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by iEnhance.com | August 27, 2007 @ 04:00PM

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Aired Aug. 27

Dr. Robert Rey

Remember last week when Hayley gave Dr. Robert Rey her approval to visit his ailing father in Brazil? Well, it was genuine. Despite the fact that she is terrified of what will happen to her husband on the trip, she wants him to be happy, even if it means Dr. Rey seeing the man that caused him so much pain throughout his life.

With the impending trip, Dr. Rey begins to educate his children about Brazil. The eldest of the two, Sydney, learns that she has two grandfathers. This is something that had been kept from her up to this point.

While Dr. Rey ultimately hopes to hear "I love you" from his father, something that has never once happened before, he also hopes to get approval for all that he has done. Hayley feels that this may be wishful thinking for Dr. Rey. Her fear is that his father will have the same cruel attitude toward him that he has always had, and that Dr. Rey will come back feeling even worse about the situation than before.

Dr. Linda Li

With the birth of her second child, daughter Alexis, Dr. Linda Li has been noticeably missing from the first few episodes of Dr. 90210. She rejoins the other plastic surgeons this episode, allowing us to peek into her hectic life. Dr. Li and her anesthesiologist husband, Dr. Bill Fulcher, are trying to find a happy medium between family life and their booming Beverly Hills practice, which was previously put on hold.

It seems that even when Dr. Li and her husband are at home, they are still pulled into medical situations. This week, we see Dr. Li get home from a hard day's work, only to return to another medical office when her 1-year-old son Max, falls and badly chips his tooth.

However, this husband and wife team seem to be handling themselves well, finding the balance between work and their children.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

A car lover, collector, and racer, Kellie is used to making modifications on her rides. Now after years of waiting, she is ready to do the same to her body. Desiring breast augmentation to "feel sexier as a woman," Kellie wants to enhance her A cup to a C.

Kellie not only feels that her confidence will soar with a larger bust, but that her clothes will fit better! "I've spent a lot of time customizing cars so it's going to be nice customizing myself," she explains.

Pre-Op Visit:

With an initial glance at Kellie's chest, Dr. Rey is baffled at why she wants to improve her body. Although her breasts are small, they are symmetrical; something that most women lack. After the examination, Kellie sits down with Dr. Rey to discuss her options.

Kellie is looking to have silicone implants but because her breasts are small, so are her nipples. With not much room to insert an implant through the nipple, she must decide on either small silicone implants, or opt for saline. With saline Kellie will be able to have her breasts enlarged to her desired size, since they would be inserted transumbilically (through the belly button). She has some big decisions to ponder.


Before the surgery begins, Kellie informs Dr. Rey that she wants to have saline implants so that a bigger size can be achieved. Stage 1: A tiny incision is made inside of the belly button, thus beginning surgery. Stage 2: An incision path is carefully made just under the skin, avoiding delicate locations such as the lungs. The left side is done first, followed by the right side. Stage 3: The saline implants are rolled up, and one is inserted on the right side and then the other is inserted through the left path; both hollow implants measure 460 ccs. Stage 4: The implants are filled with 500 ccs, enlarging the breasts to a full C cup. The last stitches are made inside the belly button, completing the procedure.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour

Although Kellie is in a lot of pain, her breasts are looking fantastic at her follow-up visit five days later! Upon removing the dressings, Dr. Rey is "so surprised because she almost has no bruising at all." He informs his patient that it is imperative that she take pain medication to help minimize discomfort and maximize recovery.

Customization Complete

"I feel more confident wearing sexy shirts," Kellie explains of her outcome two months after surgery. Upgraded, just like her prized cars, she is happy with her decision to select the larger, saline implants. Kellie explains that she is "absolutely thrilled with the results."

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Tummy Tuck surger

A single mom of three, Donna's number one priority has always been her children. Before having her kids, she used to be a model, explaining, "I kinda let myself go over the years." While Donna's eldest son says that her stomach resembles a brain, Donna tends to refer to her midsection as a "muffin top" (the skin that hangs over her pants and looks like the top half of a muffin). No matter what it is compared to, she wants to have it eliminated.

Pre-Op Visit:

An examination, in fact, reveals that Donna's abdominal muscles and skin have been stretched due to multiple childbirths. She is an ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery and can look forward to pleasing results. Although a bit nervous, Dr. Li assures Donna that she will do great.


With sedation administered by Dr. Fulcher, Dr. Li's other half at work as well as at home, the procedure gets underway. Stage 1: Primary incisions are made on Donna's lower abdomen, revealing the underlying tissue and muscle. Stage 2: The abdominal skin is lifted. Dr. Li cuts around the belly button, and then the skin up to the rib cage is lifted. Stage 3: Large portions of excess skin are removed. Stage 4: Liposuction is also performed, in order to touch up the area. Stage 5: The abdominal muscles are tightened, with stitching and staples. A new incision is then created for Donna's belly button. Stage 6: Lastly, the belly button is re-set and sewn back on.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour

One week after surgery, there is no "muffin top!" to be seen! "Donna looks absolutely amazing," Dr. Li admires. Excited with her results, Donna joyfully claims, "I am so excited about this. I'm looking so good!"

Strike a Pose

Eight weeks after her surgery, Donna enjoys having a waistline that has shrunk from a size 32 to size 27. Very happy with her results, she now feels confidence similar to which she did as a young model. Donna finally focuses a bit on herself, taking time to go out on a blind date. With her trimmer figure seems to be an elevated self-esteem.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Will Kirby


Botox ® Injections

A bartender at the trendy Los Angeles club Les Deux, Brian relies on his looks. Unfortunately his excessive sweating tends to lead ladies' glances from his smile to his underarms. Despite trying various antiperspirant powders and medications, nothing has worked. "I've pretty much tried everything," he reveals.

The embarrassment of wet armpits, along with being teased from his friends, led him to Dr. Kirby and Botox ® injections.

Pre-Op Visit:

Dr. Kirby, who happens to be Brian's friend, educates him about hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. This common condition can cause discomfort (physically and emotionally) for many. By injecting Botox into the sweat glands of the underarms, patients such as Brian can look forward to drier armpits.


After the two discuss excessive sweating and the various ways Botox can help, the procedure begins. Stage 1: Dr. Kirby shaves Brian's armpits. Stage 2: The sweat glands are located by applying iodine and corn starch to the region. When the two substances come into contact with sweat, it turns purple, indicating where the injections should be made for optimal results. Markings are made to guide Dr. Kirby's injections. Stage 3: Starting with the right underarm, Botox is injected. The same is done on the left side.

Total Surgery Time: A Few Minutes

Following the Botox injections, Dr. Kirby explains to Brian that his optimal results will not take place for three days. Once the results are in full effect, Brian can look forward to underarms that do not perspire. Without wet armpits, there will be no need for deodorant. The only downfall of the procedure – results aren't permanent; however, Botox injections typically last for six to seven months before requiring follow-up injections.

Confident and Dry

Grateful for the treatment that he received from Dr. Kirby, Brian was pleased to find that full results really did take place after three days. Now, five days later, he is already enjoying his results. Eager to maintain dry underarms once the Botox wears off, Brian will go in to see Dr. Kirby for further injections.

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