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by iEnhance.com | October 23, 2006 @ 03:00PM

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Oct. 23, 2006

Dr. Jason Diamond

With one of Beverly Hills' most skilled facial plastic surgeons busy at work, Jessica has taken it upon herself to get things in order for the move into their new home. Dr. Jason Diamond's mother Gail has arrived with a helping hand for packing and unpacking. She also makes it a point to share her baby-making sentiments with the lovebirds. Whenever they are ready, Gail is ready! But this is the furthest thing from Dr. Diamond's mind at the moment, and after he and his wife baby-sit Dr. Linda Li's son Max for an afternoon, the responsibility in caring for a child is clear to both of them. Forget about changing diapers and knowing how to calm a crying infant...at least Dr. Diamond makes a great playmate!

Patient #2:
Dr. David Matlock

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Doctors want to look good too! But for 59-year-old renowned gynecologic surgeon Dr. David Matlock (a featured specialist on Dr. 90210), the appeal of upper eyelid blepharoplasty goes beyond aesthetics; he is tired of dealing with "heavy lids" at the end of his work days. So in the hands of his colleague Dr. Jason Diamond, who says that this procedure will knock off about five to 10 years from his face, this Beverly Hills surgeon can look forward to better functioning while maintaining his high profile image.

Pre-Op Visit

During Dr. Matlock's initial consultation, he learns that upper eyelid blepharoplasty produces no visible scar because the incision will be in his eyelid crease. Dr. Matlock admits that his friends, family, and girlfriend do not think he needs this surgery, but he says it is something he wants to do! Dr. Diamond instructs his patient on the activity and work restrictions following surgery, hoping that he actually abides by them. He is fully aware of Dr. Matlock's "turbo" personality!


Dr. Diamond finds Dr. Matlock performing liposuction right before his eyelid surgery! Laughing at his patient's inability to relax, Dr. Diamond asks: "You don't have any scheduled for later in the day, do you?" Dr. Matlock then tells him that he actually has about 40 patients to see in the next few days. However, to keep his stitches in place, Dr. Diamond instructs him not to meet with more than three or four patients during recovery.

Before going into surgery, Dr. Matlock says that he understands the risks of anesthesia and plastic surgery...and he's scared. But everything goes as planned!

He is awake for his blepharoplasty procedure (while under Demerol and local anesthesia). Dr. Diamond says to let him know if Dr. Matlock feels anything before making the incisions around the sliver of skin to be removed from the first upper eyelid. After doing so, Dr. Diamond elevates the carved skin from the underlying tissue, sets it aside, and stitches the incision closed. The same procedure is then done on the other eyelid. All the while, Dr. Matlock admits to not feeling any weight on his eyes during surgery, and the nurse says that his heart rate is good. His nerves eventually calm down!

Dr. Diamond says that there is more pressure when operating on a doctor. But everything went smoothly during surgery!

Total surgery time: 1 hour

Bikinis and Biceps

One week after surgery, Dr. Matlock is back in Dr. Diamond's office to have his stitches removed and two weeks later, Dr. Matlock is surrounded by bikini-clad women at his Bel Air home for a day out in the sun!

He says that he has had no bruising during recovery. However, he didn't follow Dr. Diamond's instructions regarding the restriction of exercise; Dr. Matlock was back to working out after seven days instead of the recommended two weeks. Fortunately, his healing was not interrupted.

For additional youthful rejuvenation, Dr. Matlock also receives a few Botox and Restylane injections, which is done during a special house visit from Dr. Diamond. Why not add a little more appeal to an already professional image?

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation, Crescent Lift, Tummy Tuck??Pre-Op Visit

Amy, a 41-year-old engineer from Cupertino, Calif., wants to regain the body of her youth. After two children, she is all for a little lift and tuck. After coming across the Web site of Dr. Robert Rey, she decided to visit him for breast augmentation, a breast lift, and a tummy tuck consultation.

Dr. Rey admits that Amy is the prettiest engineer he's ever met, and the fact that she has done her research has made his job much easier! She can tell he's very "detail-oriented." After they discuss her concerns - and she asks numerous questions about cosmetic surgery - Dr. Rey is probably under the impression that the feeling is mutual.

Can Amy return to the full size she used to have? Barely reaching a size B now, she used to be proud of her breasts that measured between a C and D. Although Amy seems extremely educated about the risks and benefits of her surgeries, Dr. Rey tells her not to expect perfection. This is especially true with her tummy tuck surgery and the vast amount of stretch marks and loose skin that surrounds her abdomen. He may not be able to remove it all!


After traveling out to Los Angeles with her husband Russ and two daughters for the surgery, the time has come. And as Dr. Rey marks Amy's body for the incisions, her questions continue to pour out. In poking fun at his patient's intensity, the doctor turns to Amy's husband and says maybe she should get the drugs early!

Dr. Rey begins stage one with a crescent-shaped incision in the nipple area (periareolar incision); this technique removes a crescent-shaped piece of tissue above the areola before being re-sutured into a higher position. Off the bat, Dr. Rey can tell she's a "bleeder," which he says may be due to a number of factors - genetics, alcohol, or even certain herbs. He mentions that this is the very reason doctors tell their patients to avoid alcohol the night before surgery.

After the incision is made and the tissue is removed, Dr. Rey uses a special instrument to make a breast pocket underneath the muscle for her teardrop-shaped, cohesive silicone gel implant. He mentions that studies have shown there is less chance of hardening with under-the-muscle placement (also known as "submuscular") as compared to over the muscle. The doctor also says that because the silicone gel implant is cohesive, the liquid will not leak anywhere if the capsule should break.

Once her breasts are lifted and augmented, Dr. Rey makes sure her shoulders are even so that he can ensure the balance of Amy's breasts. Everything looks good and it's onto her tummy tuck procedure...

Stage two: The camera almost immediately focuses on Amy's open abdomen, in which Dr. Rey has used her old C-section scar for the incision. He points out the "beautiful glistening stuff" that lays under her skin (yellow and reddish tissue that sits atop her abdomen), and says he can tell that Amy is healthy. See, he says, we plastic surgeons appreciate true inner beauty!

The flap is gently cut it into two pieces, which will be thrown away. Dr. Rey then measures the distance from her vaginal lips to the skin above her belly button. With a needle and special thread, he brings her middle of her incision together to a point below her belly button and stitches it together. Dr. Rey then gently cuts off the fatty flaps that are loosely hanging on both sides. The rest of her incision is stitched shut and although Amy will now have a hip-to-hip scar across her lower abdomen, she should be happy that the majority of her flabby skin and stretch marks are gone.

Total surgery time: 3 hours

When Amy wakes up, she is groggy and under the weather - a normal response to coming out of anesthesia. But when she hears that the doctor was able to get rid of more stretch marks than he expected, her eyes light up! She appears hopeful that the look she longs for is now a reality.

Beauty and Her New Breasts

Back in the office with Dr. Rey for her post-op visit, Amy is anxious to have her bandages removed. And when she sees her perkier breasts and slimmer stomach, this patient is amazed. She is shown pictures of the abdominal fat that was removed, and can't believe the results!

The time is now a full month later and Amy is looking beautiful and feeling it too, in a cleavage-bearing dress. Although her breasts are a little sore and swollen, an evening out to dinner seems to be exactly what she needs. Never thinking she needed to change her look, her husband is still proud of his beauty and her bountiful new look. However, Amy the engineer knows she is really a "geek" at heart. Ahem...a beautiful geek, that is!

Patient #3:

Surgeons: Dr. Lisa Cassileth for Dr. Gary Massry


nose reconstruction, bone grafting, eye socket reconstruction

In December 2004, a near fatal, head-on collision crushed every bone in the face of 38-year-old Scott from Long Beach, Calif., damaging all of the perfect facial features his wife Brenda loved. However since being called upon the night of his accident, Beverly Hills board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Lisa Cassileth has led the way in rebuilding Scott's disfigurements. Due to the extent of work that needs to be done, she has called upon other plastic surgery specialists to utilize their expertise and help with his case. Dr. Cassileth says she likes to do about 50 pro bono cases ("without compensation" or "for the public good") per year, in order to give back to the community - Scott is one of these cases.

Now it is time for a few more procedures to improve some of the work that has already been done on Scott: nose reconstruction, bone grafting, and eye socket reconstruction.

Pre-Op Visit with Dr. Lisa Cassileth:

Scott visits Dr. Cassileth with his wife for a consultation to learn about the techniques she will use toward reconstructing his nose. The doctor explains that she will take a piece of his rib to rebuild his nose, which will help to create a more prominent bridge. (Brenda asks if her husband will ever get a sense of smell back, and Dr. Cassileth explains that with this type of procedure, it is not likely.)

Pre-Op Visit with Dr. Guy Massry:

Dr. Guy Massry, a family plastic surgeon whose work primarily focuses on the eyes, brows, and middle face, will also perform part of Scott's reconstructive work. Called from Dr. Cassileth to assist with Scott's case, he explains how he will implant a painted, prosthetic eye for his right side. Brenda says a new nose will give her husband more confidence and the ability to work again.

Preparing for Surgery

Before surgery, Scott meets with Dr. Cassileth to discuss his surgery one last time. She says that he has some of the best doctors working on him and feels confident that things will turn out right. She will go over an old scar on his chest area to remove part of his rib for bone grafting. Dr. Cassileth's goal is to see Scott move on and lead a healthy life. A "normal" profile and better breathing will continue to push him in the right direction.

After heading into the operating room, the anesthesiologist prepares a safety method for Scott - this is said to be the most critical part of his surgery. A lot of damage has been done to his airway anatomy, so a breathing tube with a fiber optic lens is inserted in his mouth; this will protect his windpipe. But first, Lidocaine (local anesthetic) is injected into his neck to reduce any potential gagging reflexes, but he still looks to be in pain. To help the tube go down his throat without blockage, Scott is instructed on how to control his breathing.

...to be continued.

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