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by iEnhance.com | November 3, 2008 @ 10:00AM

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Aired November 3rd, 2008

Dr. Robert Rey

Last week, Dr. 90210 viewers were stunned as Dr. Robert Rey and his wife Hayley fought over the family's living situation. The episode ended with Hayley walking off and Dr. Rey feeling as if his marriage could be ending. This week, the rift between the couple is worked out as they realize they are both afraid of loosing each other.

Unable to erase the memories of his difficult childhood in Brazil, Dr. Rey fights feelings of abandonment. He doesn't want to fight with Hayley because it reminds him of his parents and he feels like a failure. In order to work on his trust issues, he decides to pay a visit to his American family (those who brought him to the States when his father no longer wanted to care for him).

Hayley and his children haven't met Dr. Rey's Utah family; in fact, he hasn't seen them in 30 years. Once they are reunited, he is visibly emotional. They share insight into family and love; and after the visit, Dr. Rey seems to be in better spirits.

After the reunion, they Rey family hit the local slopes to partake in snow activities. This is the first time they have all been in snow together and they have a blast. Dr. Rey is carefree and happy. He realizes that he wants to succeed as a family man and these vacations are the perfect way to enjoy their company.

Dr. Linda Li

For the national "Take Your Child to Work Day," Dr. Linda Li invites her step-daughter, Elyse, to accompany her during a day at the practice. It was quite a bonding experience for the two. Elyse watches her step-mom perform a chemical peel and does some routine clerical work. Overall, they are beginning to feel like a family and are meshing well together.

Also featured in this episode is the 10 year anniversary of Dr. Li and her husband (and practice anesthesiologist) Dr. Bill Fulcher. To celebrate, Dr. Fulcher has some great surprises for Dr. Li the includ a helicopter ride over Los Angeles, as well as another special gift. He presents her with a ring that they saw before they were married. Dr. Li loved the ring but the couple couldn't afford to purchase it back then, so the present had extra significance to her.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

A 20-year-old, Lindsey is unhappy with the size of her breasts. Surrounded by well-endowed women such as her mother and friends, she is embarrassed with her figure. She feels that her chest is as flat as a board and even avoids the beach because of it, despite the fact that she lives minutes from the ocean. With her mother's support, Lindsey feels that breast enlargement surgery will help elevate her confidence.

Pre-Op Visit:

During Lindsey's consultation with Dr. Rey, she explains that everyone around her has full breasts, leaving her feeling like she doesn't fit in. The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon agrees that this would be an ideal procedure for Lindsey. The doctor and patient determine that she will receive 425 cc saline breast implants that will be inserted through her belly button.


Before her surgery, Lindsey is very excited, but not nervous. Stage 1: Dr. Rey creates an incision in the belly button. Stage 2: The surgeon then creates a path to the breast and makes a pocket. For this, a long, skinny, metal instrument is used. Stage 3: The pocket for the left breast implant is sculpted. Stage 4: Dr. Rey creates and sculpts a pocket for the right implant. Stage 5: The left implant is inserted and inflated. Stage 6: Next, the right implant is inserted and inflated. Stage 7: Dr. Rey closes the incision in the belly button with a few sutures.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Lindsey returns to Dr. Rey's office one day after her breast augmentation. She has experienced some pain, but says she doesn't regret undergoing the surgery. After seeing her breasts for the first time, she's happy because they are exactly what she wanted.

Fitting in with her Friends

With a newly enhanced set of size 34 D breasts, which were originally a 32 B cup, Lindsey feels wonderful. She explains that she couldn't be happier because her breasts are the perfect size. Not only do her clothes fit better, Lindsey now feels confident wearing a bathing suit and going to the beach.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. David Matlock


Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Belynda doesn't like the way she looks in the mirror. She also can't wear a lot of clothes. The reason? The patient feels that she doesn't have enough of a butt. Belynda works out trying to enhance her backside, but can't achieve the "J Lo booty" that she desires. To help her fill out her outfits better, she's enlisting the assistance of Dr. David Matlock.

Pre-Op Visit:

During her appointment with Dr. Matlock, he explains the procedure to her. The butt augmentation will be performed using her own fat removed from another area of her body. Unfortunately, Belynda doesn't have much excess weight and will need to gain at least 10 lbs. for the surgery.


The day of the surgery, Belynda reveals to Dr. Matlock that she has been doing all that she can to gain weight, resulting in going from 117 to 133 lbs. He hopes this will be enough. Stage 1: Dr. Matlock collects fat from the abdomen via liposuction. Stage 2: Next, he collects fat from the chin and neck. Stage 3: The fat is processed so that it can be injected into the buttocks. This is done using a strainer-like tool that separates the fat to be used for augmentation. Six syringes are filled with fat. Stage 4: Dr. Matlock strategically injects the fat into the right buttock and then molds the fat using a towel and massaging the butt. Stage 5: He then injects and molds the fat in the left buttock.

Ten days after her surgery, Belynda is feeling sore in the abdominal area. At her post-op visit, the results are revealed to the patient and her boyfriend. She has some swelling but as it decreases, the results will continue to improve. She's very happy with the outcome.

Filling Out

Belynda feels that she can now wear and fill out tight-fitting clothing. It's been two months since her surgery and she feels amazing. She's quite pleased that her results are natural-looking. During a party, her boyfriend of seven years proposes and she accepts.

Patient #3:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Hand Rejuvenation

Kimberly is a 50-year-old yoga instructor who prides herself on staying in shape. She feels as if she's in her late 20s. However, she can't do anything to keep her hands looking youthful. Kimberly has age spots and feels that she needs them removed because appearance is everything in the athletic industry.

Pre-Op Visit:

To get an idea of the treatment that may help rejuvenate her hands, Kimberly visits Dr. Li. The surgeon suggests a chemical peel and fat injections to achieve the results that the patient is seeking.


Shortly after the consultation, the procedure begins. Stage 1: Dr. Li harvests fat from Kimberly's knees. Stage 2: She injects that fat into the left hand and then massages and molds it until you cannot tell fat was injected. Stage 3: Fat is injected and molded into the right hand. Stage 4: Dr. Li performs the chemical peel.

Healthy Hands

One month after her procedure, Kimberly feels that she now has more confidence. Her hands look less-aged and are rejuvenated back to a state similar to which they were in her 20s. Now Kimberly can enjoy an appearance that reflects the youthfulness she feels.

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