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by | March 14, 2003 @ 10:00AM

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Each episode of Extreme Makeover follows the transformation of two participants.

Episode #1: Kine and Tammy

At the beginning of Extreme Makeover, Kine expressed her insecurity over her large lips. She felt it could have been a barrier in her romantic life. She chose plastic surgery not only for her face but for her body as well. She had an upper and lower lip reduction and a breast lift. She had liposuction around her abdomen losing ten pounds and two inches form her waist. Her teeth were whitened and straightened. She also had Lasik eye surgery so she no longer needed to wear glasses. Kine was revealed to her family at the end of the show. Her loving family expressed their pleasure at the outcome. Kine said she felt a sense of renewed confidence and security about her facial appearance. She also said later that she believed she was more approachable because of the changes in her face.

Tammy spent the past few years devoting herself to the raising of her children. She said that she felt run down and did not have enough time to devote herself to her looks. She wanted to give herself some much needed attention. She had a brow lift, upper and lower eye lifts, a nose job, collagen injections for fuller lips, and porcelain veneers put on her teeth. At the end of Extreme Makeover, her family could not believe the change in Tammy's appearance. She expressed her own satisfaction and happiness with the outcome, saying it was all a dream come true. Her relationship with her husband seemed to improved as well.

Epsiode #2: Melissa and David

Melissa wanted a fresh look for her ten-year high school reunion. She recalled how she had been teased in high school for her looks. She had a nose job, her ears pinned, breast implants, a brow lift, tummy tuck, eye surgery, and her teeth whitened and straightened. When she returned to her family, they were overcome with the change in her appearance. She felt more confident and had more energy in the morning.

David was part of the National Guard and felt insecure over his looks. His son had often commented about his nose and yellow teeth. He also thought his looks may have resulted in him being turned down from a job in recruitment. He underwent a nose job, brow lift, upper and lower eye lifts, chin augmentation, neck lift, teeth whitened, and porcelain veneers. When he met his family after the surgery, his wife was excited for him and his new look. He commented the guys at work didn't notice too much till after seeing the show.

Episode #3: Amy and John

Amy had always felt shy about her appearance. She had a tooth that never grew in and wide gaps in her teeth. She was also made fun of because of her nose. She felt that some of her shyness over her looks held her back from pursuing her dreams. She had a nose job, lower eye lift, breast implants, teeth whitened and porcelain veneers. When she returned to her family, they noticed the change in her attitude. She walked with her head held high and had better sense of confidence. She expressed her big plans for the future.

John had a young wife and two children and was uncomfortable in always being labeled a grandfather. His wife commented that he has an energetic spirit and felt a younger fresher look may encourage him to go out more. He had a facelift, upper and lower eye lift, fat injection to his cheeks, neck lift, ears pinned, teeth whitened and porcelain veneers. He met his wife and children having appreciated the entire journey and shed tears of joy. His children were stunned and the show gifted him and his wife with a second honeymoon.

Episode #4: Sandra and Karen

Sandra was recently widowed and wanted a younger look as she reentered the dating world. She mentioned that her focus was on her teeth and chest. She had a brow lift, nose job, fat injections into her lips, breast implants, eye surgery and extensive dental work. When she was reunited with her family, they could not believe how young she looked. She said she felt good about herself.

Karen was about to be married and wanted to look pretty for her fiancée. She was most worried over her nose. She had a brow lift, upper and lower eye lifts to give her a rested appearance, nose job, liposuction to her neck, saline breast implants, eye surgery, and her teeth whitened and straightened. Her unveiling occurred at her own wedding as she walked down the aisle. Her soon-to-be husband barely recognized her and she said that she finally felt pretty.

Episode #5: Evelyn and Sharon

Evelyn is a single mother. Her daughter wrote to the show requesting her mother be chosen for Extreme Makeover. She had a tummy tuck, liposuction of the inner and outer thighs, breast augmentation and teeth whitened and straightened. She returned and her daughter was pleased with the transformation of her mother.

Sharon is a twin and felt insecure next her sister. She had nose job, a chin implant, breast augmentation, received a new belly button, and had her teeth whitened and straightened. Her family barely recognized her when she returned. She said she was very happy with all the changes.
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