonderful. She came in one way, and came out looking another way. Marilynda's makeover was an incredible transformation that defies belief.

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