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by iEnhance.com | October 15, 2007 @ 09:00AM

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Aired Oct. 15

Dr. Robert Rey

"We're going camping to get away and enjoy ourselves," Hayley said, even though she was not fond of the idea. The Rey family will be camping, a stretch for everyone expect Dr. Robert Rey who was a Boy Scout and lived on a ranch with his foster family. "I have waited so long to go on this camping trip," Dr. Rey explained excitedly.

The family decides to have a practice run in their backyard to get a little taste of what to expect on their trip. After struggling to put up the tent, Sydney said, "I so don't want to go camping!" Time for the real thing! The Rey's head out to the camp sight with far too much cargo — courtesy of Hayley, who insists on even bringing along her hair dryer.

As soon as they get to their camp, Hayley's anxieties are confirmed. "When I saw the camp site with all the burnt trees and nobody in sight, I was really nervous," she said. To make matters worse for her, but a bit comical for viewers, Dr. Rey teases Hayley about bugs. But when they see a rattlesnake that night the joking is over. The family immediately packs up and heads back to the city life.

Dr. Will Kirby

With girlfriend Erin all settled in, Dr. Will Kirby is adjusting well to having a roommate. "It's kind of like living with your best friend," he explained. Erin is enjoying herself as well, trying to help out in the kitchen. "Since I moved in with Will I feel the need to be more domestic, but he's happy with Taco Bell every night," Erin said. Maybe that's because Dr. Kirby recognizes his partner's other skills, one of which isn't cooking. As he summed up saying, "Is Erin a good cook? She's not a great cook, but she's great at ordering food and she looks great in a cocktail dress, and that's half the battle."

It seems that marriage is on the minds of everyone that the couple comes in contact with. From Dr. Kirby's friends (including Mike, a past patient) to Erin's niece and nephew, they are all wondering when the two are going to tie the knot. When Erin's nephew jokingly asks when they are getting married, Dr. Kirby responds by giving the boy money and asking him to never speak of marriage again. It is all in good fun, but is Dr. Kirby the only one who hasn't brought up the subject?

Dr. Jason Diamond

Aside from his clients, Dr. Jason Diamond seems to be spending much of his time investing in various endeavors. First the country club, and now a restaurant. Despite the worries of his financial advisor, and his wife Jessica who feels that she's "not sure, sometimes that we can actually afford all this stuff," Dr. Diamond eagerly awaits the debut of the restaurant that he co-owns.

Opening night is just around the corner and our beloved plastic surgeon is justly worried about making the deadline. "Honestly, it's all over my head. I'm a surgeon and I have no idea what's going on here." Fortunately, the restaurant opens as schedule to rave reviews from customers, including fellow Dr. 90210 physician Dr. David Matlock.

"Overall, the restaurant turned out fantastic," Dr. Diamond said, summing up the night.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Will Kirby


Chemical Peel

A former Baywatch cast mate, Kelly has spent a lot time in the sun, an action that is now haunting her. She is looking to have her sun damaged facial skin repaired by Dr. Kirby. With the help of the dermatologist, Kelly is hoping to regain healthy skin that she can be fond of.

Pre-Op Visit:

Upon meeting Dr. Kirby, Kelly is able to point out the areas of her face which she would like improved. Despite admitting, "I am a little nervous about the pain," she is ready to get started on her procedures. In addition to a chemical peel, the doctor and patient also decide upon lip augmentation, mole removal, and Botox ® injections.


After Kelly's concerns were addressed, the procedure began. Stage 1: A local anesthesia is injected into the mole on her cheek so that it will be numb for removal. Stage 2: The mole is then sliced off using a razor instrument. Stage 3: Lidocaine is administered through needle into the inside of her mouth, behind her lips. This will help ease the pain caused by her lip augmentation. Stage 4: Dr. Kirby asks Kelly to make facial expressions so that he can see where her lines form and Botox is injected into the forehead and between the brows. Stage 5: Delicately making injections into the lips, they are carefully augmented. Stage 6: The chemical peel is generously brushed onto Kelly's face, followed by the placement of cool packs to help with the burning. "It hurts like a mother!" Kelly exclaimed. After the procedure is completed she feels a bit better, saying, "It wasn't that bad. I'd do it again." Dr. Kirby explains the importance of sun block, before sending his patient on her way.

Total Surgery Time: A Few Minutes

Sun Blocked

Three weeks after Kelly's visit to Dr. Kirby she is back in the sun — but with protection. Chance for Children, developed for underprivileged kids, is a summer camp that she has been participating in for years. Helping the children learn to swim, Kelly is equipped with a visor, sun glasses, and plenty of sunscreen. Her satisfaction was well worth the pain that she went through. "It's really done a lot for my face and my skin," she said, also adding that her confidence has risen as well.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Facial Rejuvenation

Jana is a woman who is unhappy with the way that her face has aged. Young at heart, she wants her outward appearance to reveal the same thing. "When I look in the mirror, its not who I am anymore," she explained. Because she feels that she looks "droopy and tired," facial rejuvenation is a procedure that she is undergoing to help her look more refreshed.

Pre-Op Visit:

The goal of meeting with Dr. Diamond is to determine if she is a good candidate for surgery. Jana points out that her eyelids and deep forehead lines are what she is concerned with. As someone who takes care of themselves, she is in good shape. However, when it comes to her face, she said, "No matter what I do, I don't have control over what is happening." To which the doctor confirms, facial aging isn't something that can be stopped naturally.

After examining Jana, Dr. Diamond decides that she would benefit greatly from an endoscopic brow lift and a mini facelift. "I think she's going to look fantastic and really natural," he determined.


Markings are made on Jana's face as well as one of her legs. For her facial rejuvenation, fat taken from the leg will be harvested and placed into her face to help create a more youthful look. Dr. Diamond scrubs in, staring at pictures of Jana's face. Just like every other procedure he performs, he goes over the procedure again and again in his head, preparing for the surgery for weeks, or even months before it actually takes place.

Stage 1: Fat is liposuctioned from the leg, using a cannula, which is a long, skinny instrument that suctions fat from the body. Stage 2: The fat that was removed is injected into the area just beneath Jana's eyes, followed by the cheek region. The incisions for this step are made in the cheeks, right next to her nose. Stage 3: The brow lift incision is created in the hair line with a scalpel. Stage 4: The skin is separated from the skull bone. Next, a camera is inserted into this opening in her head. It allows Dr. Diamond to see what he is working on. He then "releases" her brow from the skull, helping to lift it. Stage 5: Excess skin is removed from Jana's upper eyelids and sutures are used to hold the skin in place. Stage 6: An incision is made around her right ear and the skin is separated. This allows for the tightening of facial muscles. The same is done to the left side of her face. To close the incision, the skin is pulled tight, creating extra skin which it is cut away. Lastly, staples and stitches are placed.

Total Surgery Time: 5 Hours 47 Minutes

Jana's follow up appointment was nine days later, and she was looking far better than right after her surgery. Immediately following the procedure she was bruised so badly that it appeared as if she had purple and black bags under her eyes. "After the third day, every day was progressively better," she said of her recovery. With the bruising gone, her fantastic results are easily seen. Jana's stitches and staples were removed and Dr. Diamond said that he was "thrilled with her progression."

Embracing Her Inner Youth

Looking and feeling younger after her facial rejuvenation surgery, a heightened level of confidence has emerged in Jana. "My results are awesome," she explained. With tightened facial skin, her features allow her to appear as if she were 20 years younger. An outcome that she certainly appreciates!

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