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by iEnhance.com | July 30, 2007 @ 03:00PM

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Aired July 30, 2007

Dr. Robert Rey

Over the past four seasons of Dr. 90210, Dr. Robert Rey has spent long hours at work, leaving Hayley and their children, Sydney and Robbie, by their lonesome. As one may denounce him a workaholic, Dr. Rey is a dedicated plastic surgeon who can greatly provide for his family (hence, the new multi-million dollar mansion). Unfortunately, his job has caused the rest of the Reys to feel isolated.

So season five starts off with an introduction to "the new" Dr. Robert Rey - the family man! He has always adored his wife, daughter, and son, but now he is doing his best to strengthen family ties. His father, however, who seems to have left a poor impression during Dr. Rey's childhood, still remains distant - for now. Despite the estrangement between the two for over 20 years, Dr. Rey's need to see his ailing father while he is still alive is eating away at him.

Drs. Brian and Susan Evans

This husband-and-wife duo is taking Beverly Hills by storm! Providing plastic surgery and skin care to their adoring patients, Drs. Brian and Susan Evans start off the season performing breast augmentation on Tameka, a beauty from "Deal or no Deal." Juggling A-list patients, as well as three children at home, is apparently a tough job. Now, it looks to possibly get even tougher; Susan finds out she is pregnant with child number four, a baby boy.

Dr. Will Kirby

As a cosmetic dermatologist who deals with beautiful people by day, Dr. Will Kirby enjoys surrounding himself with attractive company at night. An investor in trendy restaurants such as Dolce and Geisha House, he not only dabbles in cosmetic surgery, but also in fine cuisine.

Dr. Kirby, an obvious charmer, also treats patient Tameka. This time around, it is tattoo removal!

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

Kristy is a beautiful young woman who is looking to have her breasts enhanced to a size that she feels will make her look better, and feel better. She wants to have her breasts augmented to a full C cup, the size she enjoyed when she was pregnant.

Changing careers, working alongside her fiancé of three years in the business of bail bonds, she feels that larger breasts will help her act as a decoy on the job. Kristy's goal is to maintain a classy image, but with an added breast fullness.

Pre-Op Visit

As Dr. Rey greets the couple, he immediately compares them to a modern-day "Bonnie and Clyde." During the consultation, Dr. Rey discovers that Kristy's breasts are in great shape for someone who has given birth, allowing for a smooth breast augmentation.


Right before the brave Kristy is sedated for her surgery, she decides that she wants to have her left breast enhanced with a 400 cc breast implant and the right with 425 ccs (a little larger because there is some symmetry lacking).

On to surgery! Stage 1: Dr. Rey skillfully creates a small incision around the areola, which is done to create a pocket for the right silicone breast implant. Stage 2: The right implant is then delicately inserted into the breast with a meticulousness, and the incision is stitched close. This step is very delicate because the cauterizing (a type of electric current from a special instrument) is so close to the lungs. Needless to say, Dr. Rey is especially cautious. Stage 3: Another pocket is created, this time for the left breast implant, the larger of the two. Stage 4: The last implant is inserted and also cauterized, creating great symmetry between Kristy's new augmented breasts.

Total Surgery Time: 2 hours

One day later during her follow-up appointment, Kristy begins to doubt the size of implants that she chose, feeling that she should have gone larger. Her worries give way to contentment once she realizes that the swelling will eventually go down, and her new shape will emerge. (Or, as Dr. Rey explains, her breasts will "grow" over the next few months, similar to a young girl going through puberty.)

Perfectly Contoured

Catching up with Kristy after surgery, she has grown accustomed to her enlarged breasts. Although having to learn how to shoot a gun accurately all over again, due to the way she has to hold it pointing in front of her chest, she won't have to waste much time getting back into the bail bonds business with her fiancé.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Brian Evans and Dr. Will Kirby


Breast Augmentation and Tattoo Removal

One of the beautiful, case-carrying models on "Deal or No Deal," Tameka wants to make some cosmetic alterations to better her appearance, as well as possibly further her career. Tired of having production on her television show stopping so that her bra can be stuffed, and unhappy with the tattoo on her lower back that she refers to as a "tramp stamp," she is looking for a more professional image.

So with breast augmentation and tattoo removal, Tameka feels that she will be able to get larger roles and better modeling jobs. She has outgrown her fairy tattoo and is ready to adapt to a more so-called womanly look.

Pre-Op Visit

Breast Augmentation: She explains to Dr. Brian Evans that she wants her breast to look natural; not too big and not too small. This should be a smooth surgery because Tameka's breasts are very symmetrical.

Tattoo Removal: Tameka is excited to hear that her dark tattoo and lighter complexion should permit a relatively quick removal process. She is excited about the procedure, not to mention that she thinks Dr. Kirby is attractive. We even hear her say: " You're a cute doctor. That's hot!" To which Dr. Kirby replies, "Back at ya!"


Breast Augmentation: Before being sedated for surgery, Tameka happily imagines her future as a Victoria Secrets model, now having breasts that can fill out the sexy lingerie that they sell.

On to surgery! Stage 1: Dr. Brian Evans makes a small incision where the left areola and breast skin meets. This is where the silicone breast implant will be placed. Stage 2: Although her nipples are small, which causes difficulty inserting the implant, it is accomplished. Stage 3: The right pocket is carefully made with cauterizing, leaving just enough room for the breast implant. Stage 4: The second implant (which measures about 320 to 325 ccs, the same as the left one) is carefully placed within the right breast after being cauterized, and the final sutures are made. This completes her breast augmentation.

Three days after her surgery, Tameka meets with Drs. Evans for her post-op appointment where she eagerly gets to see her new breasts. She is completely satisfied when the bandages are taken off. The breast augmentation was a success, producing very natural-looking breasts.

Total Surgery Time: 1 hour 47 minutes

Tattoo Removal: For her initial tattoo removal treatment with Dr. Kirby, Tameka is given goggles to shield her eyes from the laser being used. To begin, he gives her a few injections of a local anesthesia directly into her back, which numbs the area he will be working on. Even with the pain killer, Tameka still feels small amounts of discomfort in some areas. Within a few minutes the procedure is complete and Dr. Kirby reports that her tattoo is already 50 percent lighter.

"That was nothing!" Tameka says after Dr. Kirby is done. After seeing her results, she is instructed to return in four weeks for her next treatment. Both are confident that the removal of Tameka's tattoo will be relatively easy.

Treatment Time: A few minutes

A New Beginning - Personally and Professionally

Although she will have to go back for more tattoo removal treatments, Tameka is already pleased with her new appearance. Now filling out her tops and having to use less makeup to cover up her tattoo, she already feels a boost in confidence.

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