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by iEnhance.com | October 13, 2008 @ 10:00AM

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Aired October 13, 2008

Dr. Robert Rey

It is business as usual for Dr. Robert Rey, except instead of working in the operating room, he's promoting his Shapewear ™ line on HSN. The family has traveled to Tampa, Florida, to spend quality time with the busy doctor in between TV appearances.

During the preparation for the HSN programs, we see Dr. Rey differently than we have before, nervous. Because he will be on live television, anything can happen. In fact, he shows up late to one broadcast and barely has time to freshen up before they go live.

When he is away from work, it's still on his mind. Hayley is upset with Dr. Rey because she wants time devoted to the family solely, without any professional distractions. This puts the famed plastic surgeon in a tight spot. He wants to be with his wife and children, but he also works hard to make them happy. Dr. Rey feels like no matter what he does, it's never enough for Hayley.

Dr. Linda Li

It's been a few weeks since we've seen Dr. Linda Li and her husband Dr. Bill Fulcher. Their household is busy now that Dr. Fulcher's daughter, Elyse, is living with them. To make sure she's adjusting well to her new life, Drs. Li and Fulcher visit her teachers. They are scholastically challenging and are disappointed that Elyse is getting an A- in one of her classes; they feel it should be an A. They realize that they need to be a little more lenient on her because she's doing very well.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Motykie


Nose Reconstruction and Chin Reconstruction

Tabitha is a familiar patient on Dr. 90210; you may recognize her because she's been on the show before. This time she's seeking surgery to help her face look less "alien-like" as she describes it. Having undergone 20 cosmetic procedures (nine on the face alone), Tabitha desires to look more like she did before the plastic surgery and feels that by undergoing refinement procedures, she'll look like she did in her 20s instead of her true age of 38.

Pre-Op Visit:

Upon meeting with Dr. Gary Motykie, he examines Tabitha's face and concludes that her chin implant is sitting too high. He also determines that the implant used for her nose isn't right for her. The plan is to remove and adjust the facial implants to provide a more natural, youthful look.


The day of surgery is also Tabitha's birthday. Her gift will be to turn back the clock. Stage 1: Dr. Motykie removes the chin implant via an incision in the mouth. This will prevent visible scarring. Stage 2: The nose implant in the base of the nose is removed, then cut down to a more appropriate size and shape for Tabitha. It's reduced by 50 % and then placed back in the nose. One suture is placed to prevent the implant from moving. Stage 3: The implant in the bridge of Tabitha's nose is removed, reduced in size, and replaced.

Total Surgery Time: 4 Hours

Tabitha is feeling good at Dr. Motykie's office six days after surgery. She can't wait to have her bandages removed. When they are, there is visible swelling and bruising, but she's in great shape. The bumps that were caused by the implants are gone, making Tabitha ecstatic. She can't wait to show off her results to the world.

Photo Ready

A model, Tabitha is back at work two and a half months later, being photographed for a coffee table book. She has even invited her plastic surgeon to pose for some pictures with her. Dr. Motykie is a bit nervous but participates in the shoot. Tabitha, on the other hand, feels confident due to a softer-looking, more youthful face.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck Surgery

A 35-year-old mother who went through difficult times with her children's health, Lynn desires to improve her body. While caring for her children - two were in and out of the hospital - she stopped caring for herself, which actually resulted in her becoming sick. Finally, Lynn realized that she had to take care of herself so that she could take care of her kids. She lost 30 lbs, but now is left with sagging skin of the breasts and stomach. She feels that Dr. Li will be able to help her attain her pre-pregnancy body.

Pre-Op Visit:

Upon meeting Dr. Li, Lynn describes the stress that her body has gone through, including the weight gain of 80 lbs. with each of her pregnancies. An examination of her body reveals that she is an ideal candidate for these procedures, which are generally called a mommy makeover when performed together.


Dr. Fulcher, Dr. Li's her husband, is also her anesthesiologist, and prepares Lynn for surgery. Once she is ready, the surgery begins. Stage 1: Dr. Li creates an incision in the right breast, cauterizing the skin at the fold beneath the breast. Stage 2: The right saline breast implant is inserted. The implants will shape the breast, preparing it for the breast lift. Stage 3: Excess skin is removed from the right breast. Stage 4: Dr. Li tightens the right breast tissue using sutures and staples, completing the breast augmentation and lift on the right side. Stage 5: Dr. Li opens and inserts the left saline breast implant the same was as she did with the right. Stage 6: Excess skin is removed from the left breast. Stage 7: The left breast tissue is sutured and stapled back together. Stage 8: Dr. Li creates an incision on the lower tummy by cauterizing the skin. Stage 9: The excess abdominal skin is removed and the incisions are closed; finalizing the tummy tuck surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 2 Hours 35 Minutes

When Lynn visits Dr. Li for her post-operative appointment, she brings her husband so that they can see the results together for the first time. After the bandages are removed, Lynne's flat stomach and perky, full breasts are revealed. The patient explains that she never thought she could look so good.

Living Once Again

Seven weeks after surgery, Lynne's children surprise her and her husband with a night away. Living in Arizona, the summer was a difficult time for her because the weather was so hot. But with her improved physique, Lynne feels comfortable wearing a bikini for the first time in 14 years. She feels like she's back to herself.

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