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by iEnhance.com | September 10, 2007 @ 05:00PM

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Aired Sep. 10

Dr. David Matlock

As we all found out at the beginning of the season, Dr. David Matlock is officially single — and ready to mingle, as they say. To help the dating doctor find true love, his daughter Jessica sets him up with one of her friends. Where else would the plastic surgeon (who holds a strong appreciation for the beauty of a woman's body) take the young lady accompanying him? But of course, to eat sushi off the body of a live model. The two seem to hit it off, both agreeing that they prefer to date multiple people with no strings attached. "I'm really afraid of serious relationships," Dr. Matlock said.

It seems that the leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon seems to be surrounded by beautiful women these days. With his daughter and brother Richard (who you may recognize as a former patient of Dr. Matlock's on episode 2 of this season) moving out of Dr. Matlock's home, he is now looking for female roommates. These lucky ladies will get to live in a huge home, free of rent, utility fees, or food charges.

While his daughter Jessica isn't too fond of the idea, Dr. Matlock sure is. "My focus right now is me," he said, not worrying about what others think. After judging the International Hooters pageant, who knows? He may just have a beauty queen as a new household companion.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Motykie


Nasal Tip Refinement (Rhinoplasty) and Liposuction

Jaime is a young woman who is looking to get a break on television. She recently finished working at a radio station, which she earned through a contest. Now, she is moving to Los Angeles to embark on her new endeavors in broadcast.

To Jaime, being onscreen means looking flawless. In her case, she feels that her "butt nose" and "cupcake" waistline needs to be corrected. She has selected Dr. Gary Motykie as her surgeon because of his reputable work performing plastic surgery.

Pre-Op Visit:

During the initial consultation, Jaime and Dr. Motykie first discuss the quality of her nose. She explains that she wants to have some of her extra cartilage removed, revealing a more elegant and natural-looking nose. They also discuss her desire for liposuction. During this time, we learn that Jaime is a recent plastic surgery patient, having undergone unsatisfactory liposuction eight months earlier. Therefore she seeks corrective liposuction, with the desire to keep her curves but go down one clothing size.


Right before surgery, Jaime decides to also have her chin liposuctioned, helping her to appear slimmer. Stage 1: Local anesthesia is injected into the nose and the incisions are made. Dr. Motykie makes the cuts inside the nose so that scars won't be obvious. Stage 2: The cartilage of the lower part of the nose is carefully trimmed away. Stage 3: The upper nose cartilage is delicately removed. Two pieces are taken out, helping to create a more aesthetically appealing nose. The incisions are closed, completing the nasal surgery. Stage 4: Jaime's chin receives liposuction. Stage 5: Dr. Motykie liposuctions her waist, removing a substantial amount of fat, which is done "artistically." This will allow her to maintain a womanly shape. Stage 6: Liposuction is performed on the right thigh first, before moving onto the left thigh. A total of three liters are removed. The incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures, completing the surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 4 Hours

Just one day after surgery, Jaime meets with Dr. Motykie for a follow-up appointment. While her hips are feeling a little sore, she really can't complain about any nasal pain. Some of the bandages are removed, giving Jaime the chance to see the new shape of her nose. She is completely satisfied with its appearance. "It's so cute," she affectionately admires. "I just love the tip!" As for the results of her liposuction, she says: "Even though I'm swollen, I still feel smaller."

Camera Ready

No longer with a "butt nose," Jaime is completely satisfied with her results 11 weeks after surgery. Tearfully happy with her surgical outcome, Jaime says that her transformation has exceeded her expectations. With a new level of confidence, she is ready to move forward in a TV career!

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. David Matlock


Vaginal Rejuvenation, Liposculpture, and Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Veronica, a mother of two who is having difficultly regaining her trim figure after the birth of her second child, is looking for a total makeover. She is seeking the assistance of Dr. Matlock, entrusting him to help her regain the appeal that she once had. One of her main concerns is the fact that she leaks urine during routine daily activities. Due to childbirth, Veronica's vaginal muscles have weakened. She says that she is tired of worrying about laughing too hard or coughing too hard. If this happens, she could have an accident!

Pre-Op Visit:

After meeting with Dr. Matlock and discussing her surgical goals, Dr. Matlock agrees that Veronica is looking to have a "wonder woman makeover." She wants to focus on her outer appearance as well as the inner problems related to her vagina. Suffering from urinary stress incontinence (leaking urine when laughing and coughing), she is looking to Dr. Matlock for help. As the surgeon explains, about 15 million women suffer from this condition, which poses hygienic and socially embarrassing situations. By the time she leaves Dr. Matlock's office, Veronica is excited about her surgery. "It sounds like he's going to do a great job," she says.


In addition to vaginal rejuvenation and the Brazilian butt augmentation, Veronica will be undergoing liposuction of the chin, arms, upper back, waist, hips, knees, and inner and outer thighs. Stage 1: A local anesthetic is injected into the vaginal area. This will help with the pain when she wakes up. Stage 2: Laser vaginal rejuvenation is started, working carefully to bring the muscles back together in this delicate area. Stage 3: The vaginal muscles are tightened and sutured together. Stage 4: Liposculpture begins, starting with the knees and thighs. Stage 5: The fat that that was removed from Veronica's body is then harvested for the butt augmentation procedure; the fat is stirred and then the tumescent solution (which was injected into the skin to allow for easier fat removal during liposculpture) is removed. Stage 6: The harvested fat is injected into Veronica's buttocks with a syringe during her augmentation. Stage 7: Liposculpture is then delicately performed on the chin area, thus completing the last stage of surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 8 Hours

A little over a week later, Veronica is back at Dr. Matlock's office for a check-up. Although her recovery has been more painful than she anticipated, she is glad to have undergone the procedures, admitting that she is "pleased with the way everything went." In the weeks to come, Veronica will get to see and enjoy her total results!

Wonder Woman!

Looking and feeling great two-and-a-half months following her surgery, Veronica has a new appreciation for her body – and so does her husband! Happy showing her legs and no longer worrying about the location of the restroom, Veronica has the figure that she desired. "I definitely do feel like wonder woman!" she cheerfully states.

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