Talking with an Extreme Makeover Team Member

by | March 21, 2003 @ 10:00AM

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Dr. Jon Perlman received a call one day from the producers of Extreme Makeover about participating in the show. He wanted to ensure the plastic surgery extremes conducted on the show were handled competently and with proper patient consultation.

He was featured in Episode 4 and his patients were Karen and Sandra. Sandra received a brow lift, nose job,and fat injections into her lips, breast implants, lasik surgery, and her teeth whitened. Karen had a brow lift, upper and lower eye lifts, nose job, liposuction to the neck, breast implants, eye surgery, teeth whitened and straightened.

Dr. Perlman noted that multiple plastic surgery procedures are a growing trend in plastic surgery. Typically, patients seek only one plastic surgery procedure at a time. However, having several procedures performed simultaneously has had increasing popularity among patients.

Dr. Perlman also noted that a patient can take advantage of the operating room when having multiple procedures. They have already paid for the hospital and anesthesia, whereas if the patient underwent a single procedure at a time he/she would pay have to pay hospital and anesthesia fees each time. Also, they need only take a single, rather than multiple, recovery period off from work.

It is important to be in good physical health before having multiple procedures. It is also important to choose and select a doctor with the proper credentials. iEnhance can help you find a doctor in your area from varying specialties like plastic surgery, dermatology, or cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Perlman also cautioned not too judge the plastic surgery experience purely on the show. The experience as a whole was whittled down to 45 minutes. Because the extent of the recovery was minimized, it became impossible to show every detail of the recovery process as experienced by the patients. Therefore it is recommended that you research a plastic surgery procedure, including the recovery process before your decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure.

Dr. Perlman also stated that Extreme Makeover idealizes the dramatic changes possible through plastic surgery. Participants benefited from experts in makeup, hair styling and fashion.

Extreme Makeover highlights the transformation of patients undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures. Click here to learn more about the individual participants of the show and their reactions to being apart of Extreme Makeover.

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