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by iEnhance.com | December 12, 2003 @ 01:00PM

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Original Air Date: 12/11/03

This week episode continues the story of Jeff’s incredible makeover. This is an individual who had lost 200 pounds, but has a tremendous amount of excess skin leftover that he wishes to have removed. We also follow the story of Tammy, a young woman who dreams of becoming a dancer, but acne has prevented her from pursuing her dream. Plus Sam Saboura will help a Hollywood casting director change her look in the “mini makeover” segment.

Jeff (Part II):

On last week's show we first met Jeff Cooper from Kingsport, Tennessee. Throughout his life Jeff had suffered from an eating disorder and once weighed up to 405 lbs. However a year ago he decided to change his life and go on a diet and lost about 200 lbs. But the weight loss left a lot of excess skin hanging from his body and wanted a makeover to have it removed. Jeff went to Hollywood and had received some plastic surgery, but it looked as if he would not undergo his total body tuck.

Because of his extreme weight loss, Jeff was considered a high-risk patient. Also sleeping disorders and heart problems put Jeff at risk. However after a month of tests and waiting, Jeff was cleared for surgery and will now receive his total body tuck.  Dr. Garth Fisher will head up a team of plastic surgeons to perform Jeff's surgery. First of all, a foot-wide belt of excess skin will be removed from the torso. Also "Batman" flaps under the arms will also be removed, as well as the "baggy pant" flaps on his thighs. This surgery will test Jeff s willpower, courage and his threshold of pain. At first Dr. Fisher told Jeff that because of his medical history the abdomen, body and arms will be worked on, but not the thighs. However Jeff wanted the whole thing and Dr. Fisher respected Jeff's wishes. So as Jeff held a cheerleader doll, given to him by his wife, he was wheeled into the operating room.

After surgery, 12 inches was taken off from Jeff s stomach and lost 10 lbs. of skin. Jeff however was in extreme pain and felt like he was losing his mind. He was lonely, scared, and actually thought he was going to die. He felt he was getting his just reward for not listening to Dr. Fisher s recommendation for the thigh surgery. However Jeff s next day was much smoother and the body was healing nicely.

Jeff's body tuck made him a prisoner of bandages, but two weeks later, the bandages were removed. There was a troubling development though. Due to Jeff s protein diet, to battle his anemia, it caused him to gain about 15 lbs. But everything else looked good for Jeff. Now finally came the next step of Jeff's makeover.

While recovering from surgery, Jeff got a visitor; it was "extreme team" celebrity stylist Sam Saboura. Jeff had changed his body, now it was time to change his wardrobe. Sam also brought Jeff to Kay Jewelers to help pick out a gift for his wife. Finally Jeff was brought to hair stylist Kiara Bailey to give his hair some color and a new look. Now after three months, Jeff s makeover was over and it was time to go home.

At his reveal, the first person Jeff wanted to see was his wife. Jeff s wife was so anxious to see him, she felt like she was waiting for a blind date. When Jeff finally saw his wife, he put his arms around her and felt like everything will be okay. After their hugs and kisses, Jeff s wife brought out his wedding ring and placed it on his finger. Then Jeff presented his wife with the gift he bought for her at Kay Jewelers, diamond earrings. As a result of being on Extreme Makeover the television series, Jeff feels he can be the person he s always wanted to be.


Tammy is a 29-year-old telemarketer from Omaha, Nebraska. She grew up looking cute, until teenage acne scarred her life. Plus wearing glasses did not help either. Throughout her life, Tammy never felt like she was a part of the in-crowd. But Tammy wanted to start changing things about herself in her 30 s. That is why she wants to be on Extreme Makeover the television series. Tammy also has this secret ambition of becoming a dancer. Then during one class, Tammy s dance instructor came by to her and told her that she was going to be on Extreme Makeover the television series.  Now in Hollywood, Tammy was ready to begin her makeover journey. Her first stop was at Dr. Ava Shamban s office to discuss her skin problems. Dr. Shamban noticed that Tammy s acne was inflammatory. Also Tammy had been picking at the acne which caused scarring. Dr. Shamban told her that it was never a good idea to pick at the acne with your finger. An intense pulse light machine will be used to treat the problems on Tammy s face. This is going to be a very intensive, eight-week treatment. ??Next up for Tammy was a visit to Dr. Garth Fisher at his Beverly Hills office. She told Dr. Fisher that she would like to change her nose. His input was that he would like to bring the nose down and soften it. Another suggestion Dr. Fisher gave was a brow lift to get rid of the fold in her upper eyelid. As far as breasts, Dr. Fisher asked Tammy her breast size, which was an A. Then he asked her what she wanted to be, and at first Tammy wasn t sure, but decided on a C. Then finally, Tammy mentioned that she wanted to have her tummy worked on.

Tammy s "Extreme Makeover" surgery will include:

    •    Browlift
    •    Nose job
    •    Upper eyelid lift
    •    Liposuction
    •    Breast enlargement
    •    Teeth whitening
    •    LASIK
    •    Facial rejuvenation

During surgery, Dr. Fisher first worked on Tammy s liposuction. Next came breast augmentation, then the brow lift. How Dr. Fisher chooses the type of brow lift depends upon the type of hairline he is dealing with. After the brow lift, came the upper eyelid lift, then finally the nose job. Tammy was in high spirits when she awoke from surgery, and she was ready to start healing.

A few days later, Tammy paid another visit to Dr. Fisher to have her bandages removed. Tammy likes her new nose and Dr. Fisher mentioned that the results of the breast enlargement and liposuction looked good as well. Now it was time to receive more laser treatments from Dr. Shamban. Four more weeks of treatment will help erase a lifetime of acne.

While receiving her laser treatments, Tammy received a visit from celebrity stylist Carol Brody. Carol helped pick out a suit for Tammy that she could use for work and her social life. Tammy wants to look fun, fashionable, styling, and sophisticated all at once and Carol Brody was going to help her achieve that goal.

Carol introduced Tammy to hair stylist Fabrice Gili, who had just flown in to New York to provide Tammy with a new hairstyle and color. Mally Roncal provided Tammy with new makeup as well as some makeup tips. While Michael George helped Tammy get into shape for her big reveal.

The final stop of Tammy s makeover was with Dr. Robert Maloney to help improve her vision. After an eye exam, Dr. Maloney told Tammy that her vision is worse than 20/400 meaning she is legally blind without glasses. After LASIK eye surgery, Tammy was able to see without glasses. She was so thankful and offered to have her glasses to someone more needy.

At Tammy s reveal, all of her friends and family were surprised by her new look. Some of her friends even said she looked like Britney Spears. Through her experience on Extreme Makeover the television series, Tammy can now dance her way to a new life.

Mini-"Extreme Makeover": Marla

Marla is a Hollywood casting director who wants to be a sexy, sassy, and sophisticated woman. Sam soon found out that Marla was the “I Never” girl. She never wore makeup, never had a pedicure, never had a manicure, and never had her eyebrows waxed. But through Sam and his team of hair stylist, manicurists and makeup artists, they helped Marla become the girliest “I never” girl. When the day was finished, Marla loved her new look. She feels that never in a million years could she put something like this together. But it was put together with the help of Sam Saboura and the extreme team.

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