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by iEnhance.com | September 29, 2008 @ 10:00AM

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Aired September 29, 2008

Dr. Robert Rey

Dr. Robert Rey is eager to have an activity that he and his daughter, Sydney, can do together. So, when she expresses her desire to act, he's very excited. He used to act and model as an adolescent and it actually helped pay for his college.

Unfortunately, Hayley isn't so eager to allow the alone time that Dr. Rey is seeking with Sydney. She feels that this activity is a huge commitment and that she needs to be involved to provide Sydney with emotional support. In response, Dr. Rey feels that Hayley is too much of a control freak, but agrees to involve her in the process.

In addition to inviting a producer over to their home to discuss Sydney's acting, they also visit a casting director where she can read lines. The director asks to see Sydney again, so we may soon see her on TV.

Dr. Jason B. Diamond

With wife Jessica's birthing due date rapidly approaching, Dr. Jason B. Diamond is helping get things in order for the hospital trip. Because Jessica is uncomfortable, they feel that she could go into labor at any time and they want to be ready for that moment.

Good thing they did prepare bags because Jessica starts feeling mild contractions and calls Dr. Diamond to pick her up and take her to the hospital. Once they arrive, she is given an epidural and has the baby six hours later.

After a pretty easy birth, as Jessica describes it, they get to meet baby Jake, who weighs in a 9 pounds and is 23 inches long. They were relieved that the baby was healthy, and Dr. Diamond is a proud father who explains that his life was instantly changed forever.

The whole experience has brought the two closer together and has provided an even stronger bond.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

A 21-year-old model with very small breasts, Jada is seeking breast enlargement surgery to improve her appearance. Currently, she wears two bras to create cleavage, and describes herself as a negative A cup. She's seeking a full C cup with breast augmentation.

Pre-Op Visit:

Upon meeting Dr. Rey, he comments that "she is the flattest woman I've ever seen in my whole life." She has virtually no breast tissue at all. Men's pectoral muscles are bigger than her breasts. After discussing her desired breast size with Dr. Rey, he expresses that he thinks she should go a bit smaller.


Before surgery, Dr. Rey and Jada discuss her procedure. She will undergo breast augmentation, performed with the transumbilical method and saline breast implants. They will go ahead with 350 ccs to avoid stretch marks on her breasts. Stage 1: An incision is made deep in the patient's belly button. Stage 2: An insertion path is created for the implants using a long, skinny, metal device. Stage 3: A pocket is created for the implant. Stage 4: Dr. Rey inserts the right breast implant. Stage 5: The implant is filled with 400 ccs of saline. Dr. Rey was able to accomplish Jada's desired size. Stage 6: The left breast implants is inserted. Stage 7: The left implant is also filled with saline. A few stitches are placed within the belly button, completing the surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 45 Minutes

Two days later, Jada is back in Dr. Rey's office to have her bandages removed. Her breasts are bruised and not yet formed to the teardrop shape, but Dr. Rey explains that the breast size and shape will improve over the next few weeks.

A Bikini Bod

Eight weeks late, Jada is back at work and enjoying her breasts. Because she now measures a 32 D, she is able to enter bikini contests and has more work and fans. Jada loves the fullness of her breasts and explains that she now feels more womanly.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason B. Diamond



The small bump and long nasal tip cause Salina, 27, a great deal of unhappiness. She dislikes her profile so much that she throws pictures of herself away and is afraid to cut her hair or wear different makeup. Salina is seeking moderate changes, under the care of Dr. Diamond, to improve her profile.

Pre-Op Visit:

Salina meets with Dr. Diamond she expresses her nasal concerns. An initial examination of the nose reveals that the patient has a very crooked septum that will need to be corrected as well. Salina agrees to have both the internal and external alterations made during surgery. To help her get an idea of the results that she may experience, Dr. Diamond utilizes computer imaging.


Before her surgery, Salina is feeling anxious and ready for her new nose. Both septoplasty and rhinoplasty will be performed during the surgery. Stage 1: An incision is made in between the nostrils, allowing Dr. Diamond to elevate the tissue off Salina's septum. Stage 2: The excess cartilage is removed from the septum. Stage 3: A graft of the septal cartilage is used for the nasal tip. This works to elevate the tip. Stage 4: The nose is fractured and straightened into a straighter position. Stage 5: Dr. Diamond finalizes the nasal tip projection and then closes the incisions.

Total Surgery Time: 3 Hours 38 Minutes

Ten days after surgery, Salina is ready to have her bandages removed so that she can see her results. After Dr. Diamond removes the dressings from her nose and she is able to see how her nasal appearance has changed, Salina has tears of joy. She loves her results and feels that her nose looks perfect.

Perfected Profile

Really happy with her results, six weeks after surgery, Salina goes shopping for sunglasses for the first time. She's now able to enjoy simple things like taking pictures. Exactly the results she wanted, Salina now looks forward to enjoying the rest of her life with an improved profile.

Patient #3:

Surgeon: Dr. Will Kirby


Liquid Facelift

Angela is 38 and a mother of three with a successful job. She spends her days taking care of her children and working on movie promos and trailers. Due to her busy schedule, she feels that she appears tired and unhappy all of the time. While her friends are a bit apprehensive about the procedure, Angela is eager to have a liquid facelift. She is doing this for herself, no one else.

Pre-Op Visit:

After Angela discusses the facial areas she'd like improved with Dr. Kirby, he explains the liquid facelift procedure. This non-surgical technique involves Botox ® injections, some sort of mid-face filler, and a chemical peel. Once she understands the procedure, they continue.


Dr. Kirby is able to perform the procedure right after the consultation. Stage 1: Botox is injected into the forehead. Stage 2: Injections near the eyebrows are given. Stage 3: A filler is injected to decrease the nasal labial lines. Stage 4: Dr. Kirby finishes with a chemical peel.

In a short period of time, all stages of the procedure are performed and Angela can already see results. Her results will continue to improve over the next couple of days.

A Multi-Tasking Mom

Angela is feeling great 10 days after her liquid facelift. She's very happy with the results, and her skeptical friends are also excited for her. Although her results are subtle, there has been a change in her appearance. Overall, Angela feels that the outcome is "pretty amazing."

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