Dr. 90210 - Season 5, Episode 3


by iEnhance.com | August 13, 2007 @ 04:00PM

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Aired Aug. 13

Dr. Robert Rey

In addition to being an in-demand Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Rey is also becoming quite the Hollywood star! This week he dabbles in acting classes, a movie appearance, and co-hosting a local radio talk show – typical for the over-achieving breast augmentation specialist. Working as hard as he does for so many hours should allow him to reap the benefits of his reputation, right?

Not only does Dr. Rey feel that he is doing something right; his wife Hayley feels that the two of them are closer than ever!

Dr. Gary Motykie

On this episode, a familiar face is re-introduced to Dr. 90210's fifth season, Dr. Gary Motykie. It's business as usual for this top-notch physician. With long hours and many patients, he rarely has time for himself. As he explains, "I eat, sleep, drink, and dream plastic surgery."

A former competitive body builder who held of the title of Mr. Illinois, Dr. Motykie tries to squeeze in workouts where he can. His goal is to get back into shape and participate in a show that will take place in four months.

Dr. Motykie's other hobby of choice? Learning to dance salsa! While he enjoys the moves he learns in class, he might just prefer the opportunity to interact with his attractive instructor even more.

Dr. Jason Diamond

We catch up with Dr. Jason Diamond and his wife Jessica this season in the midst of their office dilemma. After their facility floods and is deemed unsafe by fire marshals, he has no choice but to borrow an examination room in the office of Dr. David Matlock (a gynecologist and fellow cosmetic surgeon). With only one office to work out of, his practice naturally sees a decline in patients.

The timing couldn't be any worse. Jessica has just quit her job as a pediatrician and internist, Dr. Diamond just purchased a country club membership, invested in a restaurant, and the newlyweds recently moved into their new home. Despite the financial scare, Jessica is set on trying to get pregnant by the end of the year. Dr. Diamond isn't quite ready himself and prefers to enjoy life baby-free for a little longer.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Motykie


Breast Augmentation Repair

As an adult film star, 26-year-old Jesse relies on the appearance of her body for succeeding in her profession. In addition to helping her feel more confident in front of the camera, she knows that undergoing surgery will help her become less critical of herself.

Jesse is entrusting her assets to Dr. Motykie, hoping that after two previous surgeries with other doctors, this will be her last.

Pre-Op Visit:

After Dr. Diamond examines Jesse's breasts, it is evident why she is seeking reconstructive surgery. She has endured rippling and drooping from her previous, not-so-perfect surgeries. Therefore, Jesse is looking for a pair of beautiful breasts that she can be proud of, instead of disappointed with.


Marks are made on Jesse's chest, which will guide Dr. Motykie during surgery, and she is given Lidocane to help manage future pain. She is ready for surgery! Stage 1: Incisions are made on the nipples, where scars already exist from her previous surgery, and the old implants are easily removed. Stage 2: Pockets are made and sizers are inserted (These are temporary implants that are filled with saline until the correct size is achieved. After determining what amount of ccs looks best, the sizers are removed and replaced with permanent implants.) Stage 3: The double folds, or "double bubbles," are repaired, creating even breast creases. Stage 4: Jesse's areolas are reduced in size. Next, the breasts are lifted by removing some breast tissue. For the last part of this stage Dr. Motykie removes the sizers. Stage 5: New silicone gel implants, measuring at 525 ccs, are inserted under the chest muscles. The final stitches are made to complete the breast repair surgery.

Total Surgery Time: 4 Hours

We catch up with Jesse one week after her surgery. She is very pleased with her results, and in her words, "Can't stop looking in the mirror." Her breasts are now more symmetrical, better-shaped, and there is no rippling, thanks to the skilled hand of Dr. Motykie. She is eager to return to...ahem...extra-curricular activities.

Third Time's a Charm!

Within 10 days after surgery Jesse is back to work on the set of the Playboy TV show she hosts. With her repaired breasts, which are more attractive than ever, she is happy to show her improvements to viewers. Dr. Motykie, or as Jesse refers to him, "Dr. Hotykie," has definitely given his patient just what she was hoping for – beautiful breasts!

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty

An aspiring singer and songwriter, Isabel struggles to get oxygen when belting out lyrics. Because her nose has always caused her problems, such as nose bleeds and difficulty sleeping, deciding to have surgery is an easy decision. Rhinoplasty will be a life-changing experience for Isabel.

Pre-Op Visit:

Before even looking at Isabel's nose, Dr. Diamond suspects that she has a deviated septum by the way her voice sounds. A peek inside her nose reveals that she does, in fact, have a deviated septum which is blocking her breathing passages. By performing rhinoplasty and septoplasty, Isabel can say goodbye to her nasal troubles.


Eager to overcome the difficulties associated with her nose, Isabel's procedure begins! Stage 1: An incision is made on her septum, allowing Dr. Diamond to remove a small piece of bone that disrupts Isabel's breathing. Stage 2: Excess bone and tissue is next removed from the bridge of the nose, enhancing its outer appearance. Stage 3: The tip of the nose is refined by delicately trimming the cartilage down. Stage 4: External stitching is made to the nose, thus finalizing the procedure.

Total Surgery Time: 3 Hours 30 Minutes

Six days later, Isabel awaits the removal of her nasal bandages. Even though she hasn't seen her modified nose, she can already feel the improvement by the way she breathes. As the dressings are removed, and her swollen but improved nose is revealed, it is evident that the surgery was a success. The tears of joy in Isabel's eyes say it all!

Dr. Diamond "Nose" Best

Catching up with Isabel two months later at a photo shoot for her upcoming album, she reveals that she breathes and sings better. Thanks to the assistance of Dr. Diamond, she can confidently move forward with her singing career. When discussing her rhinoplasty experience with leading Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Diamond, Isabel explains that she feels "very good about making that choice."

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