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by iEnhance.com | April 22, 2003 @ 10:00AM

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Extreme Makeover the television series once began as a one-hour special on ABC , showcasing how much plastic surgery and other makeover procedures, can make a difference in people s lives. Due to the success of this special, more episodes of the show were made and thus Extreme Makeover the television series was born. Extreme Makeover the television series premiered in the Spring of 2003 as a regular series and received high ratings. A few more episodes premiered that season, each garnering high ratings. Then the show was renewed for a second season and continued to gain popularity.

This section features a summary of each episode of the first season of Extreme Makeover the television series. Each episode shows how an individual receives the opportunity of a lifetime to have their whole appearance transformed. They go through a Cinderella like experience as the "Extreme Team" consisting of plastic surgeons, fashion stylists, hair and makeup artists and other specialists transform these lucky individuals into the person they have only been dreaming about. These episodes are very touching and heart-warming as each individual goes through this long but rewarding experience. Then they return home to friends and family with a whole new look. Read each episode and see why Extreme Makeover the television series has become one of the hottest reality shows on television. Also take a look at our links and see how each plastic surgery procedure, as well as other cosmetic procedures, can really make a difference in people s appearance.

Episode Listing (Episode Number, Date Aired, and Participants)

Episode One (4/23/03) Kine and Tammy
Episode Two (4/30/03) Melissa and David
Episode Three (5/7/03) Amy and John
Episode Four (5/14/03) Karen and Sandra
Episode Five (5/22/03) Evelyn and Sharon

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