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by iEnhance.com | February 27, 2004 @ 09:00AM

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Original Air Date: 02/19/04 and 02/26/2004

Battle of the Bulge

In this special two-part episode of Extreme Makeover ™ the television series entitled "The Battle of the Bulge" the show focused on three individuals looking to have a makeover, only to find out that they must first earn this makeover by losing weight. They had to lose the pounds or lose the makeover. The first part of this two-part episode focuses on introducing the three candidates and showing their weight loss in order to earn the makeover.

The first candidate was Anthony from Everett, Washington. He was once a high school football star and really fit, but now weighed 217 pounds, which was 50 pounds over his playing weight. By not being physically active and snacking quite a bit led to Anthony’s weight gain. Anthony felt that this weight gain has brought down his self-esteem. However, while attending one of his son’s football games, Anthony got a surprise when the P.A. announcer announced during the game that Anthony had been selected to be on the Extreme Makeover ™ television series.

The second candidate Belen is a Mariachi singer from San Antonio, Texas. At 225 pounds, Belen felt that this has brought down her singing career. She feels that by having the makeover, it will help make her a complete package for her music career. Then in the middle of a musical performance Belen and her boyfriend were performing, her boyfriend made the announcement to everyone in the audience that Belen was selected for the show.

The third candidate LaPaula is a nurse from Monroe, Georgia. Her weight gain is something most women experience after pregnancy. One out of every five mothers do not loose weight after pregnancy. LaPaula herself is 40 pounds heavier than her last pregnancy. Then during one of the dancing lessons LaPaula attends, her dancing instructor announced in front of the entire class that LaPaula was selected to be on Extreme Makeover ™ the television series.

Once in Los Angeles the three candidates had consultations with their plastic surgeons. Belen spoke to Dr. Anthony Griffin, while LaPaula and Anthony spoke with Dr. Jon Perlman. Then the two doctors explained to each individual what they needed to do in order to earn their makeovers.

Dr. Perlman told LaPaula that her surgery was contingent upon her losing weight. He explained to her that he doesn’t like to operate on someone who is overweight, since the risk of anesthesia is higher and the results will not be as great. LaPaula accepts the condition and must now lose 25 pounds in 5 weeks.

For Belen’s visit with Dr. Griffin, he also explained to her that complications go up as weight goes up. That is why she must lose 35 pounds in five weeks in order to gain the best results. Belen was trying to compromise the amount of weight she must lose, but Dr. Griffin had to be firm because he feels that could compromise the results.

Dr. Perlman also explains to Anthony that he needs to lose 30 pounds in 5 weeks. If Anthony is unsuccessful in losing the weight, then there is no makeover. But Anthony wants to have the makeover and agrees to lose the weight.

For the next 5 weeks, the three candidates undergo a body boot camp developed by Extreme Team fitness trainer Michael Thurmond. He developed a diet and exercise regiment for each candidate. Sam Saboura helped the group find their goal outfit they will be wearing when they lose the weight. Even Dr. Phil came for a surprise visit and gave some tough talk for the three candidates.

After 5 weeks, LaPaula lost 4 inches from her chest, 2 from the upper arm, 10 inches from the waist and 6 from the hips. Anthony lost 2 inches from the neck, 1.5 from the breast, 7 inches from the waist and gained 2 inches in his arms. Belen lost 5 inches from the shoulders, 4 from the arms, 6 inches from her thighs and an incredible 16 inches from her waist. Then it was time to meet the doctors once again and find out if they were eligible for the surgery. LaPaula had to lose 25 pounds, but only lost 20. However Dr. Perlman feels that they can go ahead with the surgery because even though LaPaula did not lose the weight, she was now trim. She converted her fat into muscle. Anthony had to lose 30 pounds and he was able to take that weight off and more, so his surgery was a go. Belen, who had the most weight to lose, was able to achieve losing 35 pounds and meet her requirements for a makeover.

On the second part of this two-part episode, Belen, LaPaula, and Anthony underwent their plastic surgery procedures and other makeover procedures.

Belen is the first to have surgery; since her operation is complex it must be done in two stages. First is the face, then the body.

For her facial plastic surgery, Belen’s procedures include:

  • Brow lift
  • Lower eyelid lift
  • Nose job
  • Cheek lift

For the body, lower body work is performed which includes:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Arm lift
  • Brazilian butt lift

Anthony is the next to have surgery and his procedures include:

  • Nose job
  • Lower eyelid lift
  • Fat Pads removed from cheeks
  • Chin implant
  • Liposuction

As for LaPaula, her plastic surgery procedures include:

  • Brow lift
  • Lip repositioning
  • Upper & lower eyelid lift
  • Chin implant
  • Liposuction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy tuck

For this surgery, dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman joined the surgical team to assist in LaPaula’s operation.

The surgeries were over and it was time to heal. A few days later, it was time to take the bandages off. When LaPaula had her bandages taken off, she could see that her appearance was looking a lot better. When Belen had her first peek at her results, she felt the results look amazing and can really tell her eyebrows are lifted. At Anthony’s visit, he found out that he now has six-pack abs.

LaPaula then visited Dr. Dorfman to have her dental work done. Dr. Dorfman pointed out that her teeth had shifted. First Dr. Dorfman performed teeth bleaching on LaPaula s teeth then placed porcelain veneers to close up the gap between her teeth. LaPaula thought that the results looked incredible. LaPaula and Belen also received LASIK eye surgery performed by Dr. Robert Maloney.

After the surgery and the healing, there were more workout sessions with Michael Thurmond to help Belen, LaPaula and Anthony get their new bodies into shape. Everything seemed okay, however the group did experience other incidents. During a visit from Sam Saboura, Anthony passed out. He was quickly rushed to the extreme team emergency doctor, Dr. Stephen Patt. Anthony had gone off his program by under-eating and over-dieting, a recipe for disaster according to Dr. Patt. Belen also had problems with her dieting program, she started cheating on it.

Before leaving to return to their families, Belen, LaPaula and Anthony had another consultation with Dr. Phil on how to keep off the weight. Basically the three need to change their lifestyle. Then after having their hair and makeup done, it was time to go home. Belen, LaPaula and Anthony have spent the past three months together and would like to keep in touch with each other.

Anthony’s big reveal was in Seattle. Another surprise came in store when the show provided a style makeover for Anthony’s wife. Everyone was amazed by his new look. His wife felt like it was seeing him for the first time. As for Anthony, he feels this experience is the beginning of a new life.

LaPaula’s reveal was also a happy event. Her husband felt like this might take some getting used to. For LaPaula she feels she can now hold her head up high and is proud of herself.

At Belen’s reveal, she finally felt like she turned into a princess. She feels better as a woman and a performer.

Belen, Anthony and LaPaula have won the battle of the bulge.

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