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by iEnhance.com | September 22, 2008 @ 10:00AM

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Aired September 22nd, 2008

Dr. Robert Rey

Lately, Hayley has been moody, eating a lot, and late on her menstrual period, leading Dr. Robert Rey to think that his wife is pregnant. While he is ecstatic to think that another baby may be on the way, Hayley isn't as thrilled. She also wants another child, but feels that the timing is wrong. Dr. Rey takes it upon himself to buy Hayley an at-home pregnancy test, but it turns out to be negative. A few days later, the false alarm is reaffirmed when Hayley's begins to menstruate.

Dr. Rey describes the situation as a heartbreak because he is eager to expand the family. Although Hayley feels bad that her husband is sad, she's also happy that she's not pregnant. She wants to focus on spending all of her time with their kids now, and then have another child when the family is ready.

Dr. Jason B. Diamond

With the birth of their first child one to two weeks away, Dr. Jason B. Diamond and his wife, Dr. Jessica Diamond, are preparing for the new addition to the family. A birthing nurse visits the couple to talk about the upcoming birth. Dr. Diamond is surprised to learn that fathers are very present during the birth. He was under the impression that he'd be able to celebrate with cigars and drinks.

Jessica visits her doctor for a routine check-up and learns that she's very likely to have the baby early. Her physician suggests that she stays off her feet and takes it easy to avoid the child from coming early.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck Surgery

Echo is a 36-year-old go-go dancer and mother of six seeking fuller breasts and a tighter tummy. She receives compliments on her figure, but hates that people says she looks good for a mother of six. She just wants to look good, period.

Pre-Op Visit:

To achieve the body that she desires, Echo has chosen Dr. Rey to perform her surgical procedures. During an examination, it is revealed that the patient's breasts are in good condition for a mother of six and that a crescent lift with breast implants will provide a great result. However, her stomach is too damaged for liposuction. Dr. Rey explains that because her abdominal muscles have been stretched, she would benefit more from tummy tuck surgery than liposuction.


On the day of surgery, Echo reveals that she will go ahead with the tummy tuck, as opposed to liposuction. Although the recovery may be more extensive, the results will be worth it. Stage 1: Dr. Rey begins with the right breast. He creates a pocket for the implant, dissecting through the breast tissues. Stage 2: The right implant, measuring 425 ccs, is inserted. Stage 3: Dr. Rey moves from the breasts to the stomach, cauterizing then elevating the abdominal skin. Stage 4: The excess skin is removed and the remaining tissues are sutured together. Dr. Rey uses a stitching method that is similar to the bunching of a curtain. It looks strange, but heals better. Stage 5: The surgeon resumes the breast augmentation and lift, this time focusing on the left breast. The left breast implants is inserted, then after making sure that both breasts look even, he sutures both breasts closed.

Total Surgery Time: 3 Hours

The next day, Echo is back in Dr. Rey's office to have her bandages removed. There is only slight bruising on the breasts, and the stomach is flat. The patient is happy, expressing her reaction as, "so good so far."

The Dancing Queen

With more confidence 10 weeks after surgery, Echo is back at work. She is thrilled that her breasts and stomach look great from every angle, and that she looks younger. With her elevated self-confidence, Echo is pleased that she decided to undergo tummy tuck surgery instead of liposuction.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason B. Diamond



A former boxer, 26-year-old Jazmin endured a broken nose that causes breathing difficulties. Now a singer performing on stage, Jazmin has trouble singing and dancing quickly running out of breath. She is looking forward to having her deviated septum corrected by Dr. Diamond.

Pre-Op Visit:

During her consultation with Dr. Diamond, Jazmin explains the difficulties her nose causes her. She also explains that she would like an improved appearance as well. Dr. Diamond shows Jazmin digital imaging of the results that are possible with surgery. She's excited for her procedure and is looking forward to the outcome.


Due to the various complications with her nose, Dr. Diamond has decided to perform a septoplasty, rhinoplasty, and turbinate reduction on Jazmin. Stage 1: The tissue is elevated off of the septum to expose the nose. Stage 2: Dr. Diamond files down the bump on the nose. This is done a little at a time so that no errors are made. Stage 3: A small sliver on top of the septum is removed. Stage 4: The crooked pieces of Jazmin's septum are removed. There are quite a few pieces that were obstructing her breathing. Stage 5: Dr. Diamond uses a hammer-like tool to fracture the nose. Then he straightens the cartilage by applying slight pressure with his hands.

Total Surgery Time: 3 Hours 30 Minutes

Jazmin returns to Dr. Diamond's office nine days after surgery. When the bandages are removed from the patient's nose, she is pleased. Although there is some swelling and the tip of her nose has not "dropped" yet, Jazmin says that the results are better than she had imagined.

Better Stamina on Stage

Six weeks after surgery, Jazmin is back on stage and able to sing and dance with ease. She no longer experiences shortness of breath due to her nasal issues. Before surgery, she was embarrassed when fans took pictures, now she is happy to have pictures taken of her.


Doctor: Dr. David Matlock


Vaser High-Definition Liposuction

Jazmin's boyfriend, and also a singer/rapper, Marques is also seeking plastic surgery. He desires a better-defined stomach that he hasn't been able to achieve with exercise or diet. Marques feels that with Dr. Matlock's assistance, he will be able to get rid of his extra five pounds and feel more confident on stage.

Pre-Op Visit:

After examining Marques, Dr. Matlock affirms that he is an ideal candidate for Vaser. Because the patient already has defined abdominal muscles, this procedure will provide the athletic look that the he desires and is unable to achieve on his own.


Before the surgery begins, Dr. Matlock makes marks on Marques' stomach to guide him during the liposuction surgery. Stage 1: Dr. Matlock beings the procedure by releasing the skin from the subcutaneous tissue on both sides of the stomach. Stage 2: Next, the doctor Vasers the deep tissue, removing the emulsified fat. Stage 3: The left and right flanks are Vasered, creating a "V-cut." Dr. Matlock explains that this procedure will help Marques go down about five inches in the waist.

Total Surgery Time: 4 Hours

A Better-Sculpted Singer

With well-defined abs six weeks after surgery, Marques is back on stage to perform with girlfriend Jazmin. He describes his stomach as an eight-pack and has no problems taking his shirt off during his concerts.

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