Dr. 90210 - Season 5, Episode 8


by iEnhance.com | September 17, 2007 @ 05:00PM

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Aired Sep. 17

Dr. Will Kirby

Dr. 90210's resident dermatologist of Los Angeles, Dr. Will Kirby, is dedicated to his girlfriend of two years, Erin. Although they have had a wonderful long distance relationship, he wants her to move in with him to see if they are compatible enough to live together. This is a huge step for the two, especially for Erin, who lives and works in New York. Excited to eliminate the distance between them, Erin agrees to the roommate proposal and moves to the West Coast.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Dean Manus


Tummy Tuck surgery

Recently retired and ready to travel with her husband, Janice wants to make the first stop of her road trip at Dr. Dean Manus' office for " abdominoplasty," commonly known as tummy tuck surgery.

"I had to always put other people first," Janice explains. "Now it's time for me." A loving mother dedicated to her children's happiness, she never took the time out to take care of herself. Referred to Dr. Manus by her daughter, adult film star Tabatha Stevens who has had around 20 plastic surgery procedures (two of which were performed by Dr. Manus), Janice is ready to gain the slender body that she desires.

"I just want to look better for myself, as well as my family," Janice says.

Pre-Op Visit:

Janice's trip to Dr. Manus' office, with Tabatha present as well, reveals that she could benefit greatly from tummy tuck surgery. However, she barely qualifies as a surgical candidate because of her age (60 years old), weight (near 200 pounds), and health (she is borderline diabetic). The procedure will have to be carried out with extreme caution.


Because of the negative factors weighing against Janice, Dr. Manus is concerned with the time element. In order for the surgery to be safe, he will have to complete the operation within two hours. Stage 1: With expert precision, the first incisions are made into the stomach. Dr. Manus cuts and removes the belly button from the outer skin (in which a new one will later be created). Stage 2: Next the skin is separated from the abdominal muscles. He then cuts two skin flaps, one on each side of the midsection. Stage 3: The flaps are removed by excision (cutting off). Stage 4: To help slim the hips, Dr. Manus liposuctions fat from this area. Stage 5: Janice's new belly button is created in the same area as the original belly button. Stage 6: The incision is sutured together with dissolvable stitches, completing the surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

On the Road Again

Five weeks after surgery Janice is back in the motor home with her husband and daughter, enjoying her retired life. Feeling great, physically and emotionally, she now has the confidence to wear clothing that she had never dared to before, such as a two-piece bathing suit: "I've seen such a change in my body and I am so happy with the results!" Janice explains that she is now going to take better care of herself so that her health can be just as great as the appearance of her newly-enhanced body.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Will Kirby


Liquid Face Lift

Who better to perform Judy's facial rejuvenation than her son, Dr. Will Kirby? Judy is a fit woman who has a personal trainer and is happy with most of her appearance, but would like to have some help "turning back the clock" on her face.

Pre-Op Visit:

While casually discussing the procedure with her son at a restaurant, as opposed to his office, Judy says, "(I) don't want my eyes to be saggy." Then she jokingly also names all of her other facial areas that she doesn't want to be saggy either. Dr. Kirby suggests lip augmentation and she jumps on the idea as well.


To help prevent mouth pain caused by the injections, Dr. Kirby puts numbing cream on her gums. Carefully injecting Botox ® and Juvederm ™ into the pre-marked areas on her face, Dr. Kirby helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on Judy's face. (He explains that minimal bleeding may sporadically occur with these injections.) The facial injectable procedures are followed by lip augmentation and a chemical peel.

Total Surgery Time: A Few Minutes

The Complete Package

Judy's full results are present two weeks after her liquid face lift, and she is thrilled with the outcome. "I am delighted with the results!" She also gets treated to a makeover, with her son there for support. Judy is happily pampered, with her face looking as young as her body does. "I couldn't have imagined looking this way," she says. Sounds like a successful experience for this mother-son-patient-doctor duo!

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Hidden Penis Procedure

"I'm basically a 43-year-old virgin," Joe says, while describing the negative effects that his "hidden penis" has had on him. Married for three years, Joe would like to consummate his marriage but is physically unable to. As a child, he was given an inoculation which was administered incorrectly and destroyed his hip socket, resulting in a hidden penis and his left leg being seven inches shorter than the right. Joe's goal with surgery is to have the same functions and capabilities as normal men.

Pre-Op Visit:

Dr. Gary Alter confirms that his distorted hip and pelvis are indeed the cause of his hidden penis (which rests between the fat pad of his stomach and his scrotum). To correct this problem, an erection chamber will be inserted into his penis. As a result, the penis will stick out further and not appear as hidden.


To begin Joe's surgery, anesthesia is administered to put him to sleep. Shortly after "going under," his airway collapses, forcing the anesthesiologist and staff to assist his breathing. Because of Joe's weight and sleep apnea, they couldn't go forward with surgery. "We felt that in the interest of safety, Joe's surgery should be done in the hospital," Dr. Alter explains.

As the anesthesiologist wakes Joe up, he is excited thinking that his procedure is finished. Sadly they explain to him that they were unable to operate due to the circumstances that they were faced with after anesthesia was given. Disappointed that he wasn't able to go through with his procedure, Joe emotionally says to his wife, "I don't know if it's going to happen now."

This episode of Dr. 90210 ended with Joe's wife consoling him; both unsure as to whether the surgery will happen or not!

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