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by iEnhance.com | October 27, 2008 @ 10:00AM

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Aired October 27, 2008

Dr. Robert Rey

Dr. Robert Rey has been spending a lot more time at home with his family now that his month-in-law, Brenda, is gone. But right when he's happy to have his distance from her, Hayley informs him that her parents are going to move from Canada to Calabasas so that they can be closer to one another.

Naturally, considering the relationship between Dr. Rey and Brenda, he's not happy about the move. While Hayley is excited to have her parents close by so that they can help with the children, Dr. Rey is not looking forward to Brenda's bossy attitude.

To help her parents, Hayley goes home shopping for them. The realtors manage to talk her into seeing homes for her family as well. Hayley immediately falls in love with a house that is just below 11,000 square feet, with a lot just shy of an acre and retailing for almost $9 million.

She wants to move, but is nervous to tell Dr. Rey because Calabasas is quite a drive from his Beverly Hills practice, and it'd be very close to the in-laws. Finally, when the real estate agent calls to ask for an offer, Hayley tells her husband.

Dr. Rey is not keen on the idea at all. He brings up that they just finished the kitchen remodel that she wanted, and she counteracts with the need for more space (they currently live in a 9,000 square feet home). The argument continues to escalate and Dr. Rey tells her that he's just her ATM and nothing he says counts. To that she agrees, saying that he shouldn't have a voice and that she's moving with or without him. Hayley then storms out.

Dr. Rey thinks that his wife has gone too far this time, pointing out that people get divorces over this sort of thing.

Dr. Jason Diamond

With a booming practice, Dr. Jason Diamond decides to expand his practice to Tamarack, Idaho, a golf and ski resort where people can go to have rejuvenation surgery and relax. His son, Jake, is only a few weeks old and his frequent trips to the site of the future practice are difficult for him. Not only is it hard for Dr. Diamond to be pulled away from his baby, it's also causing strife between him and his wife, Jessica.

When he is home, the family bond that they have is endearing. Viewers get to experience baby Jake's Jewish circumcision ritual, an emotional time for the family. Although a surgeon himself, Dr. Diamond is too nervous to perform the baby's procedure. He is blown away by the amount of joy and love his son has brought, and is realizing that he wants to be at home with Jake more and more.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

A young woman in a predominantly male helicopter flight school, Michelle, 23, doesn't necessarily lack confidence, but she does want more of it. Her sister recently had breast enlargement surgery and she saw how it positively impacted her. Michelle feels that with this surgery she'll look less like a "little boy," and better for summer.


During her appointment with Dr. Rey, Michelle explains that she wants to look more womanly and that she currently feels disproportionate. After examining her body and observing that she isn't a good healer, Dr. Rey decides that the breast implants should be inserted through the body to avoid incisions. During the discussion of implant size, Michelle asks Dr. Rey about the size of 800 ccs. Although she was joking, he isn't aware and is concerned, so he begins to explain the repercussions that they will have. After he's set straight they all have a good laugh.


Before surgery, Michelle is a little nervous but excited. She decides to adjust the size of the breast implants from 400 ccs to 380. Stage 1: Dr. Rey makes the incision in her belly button. Stage 2: He then creates pockets under the breast muscles using a long, skinny, metal instrument. This tool creates a tunnel from the belly button to the breasts. Stage 3: He puts antibiotics and pain medicine into Michelle's body to help with healing after surgery. Stage 4: The left breast implant is rolled up and inserted into the breast, then inflated with saline. The right breast is done next. Once both implants are in place, Dr. Rey checks for symmetry. Stage 5: The surgery is completed as he stitches up the belly button.

Total Surgery Time: 35 Minutes

The next day, Michelle visits Dr. Rey for a follow-up appointment. When the bandages are removed, it is revealed that there is no bruising but some swelling, which is causing the breasts to sit high. Overall, the famous plastic surgeon gives his patient an A+.

Feeling Feminine

Michelle loves her new breasts. Seven weeks after surgery, she feels confident enough to wear a bathing suit at a water park. Her breasts are now fuller, but she appreciates that they still look natural. Michelle is excited to have a more feminine figure as she explains. Since her surgery, she's been getting more attention. She can't tell if this is due to her enhanced appearance, or her newfound confidence.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Facial Rejuvenation and Ear Correction Surgery

A 48-year-old mother of two who has been divorced for seven years, Mary wants to gain confidence to start dating again. Her left ear has cartilage that is folded over, causing her ears to be uneven. Because this makes Mary very self-conscious, she never wears her hair back or in a ponytail. She hopes that surgery will help correct this. Additionally, she wants a more youthful-looking appearance.

Pre-Op Visit:

Mary explains her desires to Dr. Diamond during her consultation. She says that she still feels young and wants to also look that way. She also explains that her ear really bothers her and she'd like that to be changed as well. Dr. Diamond describes her condition as a "cup ear" or "lop ear," something he's never actually seen in real life. Since he's never worked on anything like this, he's excited for the challenge; however, he doesn't know if she has enough skin to make an improvement. He is honest with her about this. Computer imaging, on the other hand, reveals the success that she can experience with her facial rejuvenation procedures. Mary leaves the appointment and is really looking forward to surgery.


Mary is relaxed on the day of surgery. She will be having a brow lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat injections, a chin implant, and facelift surgery, as well as the ear surgery. Stage 1: Fat injections are performed. Stage 2: Brow lift surgery. Stage 3: Eye lift surgery. Stage 4: The chin implant is inserted. Stage 5: Facelift surgery. Stage 6: The excess skin around the ears is removed after the facelift. (Jessica calls and they talk on speaker phone for a bit as Dr. Diamond operates.) Stage 7: An incision is made on Mary's lop ear. Her cartilage isn't cooperating and isn't moving where he wants it to go. Dr. Diamond stops to look at his notes to devise his next course of action. He decides to veer from his original surgical plan. Stage 8: The skilled plastic surgeon decides to remove the excess cartilage and perform a free graft. Stage 9: The removed cartilage is sutured to the back of the ear. Dr. Diamond doesn't think that the results will be perfect, but an improvement at least.

Total Surgery Time: 9 Hours

Although it isn't time for her follow up, Mary is back in Dr. Diamond's office six days after surgery. She got in a car accident and her head was "banging around," causing her to be concerned that her recovery may be compromised. Her ear also hurts and she wants that checked out. This is the first time one of Dr. Diamond's patients has ever gotten in a car accident during the recovery period. He checks her out and she seems to be OK, but there is swelling so he can't fully tell at this point. Mary's ear is sagging a bit and it is irritated. The healing process may potentially be delayed.

At the 10 day point, Mary returns to Dr. Diamond's office for her post-op appointment. She looks and feels much better. When the bandaging and dressings are removed, her results are natural and refreshing. Her ear has improved moderately to significantly.

Back on the Dating Scene

Mary is happier than she thought she'd be with her results. Eight weeks after surgery, she goes on a date with a man she met online. She's nervous but feels confident as far as her appearance. The surgeries have had a great impact on how she feels about herself. She loves the improvement of her ears and now wears her hair up. After surgery, Mary expected to look 10 years younger, but feels she easily looks 15 years younger.

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