Dr. 90210 - Season 6, Episode 2


by iEnhance.com | September 15, 2008 @ 09:00AM

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Aired September 15, 2008

Dr. Robert Rey

The kitchen drama ensues for the Rey family; however, a new aspect has been added to the stressful situation - Hayley's mom. With his mother-in-law present, Dr. Robert Rey feels left out and even under-minded due to her criticisms on his fathering skills.

Because Dr. Rey and Hayley's mom both have strong personalities, they often clash. Hayley usually sides with her mother, causing Dr. Rey to feel even more left out. In this episode, he shares his thoughts of feeling as if he's just an ATM.

It's no secret that Dr. Rey didn't have the best upbringing and that Hayley did. Despite the past, he is trying to be a great father and doesn't seem to be respected for his decisions.

Dr. Jason B. Diamond

With wife, Jessica, six weeks away from having a baby, things have been a little hectic in Dr. Jason Diamond's life. Plastic surgery is going well, and Jessica (a board certified pediatrician and internist) has stepped into the role of an office assistant to help take care of the practice. But, with the pregnancy, she will soon have to go on maternity leave.

In the Diamonds' personal lives, the two are excited for the birth of their first child. Being a "man's man," Dr. Diamond is eager for a little boy who will play sports.

Dr. Will Kirby

We catch up with the board certified dermatologist right where we left off last season. His girlfriend, Erin, has moved in with him and they get along great. After going to dinner with Dr. Kirby's family, the issue of children is addressed. The couple agrees that they'd like to have kids, but just aren't ready for that yet. Until then, Dr. Kirby and Erin are already parents of sort; they have a dog that they treat as if it were their child.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Tummy Tuck

Melinda is a mother of two children, both who weighed heavily at birth, while greatly stretching out her abdominal muscles. As a result, she has extensive stretch marks and loose, sagging skin around her stomach. After recently separating from her husband (who cheated on her and then left), he agreed to pay for Melinda's tummy tuck surgery.

Pre-Op Visit:

Dr. Rey affirms that Melinda is an ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery, but is concerned with her stress. Although she appears to be handling her separation well, it has only been two months since the split, and Melinda may not heal well if she is in a strainful situation. Regardless, the patient and doctor decide to go along with surgery. Melinda assures Dr. Rey that she will be able to handle her anxiety.


Melinda's husband is her caretaker on the day of surgery and pledges to help her through her healing process, without causing her any stress. After that is established, the surgery begins. Stage 1: Dr. Rey makes an incision on Melinda's stomach. He makes the incision high on the stomach because he can always remove more skin if needed. Next, he performs a small amount of liposuction on her flanks. Stage 2: The fatty layer of the stomach is separated from the muscle layer of the abdomen by cauterization. Stage 3: The stomach muscles are tightened like a corset. Stage 4: Dr. Rey creates a new belly button for Melinda. This is done on the inside part of her skin, so that no visible scars are present. Stage 5: The incisions are closed, completing surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 2 Hours 18 Minutes

Three days after surgery, Melinda goes in to see Dr. Rey for a follow-up appointment. When the dressings are removed, her stomach is pretty swollen. Dr. Rey is upset because he knows that stress caused this reaction. Even though he isn't satisfied, Melinda is still pleased with her current results and happy to see the final appearance of her midsection.

A New Chapter

Melinda is feeling and looking much better three months after her procedure. Her stomach is flat and the stretch marks are gone. With her improved body, Melinda and her husband are completely over and she is ready to move on to a new life with new relationships!

Patient #2 and 3:
Jacki and Marti

Surgeon: Dr. Will Kirby


Lip Augmentation

Jacki and Marti are a mother and daughter duo seeking bigger lips. While Marti is extremely afraid of needles, she is having the procedure so that her daughter doesn't have to go at it alone. This lip augmentation procedure is a birthday gift from mother to daughter. Jacki is excited to have her lips enlarged because she feels it will give her more confidence to smile.

Pre-Op Visit:

The patients meet with Dr. Kirby to discuss lip augmentation. Because Marti is nervous, they decide that she will have the injections first, with Jacki to follow. Dr. Kirby is concerned that Marti's fear will cause Jacki to also be afraid of the procedure.


Stage 1: Dr. Kirby injects the numbing solution into Marti's lips and she passes out immediately. To help her regain consciousness, the doctor and assistant give her water and smelling salts. After she's awake, her fear is gone and the medication has started to take effect. Stage 2: Marti's lips are injected with the filler. Jacki undergoes the procedure next, first having the numbing solution injected, and then the actual filler.

Because the two can immediately see their results, they are both very happy and eager to experience the full effect that the fillers will provide.

A Perfect Ending to Their Lip Story

Two days later, the mother and daughter are revisited as they get ready for Jacki's birthday celebration. Both patients are amazed with the new size of their lips, and actually apply lipstick (something that they never bothered with before). At Jacki's party, she gets to test out her new lips by kissing her crush for the first time.

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