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by iEnhance.com | August 6, 2007 @ 03:00PM

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Aired Aug. 6

Dr. Robert Rey

Still striving to be "the family man," Dr. Robert Rey has been coming home earlier a few nights out of the week. Hayley and the kids are loving his effort to spend more quality time with them! So to have something that the whole family can partake in, Dr. Rey buys musical instruments and hires instructors.

In addition to the instruments, he is also brings the kids toys when he gets home from work. Not growing up with much, Dr. Rey explains: "I want to give them the things I never had." Although Hayley appreciates the gesture, she feels that even though her husband has the best intentions in mind, he is spoiling the kids.

On a different note, Dr. Rey is still dropping hints about visiting his father. Despite the fact that Hayley does not support his wishes, he still feels a pull toward Brazil.

Dr. David Matlock

For his first appearance on the show this season, we catch up with gynecologic surgeon Dr. David Matlock. Hosting a party at his home as a newly single man, having recently ending a four-year relationship. Dr. Matlock is "bringing sexy back" and having some much-needed fun. While he explains that his business is thriving, his personal life hasn't been as smooth. Therefore to enjoy life to its fullest, he is trying new things and occupying himself with the company of others.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

Jenny, a woman who came from an Idaho-trailer-park beginning and never feeling pretty enough, wants to have her breasts enlarged to gain more self-confidence. Wishing that she could be more attractive like her sisters, Jenny recalls her mother reading "The Ugly Duckling" to her as a child.

So to correct the damages that were done during the nursing of her two children, and to also gain a larger size, Jenny looks forward to breast augmentation and breast lift surgery!

Pre-Op Visit:

Jenny brings her sister to the initial consultation for support. During her examination, Dr. Rey points out that her breasts have lost volume and stretch marks have developed, which is typical for a woman who has given birth. Jenny already knows the breast size she wants: a small D, equivalent to about 500 ccs. Dr. Rey supports her decision to go from a petite size to a big increase in volume.


After making marks on Jenny's breasts, which will guide Dr. Rey during her breast lift and breast augmentation procedures, surgery can begin. Stage 1: Dr. Rey carefully makes the incision on the right breast surrounding the nipple. As he points out, a right-handed surgeon always starts on the right side. Stage 2: Breast tissue in the shape of a triangle is removed from this area, which works to lift the breast. Stage 3: The right breast implant is inserted through the nipple and then properly placed. Stage 4: An incision around the left nipple is then made and an antibiotic is injected to help prevent the possibility of infection. Stage 5: The second (left breast implant) is then inserted and placed. Stage 6: Just like on the right breast, a drain tube is inserted in the left before the incision is sutured shut.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Four days later, Jenny excitedly meets with Dr. Rey for her post-op appointment. Her results look fantastic! There is minimal bruising and the shape looks wonderful – better than they had all expected. It is time for the drains to be removed. This typically causes discomfort for the patient, but after two childbirths, it seems to be a piece of cake for the strong patient. When it comes to her new look, Jenny admits that she "keeps feeling them because it doesn't seem real!"

A Swan Emerges

After a life of wishing she could be beautiful, Jenny's dreams are accomplished — thanks to the help of Dr. Rey. Feeling ecstatic with her results, Jenny falls in love with Beverly Hills – the city where her aesthetic goals were accomplished.

Her next endeavor? Move to the city of beautiful people and dabble in modeling!

Patient #2 & #3:
Richard and Eman

Surgeon: Dr. David Matlock


They both receive "cool lipo" and liposuction on their stomachs and love handles

Richard and Eman, a couple who is dedicated to working out and staying fit, desire a little extra help in the regions that they are unhappy with. Richard is dissatisfied with his love handles and his girlfriend, Eman, wants to reduce the extra fat on her tummy that a lot of women have trouble eliminating. They are both unhappy with the same areas of their body!

Naturally, the two call upon the cosmetic talents of Dr. Matlock, Richard's brother.

Pre-Op Visit:

Meeting casually at his home, Dr. Matlock discusses the fairly new procedure of laser lipo, also called SmartLipo ™ (or which he refers to as "cool lipo") with Richard and Eman. Because Richard works with Dr. Matlock at his office and' surgical center, he is at ease with his decision to undergo surgery. Eman, on the other hand, is nervous about undergoing general anesthesia (to be put "under" during surgery).

Dr. Matlock explains to the two that they are ideal candidates for this procedure because they have slender figures with only small amounts of fat that need to be removed.

Richard's surgery:

He is up for surgery first! Shortly after heading into the operating room, Richard encounters a dilemma that arises with the administration of anesthesia. He has an allergic reaction to one of the medications, and his arm begins to welt, in addition to feeling itchy and having a burning sensation. Knowing that he is in good hands, Richard remains calm throughout this ordeal and is eventually ready for surgery after he receives a different medication that is intended to stop the reaction.

Finally, with everything under control, it is time for surgery. Stage 1: A small incision is made in Richard's belly button. Stage 2: The cool lipo procedure is performed on his abs with a special laser, removing small amounts of fat in specific areas of the stomach. Stage 3: The belly button is stitched up with a few sutures. Stage 4: A tiny incision is made on Richard's hip, allowing for the cannula (a tube-like, suctioning device) to be inserted. Stage 5: Liposuction is performed on his hips. Stage 6: The tiny incisions on his hip are sewn shut, completing his surgery.

Eman's surgery:

Due to her anxiety about general anesthesia during the procedure, Eman is only given a local anesthesia, in which she remains awake but groggy, for the surgery. Stage 1: Cool lipo is performed on Eman's lower abdomen. Stage 2: Liposuction is next performed on her stomach. Although she begins to move and can somewhat feel that she is being operated on, she has enough local anesthesia that she is not able to talk during surgery, and doesn't feel any pain. Stage 3: Dr. Matlock starts performing cool lipo on Eman's hips. Stage 4: Liposuction is performed on her hips, removing what little fat she has left.

Total Surgery Time: Richard - 42 minutes, Eman – 40 minutes

During their post-op appointment, which takes place in the kitchen of what looks to be the home of Dr. Matlock, the couple is feeling good! There, he takes a look at the areas on their body where he performed liposuction. The couple explains that they felt little to no pain after their procedures. Eman was back at work the next day, without ever taking a pain pill!

A Perfectly-Contoured Couple

Six weeks later, with leaner bodies, Richard and Eman feel confidently clad in bathing suits while barbequing by the pool with Dr. Matlock. As proud recipients of cool lipo, they now have the bodies that they weren't able to achieve with diet and exercise alone!

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