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by iEnhance.com | September 24, 2007 @ 05:00PM

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Aired Sep. 24

Dr. Robert Rey

Coming back after being absent on Dr. 90210 for a few weeks, Dr. Robert Rey rejoins us for the ninth episode...and life is still great in the Rey household! The Brazil trip Dr. Rey made to see his father turned out to be a positive event that not only gave him closure, but also strengthened his relationships with his wife and children. With Hayley more active in his extracurricular activities, she watched him get his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt.

After enjoying herself at that match, Hayley decides to accompany Dr. Rey to a TFA event. While Dr. Rey is acting as a ringside physician, Hayley is enjoying the male attention she is getting in the stands. Her reasoning is this: "My husband gets women flirting with him all the time. Now it's my turn."

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

As a model, Talor wants to be able to appeal to an older generation (as opposed to the teen/ young adult audience that she currently attracts). Tired of modeling for surf clothing and ready to move onto Sports Illustrated, she explains, "I don't want to be the school girl anymore."

Talor is seeking breast augmentation to help her look more mature, thus landing more "grown-up" modeling jobs. With an enlarged chest, she feels that she will be more confident in her profession.

Pre-Op Visit:

Upon examination, Dr. Rey finds that Talor is extremely thin. Her nipples are too small to have silicone-gel implants inserted through them, and because she is so thin, the transumbilical method (through the belly button) may be impossible also. Dr. Rey's advice to Talor: to intake more calories and gain weight so that he can have room to insert her implants.


It's time to attempt Talor's surgery. Anesthesia is given to the patient and her heart immediately slows down. So the surgical team must proceed with caution. Stage 1: Numbing medicine is injected into a certain area around the lower half of Talor's stomach, and then an incision is made inside her belly button. Using scissors, Dr. Rey cuts a path halfway up to her breasts. To create a pocket (just beneath her skin) all the way to her breasts, he uses a dissector for the remaining tunnel, starting with the left side first. With a strong push, Dr. Rey is able to create a complete tunnel. To make room for the saline breast implants, he then stretches the pocket with a special instrument. Stage 2: The hollow breast implant is rolled up and placed inside the right breast. It is then filled up to 350 ccs. Stage 3: The left implant is rolled, inserted, and filled to the same amount as the right side. Despite the fears of Talor being too skinny for breast augmentation, Dr. Rey was able to successfully complete her surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour

Talor's post-op visit five days later reveals that she is healing just fine. Dr. Rey explains, "She is one of the least bruised patients we have ever seen." Talor is eager to heal so that she can try on new clothes and restart her modeling career with an enhanced look.

Strike a Pose

"Everything's gone very well," Talor explains three months after her breast augmentation. Her goals were accomplished. With enhanced breasts she looks and feels better. Before surgery Talor couldn't look at herself in the mirror, and now she is able to pose for a Playboy test shoot. Confident with herself and happy with her results, Talor says, "The best thing about having boobs? Everything!"

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Hidden Penis Procedure

Returning for a second episode in a row, Joe is still seeking help from Dr. Gary Alter for his hidden penis. As you may remember from last week, his surgery was cut short because he was unable to breathe on his own after the anesthesia was administered. Because they were worried about his well-being, Dr. Alter and the anesthesiologist determined that it would be best for Joe to lose some weight before they proceeded in a hospital. "It not happening was really hard for me to deal with," Joe explained.

Now 30 pounds lighter, he hopes that he is ready for surgery. Married for three years without consummation, Joe is eager to have this surgery not only for himself, but also his wife. When he was unable to undergo surgery the first time around, he says, "It was probably the lowest part of my life."

Pre-Op Visit:

A hopeful Joe is back in Dr. Alter's office for his second pre-op examination. The doctor goes over the procedure again with his patient, explaining the steps that he will take to bring "the penis out." Dr. Alter cannot promise any specific results, and says that Joe "will be the most difficult patient I have ever had."


To ensure that this time around the surgery can be safely carried out, the anesthesiologist inserts a breathing tube into Joe's lungs. Dr. Alter is given an OK to continue on with the surgery. Stage 1: Using a scalpel, Dr. Alter cuts a line across the lower half of Joe's stomach. He then removes a large portion of fat that is resting above his pubic region. A little bit of skin is also removed so that when sewn together, there will be less fat surrounding Joe's penis. Stage 2: An erection chamber is inserted inside of the penis and sewn to the base with stitching. Stage 3: The penal skin is secured by suturing tissue to the scrotum, and then Joe's procedure is complete and the success will be determined in the following weeks.

Total Surgery Time: 2 Hours 40 Minutes

Swollen, but healing well six days after surgery, Joe's results are looking "perfect," according to Dr. Alter. Joe has been fortunate in that he hasn't really suffered with any pain. A 49-year-old who is eager to have sexual intercourse for the first time before his 50th birthday, Joe is told that in six weeks he will be able to consummate his marriage. To help him make up for lost time and inexperience, Dr. Alter gives Joe a copy of the "Kama Sutra."

An Emergence

Fully healed six weeks after his hidden penis procedure, Joe says his life has changed completely. "My results are fantastic!" Three years after their wedding, Joe is now finally ready to consummate his marriage. He takes his wife on a second honeymoon to celebrate his results.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Botox ® Injections

As a model and actress who is also developing a skin care line, Angie Everhart explains, "My job is looking good." Unfortunately, her TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) Disorder causes her jaw to tighten, contributing to constant migraines that make daily activities difficult. Because she cannot show pain while she is working, she has developed the motto: "Fake it and you'll make it."

Pre-Op Visit:

Angie is seeking migraine relief from Dr. Linda Li. During the consultation, the procedure and its results are discussed. Dr. Li explains that the jaw will loosen with Botox injections. For optimal results, it is recommended that Angie receive follow-up injections every three to four months.


A nervous Angie asks about the severity of discomfort that Botox injections cause. Dr. Li explains that redheads (which Angie is) typically are more sensitive to pain. As she clenches her jaw, three injections are given into the tightened areas on both sides of her face. The procedure is quickly over.

Total Surgery Time: A Few Minutes

Twice as Nice

Three weeks after her Botox injections, Angie is still suffering from migraines and a locked jaw. For the first week she noticed results and it helped lessen her headaches. "For the week that I didn't have my migraines, it was worth it," Angie said. Dr. Li advised her that if three injections weren't enough she can get more, and in return get more usage out of her mouth, minus the migraines.

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