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by iEnhance.com | October 8, 2007 @ 08:00AM

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Aired Oct. 8

Dr. Robert Rey

In a home that most only dream of, Hayley wants to make changes – specifically in the kitchen. While the space is huge and inviting, she doesn't feel that it is functional for their family. Dr. Robert Rey, on the other hand, wants the kitchen to stay the same and feels that renovations are unnecessary. When contractors "reassuringly" comfort the doctor, telling him that re-modeling will cost just less than a million dollars, it seems to push him even further away from the idea. But as we have seen repeatedly, Hayley has a way of getting what she wants. Will this be the case regarding the layout of their kitchen?

"Sometimes I feel like I'm just here to earn the money," Dr. Rey feels.

It seems that each time we see Dr. Rey it is obvious he is spending more time with his family. "I want every moment to be super precious," the loving father explains. What first started off as a little leniency and extra attention from their father has turned into full-fledged spoiling for Sydney and Robbie.

While gifts are always welcomed by the children, presents and popsicles given during late night hours don't seem to fly with Hayley. Mom may be onto something — Sydney seems to be enjoying the fact that her father is treating her like a princess, in turn treating her mother as if she were in a lower class of the kingdom.

Dr. Linda Li

With a beautiful baby girl and a growing young son, Dr. Linda Li and husband Dr. Bill Fulcher seem to be spending more time enjoying their family life. The husband-and-wife duo are dedicated to helping others in and out of the plastic surgery office. This week, they participate in the Tour de Cure bike marathon for diabetes. When helping her husband put on his participant number, she jokingly says, "There are some days I feel like I have three children instead of two!"

In addition to the outdoor activities, the couple finds time to relax a bit at home with Dr. Li's parents, who are visiting from China. "To have them here to visit the kids is an absolute treat," she says.

Feeling a family completeness, Dr. Li explains, "I'm so excited about having a little girl. I'm hoping she's going to be prettier than me, and smarter."

Dr. Gary Alter

During Dr. Gary Alter's downtime, we see him travel to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to take a ride on the Zero G Plane (of which his friend is part owner). It is a flight that allows passengers to float, due to the lack of gravity, similar to astronauts in space. Dr. Alter has a great time doing flips and gliding mid-air inside of this unique plane. "The feeling of weightlessness is just incredible," he says.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Labia Clitoral Hood Reduction

Someone who works out rigorously and is a competitive bodybuilder, Cindi is usually dressed in tighter-fitting clothing. This often makes her feel uncomfortable because her genitals protrude a bit more than average. To gain a sense of comfort, Cindi is seeking the assistance of Dr. Gary Alter.

Pre-Op Visit:

Having large inner lips and a clitoral hood that sticks out (which was confirmed as "irregular" during her examination), Cindi is someone who has lived with vaginal discomfort for some time. "When I first heard there was a procedure to correct large labia, I was ecstatic!" Cindi says.


Going into the procedure, everyone was aware that Cindi doesn't handle medicine well. To prevent any problems, she is given local anesthesia which puts her out, but not completely under. Stage 1: An incision is created in the clitoral hood. Dr. Alter explains that her clitoris is normal in size, but the hood hangs down a little low. Stage 2: The clitoral hood is delicately detached from the clitoris. Stage 3: Dr. Alter re-attaches the clitoral hood closer to the pubic bone with a couple of stitches. Stage 4: Markings made are used to guide the doctor as he reduces the labia. "Measure three times, cut once," Dr. Alter says. A "V" shape is cut out of both the left and right labia, and the top part is sutured to the bottom part. Next, the labia hood is closed with stitching. After her surgery is complete, Cindi has trouble waking up, as was expected. However, she was having far more trouble than predicted.

Total Surgery Time: 2 Hours 25 Minutes

The next day, Dr. Alter calls Cindi to make sure she was doing well after surgery, and a few days after, that they meet for the post-op examination. Although swollen, the patient is healing well. Because Cindi is a bodybuilder, Dr. Alter stresses that she must avoid all sports activities for a month.

A Strong Female

While catching up with Cindi two months after surgery, she divulges that despite Dr. Alter's instructions to avoid weightlifting for one month, she went ahead and did it anyway. Luckily, this disobedience didn't hinder her recovery. Back in the gym, Cindi is comfortable in her element. Wearing tight-fitting gym clothing, she explains, "I can wear what I want and not be uncomfortable."

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Breast Lift Surgery

A young woman who has trouble enjoying her passion of riding horses, due to the pain caused by her heavy, large breasts, Natalie decides that it is time to undergo breast lift surgery. In addition to horses, she also enjoys going to Lake Havasu, Arizona. Being around her family and friends, as well as seeing all of the women at the lake who wear "pasties," she wants to be able to enjoy the same freedom without worrying about her sagging breasts.

Pre-Op Visit:

"It's embarrassing. I don't like them," is how Natalie describes the state of her breasts to Dr. Rey. As a young woman, she wants her appearance to match her youthful age. By having a breast lift, Natalie hopes to feel more confident with her body, and more comfortable wearing various types of clothing.

During this meeting, Dr. Rey learns that the patient has already had a previous plastic surgery procedure — labiaplasty (which was featured last season on Dr. 90210). At such a young age, Natalie has had to deal with physical imperfections that are usually only experienced by older women.


While making marks on Natalie's breasts, Dr. Ray explains that "symmetry does not exist." Therefore his goal is to make her breasts as close to perfect as possible. Before surgery begins, Dr. Rey put an instrument around Natalie's breasts. It holds the breasts tight and reduces bleeding. Stage 1: Excess skin is removed from the right breast. Dr. Rey describes this as "almost like scalping her breast." Stage 2: Now excess tissue is removed from the right breast using cauterization (which also helps prevent bleeding). Stage 3: The patient's own tissue is used to augment and lift her right breast. Stitches are made on the rib cage to hold the breast in an elevated location. Stage 4: Dr. Rey closes the incisions and tightens the right breast using a great deal of sutures. Stage 5: Excess skin is removed from the left breast, which is the side she is a little fuller on. Stage 6: Now the excess tissue from the left breast can be removed. Dr. Ray takes out 60 ccs and stitches her breast so that it can be examined. He compares the sizes of her two breasts and decides that even more tissue will need to be removed from the left side. He is careful not to over dissect because once tissue is removed, it can not be put back. Stage 7: The final incisions are closed and the left breast is tightened similarly to that which was done to the right side.

Total Surgery Time: 1 Hour 53 Minutes

Six days after her surgery, Natalie is ready to see her results. Dr. Rey warns her that her breasts are probably going to look unattractive because they have only begun to heal. As he cuts off her bandages, the patient and doctor alike are happily surprised. She is healing remarkably. Dr. Rey comments about the state of Natalie's breasts, "If this is the ugly phase, Gold bless her!" To which Natalie replies, "God bless me? God bless you! You did it!"

An Elevated Self-Esteem

Ready to show off her newly-improved breasts, the family heads to Havasu to lounge in their bathing suits. Because her scars are still fresh, Natalie is unable to wear pasties (they are tiny and meant to cover mainly a woman's nipples), but she is happier in her bikini top. More confident with her body, Natalie explains, "I definitely feel like my breasts match my age and my body more." Absolutely "in love" with her results, she looks forward to getting back on her horses within a month.

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