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by iEnhance.com | September 3, 2007 @ 04:00PM

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Aired Sep. 3

Dr. Robert Rey

All of this season, and last, have led up to the monumental reuniting of Dr. Robert Rey and his estranged father. After the anger, fright, anxiousness, and tears have been shed by this Beverly Hills leading plastic surgeon and his wife Hayley, Dr. Rey is finally going to his hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He hasn’t been back to his “dangerous,” impoverished neighborhood since he was 12; the time when missionaries saw his living conditions and took him and his siblings (with his father’s permission) to America. As a child, Dr. Rey and his friends used to rob the neighborhood store because they were poor and didn’t have much. As an adult visiting that store, along with stopping by his old school and home, a rush of memories, come over Dr. Rey – both good and bad.

After reminiscing in the local areas of his childhood, Dr. Rey takes some time out to help a patient in dire need of medical attention. Working with the Smile Foundation (the same organization that rescued him about 20 years earlier), he will treat Daniel.

Paralyzed from a viral infection, Daniel obtained an enormous bed sore which could potentially be deadly. A gaping wound on his buttocks, it needs to be treated immediately.

Daniel’s Surgery

Stage 1: The scar tissue (in which Dr. Rey also refers to as an ulcer), is removed and the dead tissue is scraped out. Because he is so weak, Daniel has become anemic and cannot afford to loose blood. Stage 2: Skin flaps are created to close up wound. The incision is substantial, about the size of his entire buttocks, because of the size of the ulcer. Stage 3: The wound is covered by closing and sewing the skin flaps together. With the infection gone, Daniel should be walking again in a few weeks.

Total Surgery: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Meanwhile back in Beverly Hills, Hayley’s parents are in town to keep her and the kids company while Dr. Rey is gone. Despite the great company, she can’t help but think about her husband, worrying that he will be crushed by his father’s potentially negative attitude.

Dr. Rey finally goes to visit his father on the second day of his trip. Filled with mixed emotions, he rehashes the memories of his father. “My father was a big monster,” Dr. Rey explained. As a child, he was told by his father that he was a disappointment. Dr. Rey said he never received an encouraging word from him.

Decades later, he hears from his father, who is asking for money. Now, just moments from seeing the man that caused him so much unhappiness so many years ago, Dr. Rey’s emotions spill over.

As soon as the father and son see each other they have a long, tear-filled embrace. Dr. Rey’s father repeatedly says, “Reconciliation is the most beautiful thing in life.” This is the first time the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has ever seen any type of emotion, aside from anger, from his father.

After years of emotional pain, Dr. Rey gets an idea of why his father was so cruel. He is told that his grandfather was even worse, beating his father daily. Trying to find the positive side in the situation, Dr. Rey explains that over the generations the fathers have gotten better, and by the time his son Robbie has children, he will be a great dad.

For the first time, Dr. Rey’s dad tells him that he is proud of him and also says, “I love you.” It seems that he is truly appreciative of the visit and is sorry for the pain that he caused his son over the years. As Dr. Rey explains, “We’re taught to forgive,” and that seems to be just what he has done – forgiven his father.

Upon his arrival home, Dr. Rey has made a noticeable change. A man who was already opposite from his stern father, he is even more appreciative of his wife Hayley and their two young children. With a weight lifted off of his chest, he has received closure.

“My number one focus now is my family,” Dr. Rey said.

Drs. Brian and Susan Evans

Now pregnant, and nearly ready to burst with child number four, Dr. Susan Evans is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new little boy. During a baby shower/charity event, where gifts received will be donated to underprivileged kids, Dr. Susan Evan begins to have strong contractions.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), she ends up leaving her shower early to get to the hospital, where Zachary is later born. With his birth, the couple now says they have the perfect family, complete with four children. This is just what they had wanted! A beautiful, healthy newborn, Zachary is adored by his siblings at home.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Brian Evans


Breast Augmentation

An esthetician who works at a tanning salon on the ever-popular Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Holly is surrounded by beautiful people on a daily basis. She has wanted breast augmentation since high school to enhance her appearance, as well as her self-confidence.

With supportive family and friends, the 21-year-old feels that she has waited long enough and is ready to have the surgery. With her consultation, Holly looks forward to meeting Dr. Brian Evans and discussing her hopes and concerns with him.

Pre-Op Visit:

Meeting with Dr. Evans for an initial consultation, Holly has a chance to discuss her biggest concern with him. A young woman who is planning on becoming a mother someday, Holly is worried that having breast augmentation will prevent her ability to breastfeed.

Dr. Evans assures Holly that her chances for complications are minimal. On to the next question! What about the size of her implants? She wants them to look appropriate and natural-looking on her slender body. Because Holly has a narrow rib cage, her cleavage will be great with implants; 400 ccs would be ideal for her figure.


Although Holly had wanted silicone-gel breast implants, they decide to go with saline because she is fairly young (the FDA only recommends silicone-gel implants for women who are over 22). Stage 1: The pocket for the left breast implant is created. Directly below the nipple, so that there will be no risk of preventing future breastfeeding, Dr. Evans makes the incision deep enough to place the implant beneath the chest muscle. Stage 2: The left breast implant is folded up tightly so that is can be inserted through the small hole that was made beneath the nipple. It is then filled to Holly’s desire. Stage 3: The right implant is inserted the same way as the previous one, and also filled to 400 ccs. With nice symmetry, Dr. Evans closes the incision with tiny sutures.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

Holly’s post-op visit with Dr. Evans takes place just two days after surgery. Swelling is minimum, but her implants are resting high on her chest. In time, they will get softer and drop to a lower position. “It’s crazy that I actually have boobs,” Holly happily states. “I look like I’m in someone else’s body.”

A Woman Emerges

Before surgery, Holly had felt that she needed a more grown-up, womanly appearance, which is what breast augmentation accomplished for her. Fitting her clothes better and feeling more secure in her skin, the results of her breast enhancement surgery were exactly what she wanted. “I feel like I have a lot more confidence,” Holly explained. “Getting 400 ccs was the perfect choice."

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