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by iEnhance.com | October 1, 2007 @ 08:00AM

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Aired Oct. 1

Dr. Gary Motykie

This week we see Dr. Gary Motykie spending time with his relatives who are visiting from Chicago. “I’m very blessed to have a close-knit family,” he says. Unfortunately, this closeness brought his mother to tears because she misses her son so much. As Dr. Motykie explains, if he wants to be a successful plastic surgeon, he must be so in Beverly Hills.

With the visit of his family, we also see him revisit one of his hobbies: bodybuilding. Dr. Motykie wants to get back into it, despite the fact that his work occupies most of his time. To reintroduce himself, so to speak, in his cherished pastime activity, he goes to a fitness training class to practice posing (a part of bodybuilding competitions). He feels that his profession and passion are both connected saying, “Plastic surgery and bodybuilding are both about trying to achieve perfection.”

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Motykie


Breast Implant Revision

A fitness model, personal trainer, and figure competitor, Grace’s body is always on display and judged. When she started working out rigorously, she lost breast volume and decided to undergo various breast augmentation surgeries, trying to get an appearance that she could be proud of! She now has breasts that are way too large for her body. “I had made a bad decision when I had gotten them bigger because when I compete it doesn’t look right,” she explains.

Going from saline to silicone, and back to saline, Grace is once again switching to silicone. Her goal is to have her breasts look and feel as natural as possible following this augmentation procedure.

Pre-Op Visit:

Grace chose Dr. Motykie as her plastic surgeon due to the fact that he is a bodybuilder himself. She feels that he will understand the symmetry that her body needs, which will help her win competitions. Dr. Motykie agrees that her pervious surgery enlarged her breasts too much, agreeing that, “Bigger isn’t always better.” To achieve a more desirable look, Grace’s new breast implants are set to a C cup.


After the markings are made on Grace’s breast, she is taken in for surgery. Stage 1: An incision is made on her right areola by cauterization (burning the skin, instead of cutting into it). This is done on a location where a previous breast augmentation incision had been made. Stage 2: The right breast implant is quickly and easily removed. Dr. Motykie says, “The breast is almost completely implant.” Upon removing the saline implant he sees that it had been filled far more than it should have been. The implant was supposed to be filled at a maximum of 575 ccs, but actually contained 700 ccs. This is why Grace’s breasts appeared hard and unnatural. Stage 3: The internal tissue of the right breast is tightened. All stitching is done internally so that Grace will have no visible scars. Stage 4: An incision is made on the left side, the same as it was done on the right. Stage 5: Next, the left breast implant is removed, leaving her chest looking deflated. Stage 6: The tightening of the left breast tissue is performed next. Stage 7: Dr. Motykie inserts the left breast implant through the nipple. Stage 8: The right breast implant is then inserted. Both implants measure out to 550 ccs. Final sutures are made and Grace’s surgery is complete.

Total Surgery Time: 3 Hours

A follow-up visit takes place 24 hours after Grace’s surgery. “I’m excited to see the full effect,” she says. When her results are revealed, Grace is impressed with the new appearance and softness of her breasts. Her fiancé agrees. Confident that this will be her last breast surgery, Grace is satisfied. “I feel much more feminine,” she admits.

Flexing her Femininity

At a bodybuilding competition two-and-a-half months later, Grace is competing once again in the figure division. “Now with my new breasts I feel much more confident,” she states. With her fiancé and son in the audience, Grace shows off her sculpted body on stage. She can now feel more comfortable, knowing that the judges are looking at her, and not just her breasts.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Lisa Cassileth and Dr. Guy Massery


“Normal-Looking Eye”

On the fateful day of New Years Eve 2004, Landon was hit in the eye with a firework. This caused his right eye to burn shut, taking away his vision. “Since my injury I’ve had to wear an eye patch every time I go somewhere,” Landon explains. Despite the fact that he easily forgave his friend, the one who shot the firework at his eye, his mother said that Landed was depressed right after the accident happened.

A high school senior ready to embark on his college years, Landon is just looking for normalcy. “This surgery will help me restore my appearance,” he says.

Pre-Op Visit:

During his initial appointment with Dr. Lisa Cassileth and Dr. Guy Massery, we learn that Landon has already had six surgeries. “Landon is a handsome young guy, but he has a distracting and disfiguring injury,” Dr. Cassileth says. The goal will be to reconstruct the appearance of his eye.

Upon his examination, the surgeons determine that this time around he will have a two- part procedure. The first part will debulk the upper eyelid and the second part will build up his lower eyelid pocket. Unfortunately, Landon will have to be awake for the first half of the procedure.


Dr. Massery showed a strong admiration for Landon’s strength, saying to viewers: “How many of you would stay awake during surgery?” While this would be terrifying for most, Landon was calm, saying, “I’m not really too worried about it.” Stage 1: The procedure starts by removing the scar tissue from the upper eyelid. This is a delicate surgery because the layers of skin can be easily cut through. Stage 2: The upper eyelid muscles are identified. To do this, Landon must look up and down. Stage 3: The eyelid muscle that was identified is connected to the cartilage. This allows for the temporary insertion of the prosthetic eye over his existing eye (Landon has decided to keep his eye, hoping that in the future, technology will allow for its repair). His upper eyelids now track (move) together. Landon is put to sleep for the second half of his surgery. Stage 4: A space is created in the lower eyelid, helping to hold the prosthetic eye. Stage 5: Graft tissue is extracted from the roof of his mouth and will be used to lift the lower lid (this is used because it is hard tissue and will give the lower eyelid support). Stage 6: The graft tissue is connected to the lower lid, allowing for it to come up higher, and the prosthesis is placed back in the pocket. Stage 7: With surgery almost complete, the lower lid is secured with stitching and taped to the forehead to prevent scar tissue from pulling downward.

Total Surgery Time: 2 Hours

One week after surgery, Landon meets with his doctors to asses his recovery. His stitching is taken out and in Landon’s words, “It looks so much better.” Although his eyes don’t perfectly match up, they will improve. “He is a hero. He certainly is mine,” Dr. Massery says.

Eyes Wide Open

“The eye reconstruction was amazing,” Landon boasts. “I never thought it’d turn out this way.” He is now ready to make the transition from his high school with 150-student count, to a college of 7,000 pupils. Landon feels that he has become a stronger person, and is now ready to see what his future holds. “I feel a lot more confident now,” Landon proudly says.

Patient #3:

Surgeon: Dr. Will Kirby


Lip injections

A famous face that you may recognize from Bravo’s “Queer Eye,” Jai Rodriguez is reinventing himself, diving into the music industry. Previously working as an actor in musicals, Jai is getting back to his singing roots and has just recorded an album. He wants to enhance his appearance before his album photo shoot. Jokingly, Jai says, “(I want to) Enhance the shape of my already gorgeous Latino lips.”

Pre-Op Visit:

Always comical, Jai describes his aesthetic goals to Dr. Will Kirby: “If I can walk out of here looking like Mario Lopez, you and I will be best friends.” Doctor and patient also decide to go with Botox ® injections and a chemical peel to improve Jai’s facial skin.


Stage 1: A filler is injected into Jai’s lips and the patient doesn’t even flinch. Stage 2: Botox is injected into the forehead to prevent future wrinkles. Stage 3: A light chemical peel is brushed onto Jai’s face, and his facial rejuvenation is complete.

Total Surgery Time: A Few Minutes

A Perkier Pout

At Jai’s photo shoot, he brags about his results to everyone present. “I’m super happy with my results. I am very satisfied,” he explains. He even calls Dr. Kirby during downtime at his shoot to thank him for the wonderful results. Also appreciative of Dr. Kirby’s attractiveness, Jai dishes to those on set, “I’m kinda addicted to the Kirby now!"

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