Dr. 90210 - Season 6, Episode 1


by iEnhance.com | September 8, 2008 @ 09:00AM

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Aired September 8, 2008

Dr. Robert Rey

We catch up with Dr. Robert Rey and his wife, Hayley, amidst their kitchen upgrade. When this husband finds that his wife has spared no expenses on the details of the room, as expected - Dr. Rey isn't too happy. Because things aren't moving along as smoothly as either of them would like, Hayley invites her mother over for assistance, to Dr. Rey's dismay.

There is obvious tension between mother and son-in-law, causing an uncomfortable atmosphere in the Rey household. We'll have to tune in next week to see the progress of the kitchen, as well as the family relationship.

Dr. Linda Li

Last season Dr. Linda Li and her husband Dr. Bill Fulcher welcome a baby girl, Alex, who is now a year old. Along with Max, their toddler, the family seems to fit perfectly and things are running smoothly. That is, until Dr. Fulcher's daughter Elyse (from a previous marriage) decides to move in with them.

A typical teenager, Elyse loves her cell phone and shopping, which are two things that both doctors aren't exactly fond of. Everyone is adjusting and Elyse seems to be pretty well-behaved. But will things change after she settles in?

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift

Angelina is a model and aspiring actress who is well-endowed on the top, but maybe a bit too much. Because her breasts are naturally large, they have begun to sag. This 24-year-old is seeking a more "implanted" appearance that is typical in her line of work.

Pre-Op Visit:

Upon meeting Angelina and examining her breasts, as well as her surgical goals, Dr. Rey suited for the patient. With 350 cc implants for the left breast, and 375 ccs for the right, the results will be just right for her body.


Angelina is calm and ready for surgery; she can't wait for her newly enhanced breasts. Stage 1: Dr. Rey makes a crescent incision on the right breast. Stage 2: He then creates a pocket for the right implant by cauterizing the skin. Stage 3: The right breast implant is inserted through the areola. Stage 4: A crescent incision is made on the left breast. Stage 5: The pocket for the implant is created. Stage 6: The left breast implant is inserted the same as the right was.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour

Three days after her breast augmentation and breast lift, Angelina is back in Dr. Rey's office for a follow-up appointment. Once the dressings are removed, it is revealed that the breasts look nice. Dr. Rey and Angelina are happy that the shape is great, and the bruising is extremely minimal.

Ready for her Close Up

When we catch up with Angelina five months after surgery, we learn that she has a movie coming out. Her breasts are the same size as they were prior to surgery; however, she no longer has to wear padding to lift them. Angelina is very pleased with her results.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck Surgery, and an Arm Lift

A beautiful young woman, Courtney dealt with her father's death by eating. This led to a tremendous weight gain. At her heaviest, Courtney was 346 pounds, and at the age of 17 she was declared morbidly obese. Two years ago, she underwent gastric bypass surgery to help her lose the weight, but now, at 28, she has to deal with excessive sagging skin. In fact, she has to wear layers of clothes just to hold her skin in place. Now, Courtney is seeking a tighter body, more appropriate for her age.

Pre-Op Visit:

During Courtney's consultation with Dr. Li, she reveals to the plastic surgeon what her concerns and desires are. They easily decide that a small D breast size is ideal for her body frame. Because Courtney is also interested in an arm lift, Dr. Li explains the extensive scars that are associated with the procedure. Despite the permanent marks that the surgery causes, the patient decided to go ahead with the procedures.


Before surgery, Courtney's mom is really nervous because the operation date is the anniversary of her father's death. Courtney feels otherwise though. In fact, she feels that the surgery will go smoothly because her father will be watching over her. Stage 1: An incision is made on Courtney's left arm. This is a delicate procedure because if too much skin is removed then the arm will not be easily closed. But, if not enough skin is removed, the results won't be good. Stage 2: Dr. Li removes the excess skin from the arm and then staples the skin back together. Stage 3: An incision is made on the right arm. Stage 4: The excess skin is removed and this completes the arm lift potion of surgery. An hour and 27 minutes have elapsed. Stage 5: The breast augmentation begins with the creation of a pocket for the right breast implant. The implant is to be inserted under the chest muscle. Stage 6: The pocket is then created on the left breast. Stage 7: Dr. Li inserts the right breast implant. Stage 8: After that the left implant is placed. Silicone implants are used for Courtney's breast enlargement. Next is the tummy tuck surgery. Stage 9: An incision is made on the stomach and the excess abdominal skin is removed. There is a big opening where the skin used to be, and Dr. Li carefully stitches Courtney's midsection up.

Total Surgery Time: 3 Hours

At the one week mark Courtney is back at Dr. Li's office to have her bandages removed. The patient is very emotional and pleased with her results. She cries because she is so joyful with her thinner appearance and tighter skin.

Comfortable in her Skin

Six weeks after Courtney's surgeries, she is loving her new body. She no longer has to be restricted by tight, binding clothes that hide her bodily flaws. Courtney and her mother embark on a journey to the beach where she wears a bikini for the first time in public. She now feels confident with her appearance.

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