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by iEnhance.com | September 25, 2003 @ 11:00AM

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Date Aired: 9/25/03

On this weeks episode we'll examine Peggy, a CSI detective who wants to go from looking dead, to drop dead gorgeous. We'll also take a look at Jennifer, whose appearance has caused her to shy away from others.


Peggy feels that the twenty years of police work have taken its toll on her physically. She wants to be chosen to participate in Extreme Makeover the television series to help make her look twenty years younger. Peggy feels the excess skin around her eyes makes her look tired and not bright eyed. Basically she doesn t like the way her face looks. Peggy also feels that her looks has affected her sexuality and played a part in the break-up of her marriage. However, as Peggy s partner Brenda was planning her 20th Anniversary of being on the force, she had a surprise for Peggy; she was chosen for the show.

The first stop of Peggy s makeover was a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Perlman. The first question that doctor asked was "How can I help you today?" Peggy told Dr. Perlman about the excess skin around her eyes, the dark spots under her eyes, and that there s not much of an upper lip. She would like to make changes to her face, but would like to keep her character. After explaining what she wanted, Dr. Perlman made some suggestions of his own. He asked Peggy to consider having her brow raised and removing skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelid, as well as lifting the cheeks. Dr. Perlman also made a suggestion to Peggy about having a breast enlargement, however Peggy decides against that procedure. She feels that in a work environment that requires a bulletproof vest, "less is more."

Peggy's "Extreme Makeover" surgery will include:

  • Browlift
  • Facelift
  • Neck Lift
  • Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery
  • Fat injections
  • Chin implant

Before going into the operating room, Peggy looks in the mirror and says goodbye to the face she has had for 48 years. Then Peggy is wheeled into the operating room and ready for surgery. Dr. Perlman s challenge is to give Peggy the face of her dreams. After seven hours of surgery, Peggy s wishes are granted. Peggy is far away from home, and all alone, but Dr. Perlman and his staff take care of her.

About a week after surgery, Peggy visits Dr. Perlman once again for a sneak peek under her bandages. Once she saw her new face, she was quite pleased. Peggy feels that she doesn t look anything like the way she did before. Now it was onto the next parts of her makeover.

Next up for Peggy was a visit to cosmetic dentist Dr. Dennis J. Wells. The doctor whitened Peggy s stained teeth and placed veneers in her teeth to give her a radiant smile.

Now it was Sam Saboura s turn to help Peggy with her makeover. After providing Peggy with some fashion tips, Sam brought her to places to get her hair done, makeup applied and to have her eyebrows worked on.

The last stop on Peggy s makeover was at Dr. Robert Maloney s office to have LASIK eye surgery. Peggy was nearsighted when she went into the office, but when she left, she had better than 20/20 vision. Peggy was now ready to go home, however before leaving Hollywood, Peggy went to Dr. Perlman s office to say goodbye.

Peggy revealed her new look to everyone at her 20th anniversary party. Peggy s partner, Brenda, was able to keep the Peggy s makeover a secret. Everyone thought she was just away on vacation. Once people saw Peggy s new look, they were shocked and thrilled. Brenda wasn t sure it was Peggy until she spoke. The reveal was an exciting and emotional event for everyone involved, most especially Peggy.


Jennifer is a 25-year-old single mother from Newtown, Pennsylvania. She was always felt insecure about her looks, especially with her nose and face. When she rides in her car, she tries to hide her face from the other drivers beside her. Jennifer feels that her relationships have been affected by her insecurities. Then during a family barbeque, Jennifer s dad made an announcement, that she was selected to be on Extreme Makeover the television series.

Extreme team member Dr. Harvey Zarem will be Jennifer s plastic surgeon. The first question Dr. Zarem asks Jennifer is "How can I help you today?" Jennifer pointed out her nose and wanted skin care and dental work. She also pointed out to Dr. Zarem how one of her eyes looks smaller than the other. Dr. Zarem listened to Jennifer s requests and gave her his suggestions. Now they were ready to go ahead with the surgery in a few days.

Jennifer s "Extreme Makeover" surgery will include:

  • Upper eyelid surgery
  • Lip injections
  • Nose job

On the day of surgery, Dr. Zarem begins surgery with the eyelift, then the nose job. Finally Dr. Zarem plumps up Jennifer s lip with her own fat. The look of the fat injections lasts up to ten months, much longer than collagen. Once finished, Jennifer is taken to Shantique, an after care retreat, for three days. Then it is back to her hotel.

A week after undergoing surgery, Jennifer goes to Dr. Zarem s office to see a preview of the results. Jennifer is in tears when she sees her new nose. She is so pleased with the results that she just can t believe her eyes. Jennifer feels that she no longer has to be self-conscious about her nose.

The next phase of Jennifer s makeover is a visit with cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman. Jennifer is scared to go to the dentist. From her x-rays Dr. Dorfman sees that Jennifer s teeth are decaying to the bone. So it s not cosmetic dentistry that needs to be done, but surgery to save her teeth. Root canals, veneers and zoom whitening help bring out a beautiful, new smile.

The next "extreme team" member to work on Jennifer is dermatologist, Dr. Ava Shamban. The doctor performs a series of laser and light beam treatments on Jennifer. The procedure is quite simple, a smooth beam, a painless zap and instantaneous recovery. The key to maintaining these results at home is through clear skin cleansing and topical cream.

The final phase of Jennifer s makeover is in the hands of celebrity stylist Sam Saboura. He provides her with some fashion tips, and then takes Jennifer out to have her hair and makeup done. Hair stylist and colorist, John Allen and Kim Vo of B2V Salon, provide Jennifer with a hair style that makes her look like a blonde bombshell.

At her reveal, Jennifer was so touched by how everyone was so supportive of her. She felt very lucky. She feels like she no longer has to turn her face away. Then she had a private reunion with her son and Jennifer was so glad to be home.

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