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by iEnhance.com | October 22, 2007 @ 09:00AM

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Aired Oct. 22

Dr. Robert Rey

As the season has progressed, we have seen Dr. Robert Rey and his wife Hayley get through hard times and become a stronger couple. They have been enjoying each other's company and doing things that they regularly did while dating. With stuff going so well, Hayley doesn't want anything to change. Dr. Rey on the other hand, sees this as an opportunity to have another child.

"Right now I am just really enjoying spending time with my husband," Hayley said. She is afraid that another child will preoccupy all of their time together. Dr. Rey feels differently, though, and thinks that if he continues to romance her, she will give in. With the end of this season nearing, could Hayley's pregnancy end up being the cliffhanger?

Dr. Jason Diamond

Fresh off of last week's successful restaurant opening, Dr. Jason Diamond yet again makes a financial commitment in the form of a flashy new car. Actually, it's a Porsche — a very pricey purchase that he didn't reveal to his wife Jessica until after the papers were signed. Already worried about their other financial responsibilities (the recent purchase of their home, country club memberships, building a new office, and the aforementioned restaurant), Jessica isn't exactly pleased with her husband's surprise. At this point Jessica feels she needs to step in, explaining: "I think I need to take control of the finances." Dr. Diamond however, feels that things always work out. "I'm not worried, and I just want her to relax and not worry," he said.

Not too long after the Porsche is purchased, Jessica returns the "surprise favor" to her husband by revealing some news to him as well — she is pregnant! Dr. Diamond is much happier with this surprise than Jessica was with the car. "I think it's the greatest thing in the world," he responded after hearing the news.

But how will the compact sports car fit in? They try to put a car seat in the back of the Porsche to see if the baby will fit. That doesn't work too well. Now they will have to debate over buying another car (a total of three), like Dr. Diamond wants, or getting rid of the Porsche and buying something more practical.

Patient #1 & #2:
Amy and Nicole

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Amy: Breast Augmentation
Nicole: Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Best friends Amy and Nicole do everything together — including plastic surgery. "Why not do it together?" Amy asked. They are going to work as a support team for one another during this exciting, yet a bit nerve-wrecking, experience. While Amy is just looking for a routine breast augmentation, Nicole is going in for a more extensive procedure. The niece of John Travolta, and an actress herself, Nicole wants to have her breasts lifted with only a minimal augmentation. "My breasts have started to droop," Nicole explained, in regards to why she is seeking plastic surgery.

Pre-Op Visit:

Upon examining Amy, Dr. Rey finds that her breasts are shaped nicely, and the transumbilical method (breast enhancement via the belly button) will produce wonderful results for her. Nicole, however, will need more work because she is having a breast augmentation and lift. Her breasts have dropped considerably for a 20-year-old woman her age - about 3 cm.

Nicole will have a decision to make: A lollipop lift (which reduces the size if the areola and leaves a scar vertically from the nipple to the breast creases) or a crescent lift (the removal of breast skin in half-moon shape). A lollipop lift would be more effective holding the breasts up in an elevated position, but because she is an actress she wanted to avoid prominent scars. Although Dr. Rey would normally perform the lollipop method for the breast lift procedure, he and Nicole agree that the crescent lift is better-suited for her.

So who will go first on the day of the surgery? A coin toss reveals that Amy is the lucky winner.


Dr. Rey explains to a "nervous but excited" Amy that her left breast is higher than the other and this surgery will only enhance them, not correct their position. They decide that it's not worth the scar to lift just one of the breasts, and that enlargement will be satisfactory enough. Stage 1: An incision is made in the belly button, deep enough that there will be no visible scars left behind. Stage 2: A tunnel is created from the belly button to the breast pockets using scissors to cut as far as possible, then Dr. Rey uses a dissector (a long skinny instrument) the rest of the way. Once up to the pocket, it is then pushed under the chest muscle. Stage 3: The dissector is also used to shape the breast pockets to a tear drop shape. The left breast is worked on first, followed by the right. Stage 4: The empty breast implants are rolled up into a cigar shape and then inserted into the breasts. Once in place, they are inflated with saline. After the breasts appear symmetrical, the tubes are taken out. Stage 5: A few stitches are used to close the belly button incision.

Now it's surgery time for Amy's best friend Nicole, who has become very nervous. "Amy just came out of surgery and I'm feeling freaked out," she said right before she began to cry. Finally she is calmed down and Dr. Rey can begin the procedure. Stage 1: An incision is created around the areola where a crescent-shaped piece of skin is removed. This will help to lift the breasts. Stage 2: Dr. Rey cauterizes (burns) a section of Nicole's breast tissue. By using this instrument, he can remove tissue and minimize bleeding. Stage 3: Water is poured into the pockets and then suctioned out to cleanse the incisions. Medication that will help with the pain, as well as antibiotics, is also placed within the holes that were created around Nicole's nipples. Stage 4: The implants are inserted (the same ways as Amy's were) and are inflated to 340 ccs. After sutures are placed, the surgery is complete.

Total Surgery Time: Amy- 43 Minutes & Nicole- 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Three days after their procedures, Amy and Nicole are back in Dr. Rey's office for a post-op visit. Nicole is anxious again; however, this time she is worried about the pain associated with the drain removal. The good friend that Amy is, she comforts Nicole, assuring her that everything will be fine. Although it is scary, Nicole gets through the drain removal and is happy to see her results. "Thanks for making my boobs beautiful!" she said to Dr. Rey when her bandages are removed.

Amy is also pleased with her results, and so is Dr. Rey. She only has one small bruise and her breasts are looking great. She is instructed to wear a compression garment at the top of her chest to help her breast swelling go down.

Twice the Fun

Getting ready to go to Les Deux, the popular Los Angeles club, the girls are happy having a wider selection of clothes to choose from. They are now able to fit comfortably into their tops, which helps them feel more confident. Appearing more womanly, Amy explained, "Honestly, I couldn't be happier." Just as excited is best friend Nicole, "It's a dream come true!" She also added, "My boobs are exactly where they're supposed to be."

Patient # 3:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Facial Rejuvenation

Nearing 50 years old, Glynda wants to undergo facial rejuvenation so that her face can appear as young as her body does. "Having this procedure, I think, will give me the opportunity to feel more comfortable that my body and face are in alignment again," she explained. Glynda is looking for an outer appearance that matches her inner youth.

Pre-Op Visit:

During her consultation with Dr. Diamond, the patient and doctor are able to map out a surgery agenda for Glynda. She is looking to have her eyes, cheeks, and chin improved. Normally Dr. Diamond uses harvested fat (fat taken from an area of the patient's body) to plump up the face. Because Glynda is very thin, he will have to use injectable fillers instead of her own fat. Dr. Diamond feels good about operating on this patient, and expects her results to be quite optimal.


Dr. Diamond scrubs in for Glynda's procedure and goes to work. Stage 1: The filler is injected into Glynda's cheeks, starting with the right side first. Stage 2: Using a scalpel, Dr. Diamond removes excess skin from the upper eyelids, being careful not to remove too much. Because the incisions were made in the crease of the eyelids, Glynda's scars will not be noticeable. Stage 3: A small cut is made under the chin and the neck is tightened. Stage 4: Incisions are created for the mini facelift. The cuts are made behind and in front of her ears, and the skin is lifted. Next, the facial muscles are tightened with stitching. Stage 6: Now that the skin is pulled tightly, it is re-draped over the face and excess skin is removed. The incisions in front of the ear are closed, followed by those in the back. Lastly the chin is sewn back up.

Total Surgery Time: I Hour 47 Minutes

When Dr. Diamond removes Glynda's bandages three days later, he explained that she would be bruised and have some swelling. Able to finally see her results, the patient is happy with her reflection. "I didn't expect it to look as good as it does," she said. Yet this is just the initial stage; Glynda's results will improve over the next days and weeks.

The Golden Years

Celebrating her 50th birthday, Glynda is able to relish in the fact that she looks more like someone in her 20s than someone turning 50! Her outcome was exactly what she was seeking – to gain a refreshed, youthful-looking version of herself. "I like the fact that it looks like me, just improved," she happily said of her results.

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