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by iEnhance.com | September 17, 2003 @ 11:00AM

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Extreme Makeover the television series enters its second season after the high ratings and popularity of the episodes that premiered last season. Quite a few of the plastic surgeons and other specialists from last season have returned this season to once again lend their skills and expertise. Plus, even more specialists joined the "Extreme Team" and showcased their talents during the second season. Also this season, Sam Saboura has become the regular fashion stylist for Extreme Makeover the television series providing his tips on how to be fashionable in today s society. The show also features a mini makeover in which Sam Saboura helps participants receive a makeover without the use of plastic surgery.

The second season of Extreme Makeover the television series brings more emotional and heart-warming moments. One episode of show features a woman who has lost one of her breasts from cancer and miraculously receives a new one through plastic surgery (Episode 8). Plus the season brought more challenges for the doctors on the "Extreme Team." Some cases found the plastic surgeons trying more reconstructive techniques, including a cleft palate and lip repair (Episode 9). Sometimes the procedure took the skills of two doctors in order to perform plastic surgery on one individual (Episode 8). Read about the experiences of these individuals in our episode archive. From the time these individuals learn they have been selected to appear on the show, to the time when they reveal their new look to their family and friends, see how much their whole life has changed after undergoing a makeover.

This season of Extreme Makeover the television series will feature 22 episodes and check back with us regularly as the season progresses. Each week we will update this section with a summary showcasing each new episode. Learn about each episode s participants, the "Extreme Team" members and the various plastic surgery procedures performed on each individual.

Episode Listing (Episode Number, Date Aired, and Participants)

Episode One (9/18/03) Caroline, Catherine and Dan
Episode Two (9/25/03) Peggy and Jennifer
Episode Three (10/2/03) Lori and Peter
Episode Four (10/9/03) Jackie and Dana
Episode Five (10/16/03) Liane and Paula
Episode Six (10/23/03) Michele and Kenna
Episode Seven (10/30/03) John and Candace
Episode Eight (11/6/03) Liz and Sarah
Episode Nine (11/13/03) DeShante and Pam
Episode Ten (11/26/03) Jeff and Autumn
Episode Eleven (12/11/03) Jeff (Part II) and Tammy
Episode Twelve (01/08/04) Cynthia and Angela
Episode Thirteen (01/22/04) Kimberly and Arthur
Episode Fourteen (02/05/04) - Susan and Michael
Episode Fifteen (02/15/04) - Regina and Nellie
Episode Sixteen (02/19/04 and 02/26/04) - Battle of the Bulge
Episode Seventeen (03/10/04) - Amanda and Patrick
Episode Eighteen (03/17/04) - Manu and Jerry
Episode Nineteen (04/14/04) - James and Kacie
Episode Twenty (04/28/04) - Michael and Kristina
Episode Twenty-one (05/05/04) - Season Finale
Episode Twenty-two (05/05/04) - The Gobble Girls

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