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by iEnhance.com | September 22, 2004 @ 12:00PM

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Extreme Makeover™ the television series is back for its third season with more lucky participants having their lives completely changed by undergoing various makeover procedures. Just like the previous two seasons, watch as ordinary individuals are selected for the show, say goodbye to their friends and loved ones for three months, and undergo an extreme makeover. Finally the participants return to their friends and family revealing their new look. More emotional stories and amazing reveals are in store for this season. The season premiere will air on 9/23/04 at 8/7C, with a two hour special, featuring not just two, but three lucky individuals, ready to receive an extreme makeover. After that Extreme Makeover™ the television series will air regularly on Thursdays at 8/7 C on the ABC™ network.

The Extreme Team (which includes some of the nation's top plastic surgeons, eye surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair and makeup artists, stylists and personal trainers) is back to face new challenges and help ordinary people gain that look they've always wanted. Celebrity stylist Sam Saboura is also back to provide style tips for the participants, as well as provide the Mini Makeover segment, in which Sam uses his talents to help a lucky individual gain a whole new look, all without surgery. A new addition to the third season is the Makeover Mansion, a facility designed for the care of patients as they recover from their plastic surgery operation. This new luxurious mansion located in the Hollywood hills comes with a stunning view, a swimming pool, a fully equipped home gym and plasma televisions.

These summaries are here to help illustrate how plastic surgery has changed the lives of individuals that undergo these procedures. We also provide you with the opportunity to learn more about each of the procedures featured on the show. Plus, on our website you will also find a feature that will help you find a specialist in your area to help you achieve your makeover.

Episode Listing (Episode Number, Date Aired, and Participants)

Episode One (9/23/04) – Becky, Stacy, Tim, and Damen
Episode Two (9/30/04) – David and Amy
Episode Three (10/7/04) – Jeanene and Lina
Episode Four (10/14/04) – Kristi and Heather
Episode Five (10/28/04) – Marque and Elisa
Episode Six (11/4/04) – Geri and Ethan
Episode Seven (11/18/04) – Bubba
Episode Eight (12/2/04) – Mary and Valerie
Episode Nine (12/9/04) – Bill and Kim
Episode Ten (1/6/05) – Mike and Tess
Episode Eleven (1/13/05) – Aimee and Steven
Episode Twelve (1/20/05) – Tricia and Kari
Episode Thirteen (2/10/05) – Ray, Yvonne, & Stephanie
Episode Fourteen (2/17/05) – Rachel
Episode Fifteen (3/03/05) – Fritz and Christina
Episode Sixteen (3/14/05) – Marcelo and Lachele
Episode Seventeen (3/31/05) – Linda, Steve and Ryann
Episode Eighteen (4/07/05) – Jeff and Angie
Episode Nineteen (4/14/05) – Katie and Nate
Episode Twenty (4/21/05) – Emily, Amanda and Mark

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Be advised that the medical providers listed on this website have furnished consideration to iEnhance/PlasticSurgery.com for said listing. Furthermore, these healthcare professionals are NOT associated with the ABC television series Extreme Makeover™. As such, the listed doctors impose fees for their various services.

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