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by iEnhance.com | August 20, 2007 @ 04:00PM

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Aired Aug. 20

Dr. Robert Rey

With a thriving plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Robert Rey continues to devote a large amount of time to Hayley and the kids. He has proven to be a caring, loving father and husband who takes his family very seriously. “It is everything that I’ve wanted,” Hayley affectionately says of his devotion.

A trip to speak with troubled teenage boys hits close to home for Dr. Rey. He understands that most of these young men lack a father-figure in their lives, similar to his upbringing. So with Hayley at his side, Dr. Rey discusses his father-son relationship with these boys who end up encouraging him to try to mend his broken relationship with his dad.

Hayley eventually understands her husband’s need to see his dad before it’s too late, and agrees to let him go to Brazil.

Will Dr. Rey’s trip be a comforting experience for him? Only time will tell…

Dr. Gary Alter

Appearing for the first time on season 5, Dr. 90210’s Dr. Gary Alter operates on a cross-gender patient this episode. A plastic surgeon and urologist, he is often a guest on the Adam Corolla radio talk show where he answers surgical questions. Dr. Alter is a caring physician who is dedicated to helping his patients, as his practice focuses mainly on genital surgeries, both reconstructive and cosmetic.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey



A young woman who is self-conscious of her most intimate of parts, Sara is interested in undergoing labiaplasty to reduce the size of her labia minora (the inner lips of the vagina).

As Sara explains, “I feel extremely uncomfortable in a bathing suit and I’m always trying to cover up.” Sex is also a concern for her; Sara hopes that the discomfort that she currently experiences during intercourse will be eliminated with this procedure.

Pre-Op Visit:

A quick examination by Dr. Rey reveals that Sara’s “labia minora are longer than they should be.” He then dispels a common myth; this is a genetic problem and doesn’t result from multiple sexual partners. Since Sara has had suspicions that the length of her labia minora was too long, she is happy to take the steps to correct her delicate problem.


Before the surgery begins, Dr. Rey injects a numbing solution into Sara’s labia minora which will reduce bleeding and also help minimize the pain felt when she wakes up. The surgery begins. Stage 1: Excess labial skin is easily removed from both lips in a “V”-like shape, which was discussed during the consultation. Stage 2: The incisions are closed with stitches, thus completing the process. As Dr. Rey explains, this surgery is “immediately curative.”

Total Surgery Time: 30 Minutes

Less is More

After the healing process is complete, we meet up again with Sara. It has been eight weeks since her surgery and she is satisfied with the results that Dr. Rey has produced for her. More comfortable during sex, Sara and her friends can talk openly and she isn’t ashamed anymore. She now enjoys the freedom to do more things without the discomfort of a pulling sensation to her labia.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Chest Contouring

“It’s all about being comfortable and not hiding,” Calahan, a cross-gender patient explains. Born as a female in, what she feels was, the wrong body, She wants to be able to dress as a male without worrying about binding (wrapping the breasts down so that they are less prominent). Suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Calahan lived on the streets for four years and is now building a new life.

This surgery would be the last stage of Calahan’s transgender transformation.

Pre-Op Visit:

Dr. Alter gives Calahan two surgical options: she can have most of her breast tissue removed and be left with a large scar, or have minimal scars, but will have to undergo multiple surgeries to remove her female breasts. Because money is tight for Calahan who has only been off the streets for less than a year, she opts for larger scars so that she won't have to return for follow-up surgeries. However, after viewing before and after photos and discussing the results, Calahan changes her mind and decides to undergo as many surgeries as it takes – to remove as much as they can.


Markings are made on Calahan’s chest right before she is put under for surgery. Epinephrine is injected into the surgical site to minimize bleeding. Stage 1: An incision on each of the breasts is created. Stage 2: Breast tissue is removed in pieces with precision. About 250 grams of tissue is taken out of her chest. Stage 3: Dr. Alter lifts Calahan’s nipples and closes the incisions. Stage 4: The nipples are reduced by removing a wedge of the areola, creating a more masculine appearance. This is the last step of the surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 3 Hours

Doctor and patient reunite six days later for a check-up. After the compression garment and dressings are removed, results are revealed. “I saw my new chest and was very pleased,” Calahan said. Swelling and asymmetry are present as expected, but the outcome looks good. Dr. Alter anticipates that Calahan will need one more surgery to complete the process.

Although the results will never be perfect, Calahan will have a flatter chest and won’t have massive scarring.

Shedding the Unwanted

Calahan is now comfortable going shirtless at the beach, admitting: “Since surgery I feel more complete because I don’t have to worry about what I wear or what I have to hide.” Calahan no longer has the stress of having to double layer clothes, due to having a more masculine body now!

Patient #3:

Surgeon: Dr. Will Kirby


Bump on Penis Removed

An actor for several years, Mike discovered that his calling was better satisfied in the bar and restaurant business. Along with owning several trendy spots in the Los Angeles area, Mike’s life of luxury – filled with women – has followed. Unfortunately, it has also recently brought a strange bump to his genitals.

Mike is going to his best friend, Dr. Will Kirby, to have his problem looked at.

Pre-Op Visit:

Using a magnifying tool that zooms in 1,000 times more than the human eye, Dr. Kirby examines his friend’s penis. A pink fleshy-colored mass is discovered and appears to be human papillomavirus (HPV), otherwise known as a genital wart. Mike’s lifestyle seems to have caught up with him.


Wasting no time to schedule another appointment for the removal of Mike’s bump, Dr. Kirby decides to remove it immediately. Stage 1: A local anesthetic is injected into the penis so that there will be no pain felt during the procedure. Stage 2: Dr. Kirby uses a scalpel to shave off the growth. Stage 3: The wound is cauterized, removing any of the suspected wart that remains.

Total Surgery Time: A Few Minutes

Immediately after the procedure Dr. Kirby speaks with his friend about his sexual practices. He gives Mike three options: abstinence, monogamy, or the use of condoms. In return, Mike laughs the situation off, not appearing to take it too seriously.

A Scare into Safer Practices?

One week later, Mike and Dr. Kirby are enjoying a night out on the town. Mike explains that a few hours after the surgery, “I took the Band-Aid off and I felt great.” He doesn’t seem to have been affected much by the ordeal. Making jokes, Mike discloses that monogamy and abstinence aren’t going to happen, hinting that he may start wearing condoms.

While Mike isn’t too concerned, Dr. Kirby is, saying: “I hope that he decides to be less promiscuous. I also hope that he decides to wear a condom."

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